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The father of Boris Gaigurov was a Christian priest and a renowned supporter of the Bulgarian language, school and church in the Melnik region during the Otoman Occupation. His whole life was devoted to his patriotic cause.  In 1912 he was arrested with the accusation of being a rebel and supporter of Yane Sandanski. Together with other rebels he was brutally killed. After time, for the purpose of intimidation and spreading fear among the enslaved population, his bones were undug and tossed in the river, instead, bones of a dead horse were placed into his grave.

After learning the fate of his father, Boris Gaigurov gained huge respect for Baba Vanga’s gift. One day Boris asked Baba Vanga about the fate of his 2 brothers who fled the country in 1921 and no one knew what happened to them.

Baba Vanga told him “ Shterio is in a tomb, but Nikola is alive. He is a scientist but now is not working, he is a captive in a concentration camp. Don’t worry about him, he will come back during the spring. He will be wearing grey clothes and will carry two suitcases.

This was incredible, my grandfather could not believe that his missing brother is a soviet scientist, and even less that he is in concentration camp. He parted with Baba Vanga convinced that he will never learn the truth and was strongly suspicious of the accuracy of her prediction.

Then one spring morning in 1943 a tired traveller arrived at Boris Gaigurov’s home. He was wearing grey clothes and on the ground next to him there were two suitcases. No one recognized him. Even Boris could not recognize who the man is when he went out to speak to him. This was his brother Nikola, returning home after 22 years of exile. Nikola completely confirmed everything that Baba Vanga said about him.

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