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Baba Vanga Remedies for Arthritis

  1. Arthritic, rheumatic pains in bad weather – place a poultice on the knees and wrists from boiled leaves of  sumac (Rhus coriaria).
  2. Arthritic – in a larger quantity of water  boil 10 larger tubers of the herb called sowbread (aka Cyclamen neapolitanum). Water is poured into the bath and is cooled down to a suitable temperature. Then the patient lies down so that water covers his entire body, and stays until the water is cool. At least 10 baths should be done. The water can be reused.
  3. Arthritic – Take 20 tubers of the herb sowbread (aka Cyclamen neapolitanum)  and boil it in 10 l. of water. The patient should do baths morning and evening. First the legs, then arms, and lastly pour the water on the head 3 times. Baba Vanga arthritis natural remedy
  4. Arthritic – In 1/2 l of strong grape brandy (in Bulgaria the brandy used is called Rakia – a drink comparable to the famous Italian Grappa), boil 1/2 packet of mustard seeds until the liquid remains half. The patient can rub the arthritis spots with the liquid every morning and evening. In addition the patient can do baths with water in which sumac was boiled (Rhuscoriaria).
  5. Arthritis (pain in the writsts) – 10 night baths  with cool water from boiled liquorice.

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