Home Remedies For Ear Inflammation

Eastern European Home Remedies For Ear Inflammation

First, see what grows in your flower pots. Have you got aloe? Or kalanchoe? Geranium? Geranium will alleviate inflammation and pain. Pick a fresh leave; wash it, roll it like a small tube and put it in your ear. You can cure neglected otitis with kalanchoe and aloe leaves. Cut a kalanchoe leaf into small pieces, wrap it in gauze and carefully put it into your ear.

Aloe is effective if you keep it for 24 hours in the fridge, and after you squeeze the juice, dip a gauze swab in it and put it in your ear. It is very good if you eat fresh lemons and honey during the illness. You can dip swabs in the honey and put them in your painful ear.

– Put 2 table spoonfuls of dry mint in ½ a cup of vodka. Leave it for a week, sieve it, dip gauze into the decoction and put it in your ear.
– Decoction оf melilot (Melilotus officinalis): pour 100 ml of vodka on 2 table spoonfuls. Leave it for 7 days in a dark place. Put swabs with the decoction two times a day in the painful ear.

– You can make tea  of bay leaves (Laurus nobilis). Cut the leaves into small pieces, take 2 table spoonfuls of them and pour 1cup of hot water. Leave them for 2 hours and lave the painful ear with a little warm decoction.

– You can make a warm poultice with the decoction of sorrel roots (Rumex acetosa). Lave the ear with the decoction. How to prepare: pour 2 cups of boiling water on 2 table spoonfuls grated roots, boil the decoction and then leave it on low heat until half of the liquid is left. Cool, sieve and lave the painful ear several times a day.