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Baba Vanga Remedies for Picky Eaters Children

  1. Picky Eaters  – collect all kinds of fruits that are still acidic – not fully ripe. Boil them in a very large pot – until they become mushy. When the mixture cools of a little bit, pour it in a bath tab, and dip the child in it – up to the throat (do not cover the face or the head). The child should stay in the water for at least half an hour. After the bath, smear the child with pork lard and grape brandy (e.g. Italian grappa) and keep on for another 20-30 minutes. Wash well after that.
  2. Picky Eaters – it is mistakenly claimed that a child needs to eat a lot, in order to grow and develop properly. Children eat as much as their organism requires, and different people have different needs. That being said, children should not be forced to eat the food that they don’t want at the moment, as we risk to develop in them a chronic fastidious condition. In those cases, give your child food every 4 hours, and if it refuses to eat it, simply put the dish away and also don’t give desert. Offering food like this every once and a while (not very often), can sparkle an appetite. Very often such technique gives very good results. If it is a more severe case, you can prepare the following decoction of  1 cup (30-50 g), that should be taken every morning, afternoon, and evening 10 minutes before eating:

– take 30 g of Agrimonia eupatoria (aka), pine tops, Erythraea centraurium (aka centaury), Hypericum perforatum (aka St. John’s Wort), white yarrow, wormwood, and blue gentian. From this mixture take 1 tbsp and mix it with 250 g of boiling water. Keep on the heat for another 10 minutes. When lukewarm, strain the liquid and add honey as a sweetener.

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