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Dzhuna Story About Baba Vanga

Lubka, Baba Vanga’s sister decided to go and visit her daughter in Moscow, but also she told Baba Vanga, that she wants to meet with Djuna (well know psychic in Russia).

Baba Vanga told her: ‘Send her greetings from me, and tell her to always remember her 13th, 16th, 19th and 21st years.

Lubka related the message exactly as received, and Djuna was very surprised. She said she never met Baba Vanga and told Lubka a story:

‘When I was thirteen my 6 year old brother fell into a well. I didn’t think much and jump into the well to save him. I grabbed my brother and threw him up, while the folks up there got him. I’ve felt incredible power around me that helped me to throw him with my childish arm, while at the same time to stay on the surface. I remained in the well and the people got scared for me. They dropped some iron hooks and they got me by my skirt. At that time I was doing an unbelievable underwater walk. When they pulled me out of the well, I didn’t have a single drop of water in my mouth. I told them that I feel fine. They started flipping me around anyways, but this was not necessary.

Baba Vanga stories with visitors - story 9When I was 16, one day I was returning from school and I walked close to a house that had a sign “Danger do not enter”. The house was being prepared for demolition, but I ignored the sign and went in. The house started collapsing on me, but two of the heavy beams fell in a way that they crossed and I was safe underneath them, completely unharmed. It took them 6 hours to clear the rubble, and they found me without a scratch.

I was 19 and I was walking on the street, when I saw a house on fire. In one of the rooms there was a man screaming for help. The flames were quite big, and the people were afraid to go in and help. I broke a window with my hands, jumped in, grabbed the burning man, and pulled him out. Despite the risk, nothing happened to me. My hands were cut from breaking the window, and my hair was burned, but that’s all.

At the age of 21, just before Easter, I was coming back from work when I decided to stop by at the church and light a candle. At the time my hair was long. When I entered the temple I tucked my hair carefully. I don’t know why, but my hair went on fire right away. I was at least 9 meters away from the rest of the candles in the church.

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