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Baba Vanga Phenomenon – Some Scientific Explanations

The mistrust in the clairvoyance abilities of Baba Vanga is a paradox for the modern civilization. It could be also called “the paradox of conservatism”, “informational paradox”, or “civilization paradox”. Without doubt this mistrust is a sign of abnormal situation in the enlightenment of one unique phenomenon for the world history – Baba Vanga. The American scientists – Noam Chomsky has formulate a term called “the problem of Oruel”: “how can we know so little when we have so much factual information?”

At the moment science is capable of offering at least a hypothetical explanation for the change that happened to Baba Vanga and her paranormal skills. Most likely after the storm that took Baba Vanga up in the air, some parts of the receptive and the superior nerve system were damaged. It can be presumed that that storm has triggered certain brain centres that exist in every human but in latent mode, and that misfortunes and disasters stimulate their functions. Such active brain centres open up opportunities to establish unusual contacts with the surrounding terrestrial and cosmic environments.

The research related to the creation of artificial intellect brought up theoretical knowledge on how the neurons have special capabilities of changing their former activity and direction – phenomenon described as “plasticity”. If the entrance for receiving information from a neuron is blocked, it often reacts by finding another entrance that was previously insensitive. Such replaceability is scientifically explained by the American Neuropsychologist – K. Pribram.

Humans are forced to watch the outer world through very little windows, and that’s why we receive just a microscopic part of the physical variety of mother nature – even when we are “armed” with the powerful tools and equipment of the modern science.

Now it is stated that clairvoyants significantly widen the traditional concept for the receptive abilities of humans. The science finds more and more facts that people actually possess very powerful but not used capabilities of their physiological and psychological organization for perceiving the world. People that are genius is one confirmation of those facts. The question that many scientists ask is whether this limit of our capabilities is a defect of our evolution for the last 3 million years? Will we be able to overcome this defect in the future, or humans have gradually lost their inherent abilities that they might have had in the past.

The newest results from researches conclude that the brain is constantly evolving. The law for conserving the energy most likely is the same for the law conserving the information. Baba Vanga somehow managed to receive all that informational reality without the barriers of the different dimensions.

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