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Baba Vanga Health Advices

Baba Vanga Health Advices often told to her visitors

  • Don’t be scared from the diseases – have faith. The healthiest man will die earlier if he doesn’t have faith
  • The modern medicine is doing miracles, but God is also doing miracles
  • God gave pain, but God also gave herbs from nature
  • Relax, live your live and sing. When I am very tired and want to relax from all these hundreds of visitors a day, I start singing.
  • If you suffer from exostosis, wear clothes made if wool regularly
  • Cancer is bacillus – look at it – it is crawling on the table!
  • A Bulgarian will be part of the team that will find a cure for cancer
  • The cancer cure will be made from iron
  • There are two types of diseases – one are treated with home remedies, others with medical treatments. Knowing the exact diagnosis is most important.
  • Don’t be regularly exposed to air current, don’t stay in moist places, don’t drink very cold water. Most of the diseases start because of too much exposure to cold and moisture.
  • Those that are nervous, that are constantly scared from this and from that – they are not sick. They have a mental condition. They should go to visit a neurologist, or go to relax at mineral baths and pools. You can’t live with constant fear.
  • The epilepsy is triggered as a result of fear. Don’t worry, modern medicine has developed pills for this disease. Little by little with the years epilepsy disappears on its own.
  • People, why do you smoke? If this was good for the health, men and women were going to have chimneys on their heads. Stop smoking, and live a longer and healthier live.
  • There is nothing more scary than the despair. This is one of the worse diseases. There is no cure for despair – it will corrode you from the inside out
  • What is Aids? A sexually transmitted diseases – they send this to us from above, so we realize how sinful we are. Millions will die from Aids, before a cure is found.

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