The Power of Thoughts

Beinsa Duno: The Power of Thoughts Can Heal Any Disease

Diseases are treated with thoughts. The power of thoughts can banish any disease from the human body. If people knew the laws that govern a person’s thought, they would overcome all infirmities. There is no weakness that thought cannot overcome.

If people were to concentrate their minds on a certain point, they would melt what is there. Canara would be melted by the energy emanating from human brains. People, if they know how, by concentration of thought can melt away all sorrows and diseases.

In a healthy state, the body has certain vibrations. Different diseases have different vibrations, but every disease appears at lowered vibrations. The temperature should rise. This is done by speaking special thoughts and formulas, which once brought into the person’s body change the vibrations. This is also achieved by looking at beautiful pictures, landscapes, and also staring at the sky can serve as a remedy.

The discouraged and sick person can look at the flickering stars of different light. This can act as encouragement to heal.

A person can heal himself through his own thought. The stronger and more focused a person’s thought is, the more easily he can be cured of a certain disease. It is enough for him to say one word to heal himself. There are words that have a magical effect on a person. He must also know when to speak. Everything should happen at the right place and time.

Diseases are due to the accumulation of foreign substances, but through thought and will a person can throw them out of the body and heal. The more sublime the thought, the greater possibilities it hides within itself.

Strong thought cures all diseases. The Kabbalist explains healing through thought in the following way: thought is able to change the vibrations of the human body. When a person becomes ill, these vibrations are lowered; with thought he can turn them from lower to higher.

A runny nose, for example, is caused by a special kind of germs that enter the nose, and if the vibrations are lowered, they find conditions for reproduction. By multiplying, they irritate the mucous membrane of the nose, and in order to get rid of this irritation, the nasal glands release an abundant liquid that throws them out.

The power of thoughts in people is connected to the vital electricity of life. When thoughts are positive, they attract life forces to themselves; when the thoughts are negative, these vital forces disperse, move away from the person, as a result of which disease appears.

For example, if you have an opponent who hates you, his thought towards you is very strong. It can make you negative and you will get sick.

The law is this: if you get sick, that disease will return to him, and there will be a reverse movement.

You can send your positive thoughts, your warm feelings and wishes to someone sick with absolute faith, without any hesitation or doubt, and he will get well. So, in order for a person to be healthy, you must send a positive current from yourself to him.

He will perceive your thought and wish and feel better. In this respect, good friends are a good fence for health, and bad friends always bring sickness and suffering.

When the will is involved, you can heal yourself. You can stand for hours outside in the cold in thin clothes without catching a cold. Mentally, a person can make a warm, magnetic garment, with which he will not shiver even in the worst cold. Without such a garment, without the participation of the will, no matter how well one is dressed, one can still feel cold and catch a cold.

If someone gets rheumatism, you have to grab it, shake it a little, and start telling it to go out of your body. If the rheumatism is lodged somewhere in the shoulder, you should direct it to your elbow, then to the fingers of the hand, until it goes out.

The Hindus have the following way of healing their wounds: they collect prana from nature and with the help of their thoughts direct this prana to the sick place, which heals in no more than 20 minutes.

As long as you live in the world of contradictions, you must know that you are under the law of suggestion. No mortal, not even an immortal, is free from this law. With this in mind, you will always keep positive thoughts and feelings in your mind if you want to free yourself from many painful conditions that are not yours. If you come in contact with someone who is suffering from leg pain, you also will experience the same pain.

If you have a cold, think about your health. Repeat the thought often: “I am healthy”, and soon the runny nose will leave you. A healthy person often thinks about illness and attracts it. Do the opposite, think of health to attract and strengthen it and free yourself from disease.

The intelligent, the good, the great in man is able to fight the germs that cause diseases. Apply the good and positive words and the power of thoughts as formulas that you can influence yourself with.

How do they treat tuberculosis patients today? They put them on a bed so they don’t move left or right, they feed them in a special way and nothing more. No, let the sick person to be free, if he wants to lie down, if he wants to walk, but start saying many times a day the words: “I will get well” – gradually increasing and reaching 1,000 to 2,000 times a day.

The first day he should say these words 100 times, the second day 120 times, the third day 150 times, etc., until he reaches 1000 or 2000 times. This is how every disease, every discouragement can be cured. In this way, the heavy, dark atmosphere around the patient lightens up, becomes bright, pleasant, and he feels better and better every day.

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