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Baba Vanga Remedies for Bronchitis

1.Bronchi (inflammation) –  boil 1 bay leaf  in 100 ml of water, until the water remains in half. Drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

2.Bronchitis – boil 2-3 leaves of coltsfoot  in half a liter of milk. Add pork lard on the tip of a knife. Drink one coffee cup in the evening

3.Bronchitis (severe) – take 1 tablespoon of crushed Sinapis arvensis (aka Wild mustard or charlock) mixed with honey.

4.Bronchitis (children) – 1 red onion is peeled from the husk and a hole is carved in the middle. Fill in the hole with 1 teaspoon of Nebet-Seker (unrefined cane sugar). Every day the child can eat one onion with the mixture until fully recovered. Baba Vanga bronchitis natural remedy

5.Bronchitis (children) –  fry two eggs in pork lard and sprinkle them with salt. When they cool off, put them onto the child’s chest for one night.

6.Bronchitis (spasmodic, in a child with an allergy) – Mix 10 grams. Mustard flour with 100 g of ground ginger root. Copper. The child can take 1 teaspoon after dinner.

7.Bronchitis (spasmodic) – in 500 ml. of boiling water soak for 1 min. 1 tablespoon of sumac, coltsfoot and wormwood. Sieve the water and drink 1 tablespoon with a little honey in the morning and evening after meals.

8.Bronchitis (chronic) – Drink 1 cup of calendula tea , every morning on an empty stomach  for 3 weeks.

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