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Baba Vanga remedies for warts

  1. Warts (on arm) – if the wart has been scratched and after a week warts appear on the entire body: Finely crush the  herb forking larkspur (aka Delphinium consolida) and sprinkle and rub the very first wart. Then right after the first wart disappears, the rest will follow.
  2. Warts (if one or two) – bind the base of the wart with silk thread and let it fall or in addition,  put a cloth smeared with honey. After a few days of this treatment the warts will fall. Before you put the cloth with honey, make sure you wash your hands with cold water.
  3. Warts – every morning and evening smear the warts with propolis (it is used by bees to attach the honeycomb to the frame).
  4. Every Morning and evening the warts are smeared with pure vinegar and lemon zest. Preparation: In 125 g  of strong and high-quality vinegar, are soaked two lemon barks for 8 days.

Use: smear the liquid on the warts using a smash brash, for a couple of nights in a row. Before doing that, make sure you wash the warts in hot water for 3-5 minutes.

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