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Baba Vanga Remedies for Constipation

  1. Constipation – take 1-2 times a day 1 tbsp of marmalade made from the boiled fruits of the black elderberry (using no sugar)
  2. Bake one apple, and cover it with caramel (heated sugar). Eat the apple when it cools off.
  3. For ordinary constipation: every morning, afternoon, and evening 20 minutes before eating take 1 sugar cube with 10 drops of a basil tincture prepared as follows:

 take 1 bottle of 1 liter, and fill the first half with basil leaves. For the second half, fill it in with olive oil. Keep the bottle on sun exposure for 20 days.

Then 10 minutes after you have taken the sugar cube and the 10 drops of the basil tincture, drink 1 cup of tea made from dried rose flowers. The way to prepare the tea – 1 tbsp of dried rose flowers are mixed in  200 g of  already boiling water. Keep it on (covered with the lid) for 20 minutes. Then strain it, and drink it warm sweetened with 1 tbsp of honey.

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