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Baba Vanga contacts with extraterrestrials

An excerpt of what Baba Vanga has said in regards to her contacts with extraterrestrials.

“I have been seeing them for about a year. They are transparent. They look just like a mirror reflection from water. They have clothing that resemble an armour, and it shines like fish scales. It seem there are females among them as well. Their hair looks like sea weed and it is soft as a duck’s down, and it surrounds their heads like a halo. Sometimes they have something like wings at the back. Very often when I go back to my home in the town of Petrich I find them sitting in my room and I talk with them. Sometimes from a distance before I reach my front door, I hear slow sounds – something like a melody as if a choir is singing psalms. They tell me that they come from the planet Vamfim – or at least this is how I hear it, and that it is the third planet from Earth. They don’t tell me third from which side, and at the same time I can’t understand them. Every once and a while one of them grabs my hand and takes me to their planet. We walk on a ground that is strewn with stars – as if we are trampling on it. Those that take me there are moving very fast with jumps. They go and then they come back. On their planet everything is very, very beautiful. It has wonderful nature, it can’t be really described. I just don’t know why I didn’t see any houses anywhere. Those beings or aliens don’t know how to call them are very strict. When they talk their voices ring like an echo. Sometimes they put something like earplugs on my ears. On their planet the whole society is extremely well organized and they work very hard. Those beings are telling me that I am their most direct connection with Earth. They communicate with only few other people from our planet.

They don’t allow me to speak about what I have heard or what I have seen on their planet. One of them told me once: “we come here for a short time and then we have to get back immediately. Don’t ask us many questions as it is forbidden for us to share any information…”

One day two of them put up two sculptures here on Earth of some of their famous men. I know the exact place, but I can’t share it.

The first sculpture is of a man that looks very thoughtful, and is supporting his head with his hand. The other sculpture is again of a man that is standing, and in his right hand he is holding something that looks like a pistol. When they were placing the sculptures one of them told the other: “shouldn’t we move the sculptures more on the side, so they are not seeing by humans? The other one responded: Don’t worry about that, don’t you see that humans are blind.”

“I entered my house and sat in the middle of my room, and they all sat down in a circle around me. All of them were older men, I might even say seniors, wearing shining clothes – it was radiating so much light, as if my whole room was light up by the sun. They told me: “stand up and listen, and we will tell you about the future. Don’t be scared of anything, as in front of your door you have a guard – “an iron poll”. They told me that the time has not come for me to share what they have told me. I will just quote the following from them: “the world will undergo many changes. It will rise and it will fall. The balance will be established when we start to communicate with humans.”

Baba Vanga has also said the following in regards to her contacts with extraterrestrials:

“You don’t see it but now there is a huge movement of aircrafts on the sky. Usually there are three of them flying. They tell me: “be prepared for a big event”, but they don’t tell me what it is. “

“On all planets of our solar system there is life. On Mars, on Saturn – on all of them. We are at the very lowest level of development. We on planet Earth are at level 3. The beings of the Red Planet are at the highest level. On Pluto they are at level 7. Not to mention what level the others have reached – in the infinity. At level 26 you have a right to have a contact with the creator. From level 33 you can if you want to “merge” with the creator. This way, the older the creator gets, the younger he becomes. On planet Earth there were civilizations much older than ours. In space, in parallel with our world there are much more developed minds. Our human civilisation is at a children’s age in terms of its mind development in comparison to others.”

According to Baba Vanga those beings have established some sort of hierarchy, because they do have superiors that come to Earth on rare occasions. They usually come to announce extraordinary events, or when big cataclysms are upcoming. In such cases Baba Vanga turns pale, faints, and her voice starts to sound very different – as if it is not hers. It is very strong with a different timbre. Her words and sentences have nothing in common with Baba Vanga’s everyday dictionary. It all looks like as if a foreign mind have instilled in Baba Vanga to announce through her, fateful events for the human race. To those beings that she is in contact with, she typically refers as “the great power” and “the great spirit”.

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