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Baba Vanga Remedies for Corns

  1. Corn removal – don’t cut them off! Tale a little piece of cheese-cloth and put one lump of salt and 2 drops of water. Wrap the cheese-cloth around the corn, and leave overnight. You may feel a moderate pain during the night. Repeat this procedure for 3 days.
  2. Corn removal – take 1 tbsp of Gnaphalium dioicum (aka Mountain Everlasting, Catsfoot, Cudweed) mixed well with a little bee wash. Wrap it very securely on the corn, and keep it on for at least 36 hours or maximum 48 hours. Then take it off, and remove the loose corn with its roots.
  3. Smear on the corn a little lemon juice and on top sprinkle some citirc acid. Do this every night until the corn becomes dark and can be removed together with the roots.
  4. In more severe cases you can prepare the following home remedy:

In small container full with collodion mix 2 g of lactic acid, 2 g of salicylic acid, and 1/2 g  extract from Indian hemp. Wash you feet very well in hot water (42C-45C). Then using a cotton swab, smear the medicine onto the corns. Keep the leg barefoot for a couple of minutes so the collodion can dry out. Do this for the duration of 8-10 days every morning and night. Wash the feet in hot water every two days (not every day). Once the corn gets loose from all sides, dip your feet in hot water and start pulling the corn out slowly. If the roots (little white dots typically in the center of the corn) still remain after the corn has been completely removed, smear the medicine again on them. Right on the next day, dip your feet in hot water again, and try to slowly take out the roots.

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