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The gift of Baba Vanga to be able to communicate with the souls of dead people is overwhelming the most conservative minds. Scientists and intellectuals from all over Bulgaria and around the world become speechless to the contacting activities of her phenomenon. Baba Vanga is describing so many details of the life of dead here on Earth, that most visitors while listening, lose their minds and speech as they become witnesses of a real miracle – there is no way for Baba Vanga to know all that great details about people – some of who have died 50-60 years ago and some even more than that. It is apparent that Baba Vanga is receiving all this information telepathically directly from the dead.

There are thousands of examples of such contacts with the outside world that Baba Vanga had established. Her remarkable conversations with the dead, persuade even the biggest atheists to change their perception of life and death, to rethink their categorical truths, and to change their stand point.

Baba Vanga is one of the biggest living proofs of XX century for the existence of after life and the souls of the dead. It is a pity that this side of her phenomenon was ignored by scientists for so many years. But what could they have done taking into consideration the totalitarian regime where religion, occultism, and spiritualism were forbidden words.

There is another moment. Baba Vanga often said that whatever examinations they do on her, whatever equipment they use, they will not find the truth because her gift is given to her by God: – God gave me this gift. He took my physical eyes away so he can give me other eyes with which I can the whole visible and invisible world.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

For the source of her prophesies, Baba Vanga often points to the souls of the dead. They are the ones that dictate her what messages to send her visitors, they tell her the names of all relatives. In front of the famous philosopher – Stoyu Stoev Baba Vanga says: – I tell visitors what I see and what I hear. The first thing that the dead tell me is the name…Tell him that he is Ivan, Peter, Nicola…Sometimes I see it written, or just the first letter…Sometimes the dead are yelling so loud and I feel my head will explode.

To the Russian poet – Valentin Sidorov Baba Vanga explains: – the dead souls are transparent and colorless like water in a glass. But they radiate light. They look like normal people – they walk, sit, laugh, cry…They don’t give me a break. Once I fall asleep they wake me up and tell me: – Get up it’s time for work!

Nevena Tosheva remembered an interesting saying of Baba Vanga: – Once people get off the bus (her visitors) and their dead relatives come with them. One day I entered my house and I see souls of dead people all over my place. They were sitting and chatting. I just looked at them and went to sleep.

When Baba Vanga makes contacts with the dead, sometimes she goes into a deep trance. This is a typical characteristic for all mediums – they always go in a trance, in comparison to the contactors – such as Baba Vanga. In occultism is accepted that mediums only talk to the souls of dead people, where the contactors make contacts with other creatures, as well as catch the vibrations of more energies.

From all stories and facts about Baba Vanga, it becomes clear that she can communicate with the flowers, souls of dead animals, saints, and even aliens. All those informers are most likely a different type of intelligent energy that Baba Vanga calls with different words.

Below is a summary of who is talking on behalf of Baba Vanga when conducting her prophesies:

– One voice is talking to me

– The sky told me

– The icon of Mother Marry told me

– Saint John Chrysostom told me

– The souls of the dead are telling me

– Those powers don’t leave me alone

– Aliens came to talk to me

– The sugar is telling me

– Once I touched the ring, the whole house opened in front of me and I saw only two kids

– Which soul is talking at the moment – I don’t know

From all of the above examples, it can be concluded that the sent information can come from just about anything: objects that reflect the energy of the visitor (watch, ring, icon, photo), personal stuff of the dead person (his clothes, soil from his grave, photo), the traditionally asked sugar cube, etc. Baba Vanga does not necessarily need a mediation from the objects to be able to enter into an informational channel  – once a visitor stands in front of her, his dead relatives (as she explains) almost instantaneously sit around him and start to ask questions or dictate their messages and advices. Indeed the dead souls of every visitor are the main source of information for all facts and intimate details of the life of every person that sits in front of Baba Vanga.

It is important to note, that she often receives information that does not refer to specific people  and it is not really clear where she gets it from (for example when she describes certain places, historical facts and events, etc.,)

Through telepathy, Baba Vanga is able to catch different energy channels, and in this regard physicist have explained that the information is nothing else but a transformed energy.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

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