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Baba Vanga remedies for sore throat

  1. Sore throat  – 1-2 times a day gargle  with a pinch of sal ammoniac dissolved in a coffee cup full with water.
  2. Sore throat – drink tea from thyme,chamomile and a pinch of sumac.
  3. Sore throat. Four different gargles:

– every 2-3 hours gargle with hot lemon water (about 20-30 drops for a cup of water)

– gargle with hot tea from chamomile

– gargle with hot tea from St. John’s wort –  pour 200 g of boiling water onto 1 tbsp of St. John’s. Leave it to soak well for 1-2 hours.

– gargle with blackberry – 20 leaves and flowers of blackberry are boiled in 500 g of water for about 10 minutes. When lukewarm strain the liquid, and gargle with it.

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