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Baba Vanga remedies for plantar warts

Baba Vanga remedies for plantar warts

  1. Plantar wart – for three consecutive nights, wash the affected area with liquid from boiled sumac until it cools off.
  2. Plantar wart – if there more warts, take some hot Trifolium pratense (red colover)and pour a little hot water on it (make sure it’s tolerably hot). Wrap the plantar warts with the hot red clover and keep on for 2 hours.
  3. Plantar wart – finely chop some fresh meat and sprinkle some salt on it. Place it on the plantar wart, before going to bed, and sleep with it. Take it off in the morning. Do this for at least 33 consecutive nights.
  4. Plantar wart  – take 1 fresh potato peeling (1.5-2 cm in size). On the internal side, sprinkle a pinch ofsalicylic acid. In case you can’t find salicylic acid, take an aspirin table and crush it well.  Place the peeling on the plantar wart wrapped in lint or band aid, before going to bed. Take it off in the morning. Repeat the procedure for 3-4 consecutive nights. The expected result is the plantar wart softens and eventually falls down (or you can take it out once you see it’s loose enough).

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