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Baba Vanga Remedies for Gingivitis

1.Gums (inflamed) – gargle with a decoction of wild savory, in which 1 pinch of alum is added.

2.Gums (inflamed) – chew 2 times a month for 1 hour a resin from white fir.

3.Gums (bleeding) – Crush the green leaves of sorrel and place them in the mouth covering the gums

4.Gums (bare) – use the fruits of the Paliurus spina-christi (aka Jerusalem Thorn). Take 40 fruits and boil them in 1 l of water and leave till the water is half full. When it cools off, gargle with the liquid few times and day, and massage the gums well after each gargle.

5.Gums (bare) –  pick some flowering purslane (prtulaca oleracea), cut it into small pieces, sprinkle with olive oil and eate it as a salad.

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