Home Remedies For Fungus

Eastern European Home Remedies For Fungus

– Make a cream of propolis. Solve 4 ml in 100 ml of 70 grade alcohol. Several times a day put from the cream on the painful place. If you have toothache, you can put some cream on cotton and put it on the painful tooth.

– Put some warm water in a basin. Put a small package of potassium permanganate and decoction of a package of sumac (Rhus cotinus). The water should cover the ankles for 15 minutes, after that rinse feet with soap and dry. After 4 – 5 procedures,  fungus disappear.

– For fungus infection of the tongue take 10 blossoms of calendula (Calendula officinalis) and mash them. Add 1 tea spoonful of bicarbonate of soda and two table spoonfuls of lard. Put that mix on the tongue and all the mouth. Rinse after 10 minutes with warm water. The treatment continues for 10 days.

– For feet fungus take 100 ml extract of 2 % salicylic alcohol and 30 g of propolis. Crush the propolis and put it in a glass bottle. Pour the alcohol. Shake the bottle for about a minute for five days until the propolis is solved in the alcohol. After that, leave the mix for 5 more days without shaking. After 5 days on the surface yellow-brown liquid appears. Carefully pour it into another glass bottle. Apply this alcohol extract on your toes 3 or 4 times once a day, and in the meantime wash your feet.