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Baba Vanga and the mystery of conception

Baba Vanga and the mystery of conception

The official science does not have an answer to the question what is giving life to your body – what spiritualizes our flesh and bones. In the biology textbooks the Darwin’s concept that humans evolved from the monkeys, continue to be set forth, despite the fact that many scientists perceive this concept as too old for our modern time.

The science explains conception as a process of the matter, and it excludes the existence of the human soul simply because science cannot prove it with its current tools and methods. The encyclopedia’s explanation that the conception is a pure biological act, does not satisfy those people that want to find out the essence of this natural phenomenon.

It is not by chance that old people often say “conception is God’s work”. It is highly unlikely if they say that only because of being superstitious.

One is certain – believers or disbelievers, idealists or materialists can all agree with one thing: there is not a bigger happiness than having a child. Also it is true that infertility is one of the greatest human dramas (recent statistics in Bulgaria say that there are close to 270,000 couples that can’t have children).

For the modern medicine, infertility is caused by physio-biological problems of the organism – in some cases it’s treatable, and in others it is not.

Baba Vanga Predictions - Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova
Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Baba Vanga on the other hand sees things differently. Using her developed senses she is “catching” the hidden causes and consequences of people having problems with infertility.

There isn’t an official statistics, but based on the feedback that people have given back, Baba Vanga had helped thousands of women to get pregnant. Baba Vanga has a special attitude fulfilled with love and compassion for every woman that came to ask her if she will become a mother. Besides accomplishing her mission as a prophetess, sorceress, and healer, Baba Vanga is also purely showing her compassion as a woman – who also didn’t have a child of her own. She is using everything that is to her powers, as long as she is “allowed” from the superior powers, to get involved in the respective case.

Those cases are typically of families that have waited to have a child for years. They have visited many specialists, tried all sorts of treatments, procedures, and medicines, but without any success. At the end, being at the edge of desperation with no hope, many of those families see Baba Vanga as their last resort for salvation. In most of the cases, she doesn’t disappoint them.

Typically Baba Vanga utilizes three methods to help her women’s visitors to get pregnant: she sends the woman to a specific doctor; she performs a very strange ritual that involves a doll and a diaper; she gives a unique recipe to every woman that typically involves Bulgarian herbs.

The Secret of Baba Vanga
The Secret of Baba Vanga (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Every time when Baba Vanga “sees” (or it’s been told to her from above) that doctors are capable to solve the infertility problem, she send her visitors to use the modern medicine. Baba Vanga uses her healing methods only when she realizes that doctors can’t do anything, because the problem is not physio-biologically related.

Generally speaking the conventional medicine is not oriented towards the individuality of each case, and it does not examine the very initial causes of the disease. This medicine is using the stereotyped methods, that are the same for all patients and it mainly treats only the body, fully ignoring the psychological aspects.

According to specialist that practice the alternative healing methods such as yoga, Ayurveda, acupuncture, etc., usually in the soul, in the subconscious is the key to solve the health problems of most people.

Another popular medicine of our days that is gaining momentum is the homeopathic medicine. The main principles here are that the diseases are triggered as a result of many factors, among which the mental torment such as stress, anxiety, pressure, and over dynamics, play a major role. That is why together with the body, the soul has to be cured as well.

This is what Baba Vanga namely discovers – through her advanced telepathic skills she is able to find the hidden causes of a certain disease that nobody else can. The totality from all aspects of all of the received information helps Baba Vanga to make accurate diagnoses and to find the “doors” for the cure.

After all, in some cases it’s just enough for a woman to hear the encouraging words of Baba Vanga that she will be a mother, and that usually sparkles hope which in return makes miracles.

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