Home Remedies For Amenorrhea

Eastern European Home Remedies For Amenorrhea

I For internal use. Tea оf ox-eye or thyme is recommended. Take 1 table spoonful of either herb is brewed in ½ liters boiling water; infuse with lid tight for ½ hour, then filter it. Drink 1 cup of it in the morning, at noon and in the evening before meals; or decoctionоf 50 g of water pepper (Polygonum hydropiper), rosemary (Rosmarinum officinalis), melissa (leaves), and 10 g of cherry handles. Cut them and mix them. Take 1 table spoonful for 200 ml of water; boil it for 5 minutes. Drink it cool, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening (this decoction is used if menstruation has stopped and the reason for that is not pregnancy). When menstruation starts again, drink linseed tea for 3-4 days.

II. In the morning, at noon and in the evening 20 minutes before meals the woman should take 1 table spoonful оf the following mix: 500 ml of liquid glucose or pure honey, 20 green leaves of stork bill and 20 of apricot pits or sweet almonds nuts, smashed in a wooden mortar, 4 fleshy lemons, cut, squeezed and smashed with peel in a mincer, without seeds; add the following mix (from the pharmacy): common valerian tincture and hawthorn blossom tincture, 12 ml each, 1 g of camphor powder and 15 drops of mint oil (mint drops).

III. Ten minutes after the mix  drink 1 small glass of 75 г decoction of  agrimonia (Agrimonia eupatoria), pine tips, morello cherry handles, honeysuckle (Astragalus glucyphylos) (leaves and blossom), gentian (Gentiana cruciata) (leaves and blossom), mallow (Malva sylvestris) (roots) and Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) – 50 g each. Take 2 table spoonfuls from this mix and add 1spoonful of onion outer skins and 3 pure raw coffee beans. Brew them in 500 ml of boiling water; on low heat; boil for 15 minutes, and when it cools, filter.

IV. Two hours after meals take 1 table spoonful of a mix оf 500 ml pure honey, 100 g fresh butter and 1 leveled table spoonful of liquid Bosnian pine resin (Pinus heldreichii) (rosin).