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Baba Vanga general advices for the life

Baba Vanga general advices for the life often told to her visitors

  • We have to love each other and be good to each other to survive. If we don’t come to our senses and realize that, the merciless laws of the universe will force us to learn how to do it, but then it will be late and we all will pay a great price.
  • Don’t look for retribution – sooner or later everyone pays for his deeds.
  • Don’t judge others – you don’t have that right. Only God can be the judge.
  • If you are giving while living this life, it will be returned back to you in the after life. If you had two apples, and gave one of it to another man, this apple will be waiting for you after you die. If you gave nothing, don’t expect to receive anything in the world beyond.
  • A lot of people suffer, because they lack the skill to forget the bad times and moments in life, and also can’t forgive others.
  • Poverty is like a flower, don’t be happy with a lot of wealth. Poverty gives you the opportunity to enjoy happy moments with children, friends, and relatives. The wealth is making the soul sick.
  • You will never be happy and financially stable if you are not doing the work that is best suitable for you. You have to discover what do you like to do the most, and do it. Don’t be enslaved by the “fashion” to do the work that pays the most, or following the other’s advices.
  • Whoever is stealing, he will cry for health.
  • Don’t ask for a lot – you can’t pay its price.
  • There are no people that were born to only to have happiness. One is an excellent worker but it doesn’t have peace in his family, another has both, but it doesn’t have good health. Third is healthy, but his children are sick and so on and so forth. In every man there is good and evil. This is how people are designed, this is how the world is designed. Patience is a must. Planet Earth wants to receive a gift for that we came to live on her. To Earth we are paying our taxes, just like we pay our taxes for our homes. Every single person pays…For so many years now I see how the world is organized.
  • Work in the morning and afternoon, and not in the evening. The universal powers are not helping in the evening, and without their help, nothing great can be born.
  • Don’t sleep on the floor or very close to the floor. The inferior spirits are there, and they can obsess you.
  • Never refuse to be a Godfather or to be a Best Man – it’s a God’s deed.
  • Don’t get married on Saturday – this is the day of the dead. If you are having a celebration, do it on Sunday – God’s day.
  • Making new friends is good, but never forget the old ones.

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