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Baba Vanga Remedies for Hair Loss

1. Hair Loss – after washing your hair well, rinse it with water in which ivy was boiled.

2. Hair Loss – take 500 mL of grape brandy (e.g. Italian grappa) and boil in it about 200 g of grape vine whiskers (little thin branches on the vine cane). When the water cools off, strain the liquid and wash the hair with it, after bath.

3. Hair Loss- for the duration of 1 month, wash your hair with fuller’s earth. After the bath, rub the thin areas of your hair with slightly baked slices of lemon.

4. Hair Loss – take 3 roots of hellebore, and 4-5 stalks of nettle (roots and leaves) and boil them in 500 mL of vinegar, until the liquid remains in half. Once the vinegar cools off, keep it in a cool place. Over the next weeks, wash your hair with the vinegar, after every bath – until the it’s completely used. You can repeat the procedure if results are not satisfactory.

5. Hair Loss (in children) – take 3 roots from clover and grate them finely. Pour 100 mL of grape brandy (e.g. Italian grappa) on the grated roots, and let it soak for 1 night. Then 1-2 times a day, using a cotton, rub the affected areas with this liquid.

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