Home Remedies For Goitre

Eastern European Home Remedies For Goitre

  1. I. In the morning, at noon and in the evening 20 minutes before meals take 1 tea spoonful (for children ½ tea spoonful) of the following mix: 50 g ashes of burnt sea sponge; the sponge should be fully burnt and then made into powder. Mix it with 250 g of pure honey, so that it becomes like jam. Or take 1 tea spoonful (for children ½ tea spoonful) of the following mix: 50 g ashes of young branches of basket weave willow (wicker) fully burnt and made into powder; mix with 500 g of pure honey, every time you take from the mix, stir it well because the ashes precipitate. Or you can 15 drops (for children 5-7 drops) decoction of green walnuts, still without nuts, and put them in a jar: one layer of nuts, one layer of granulated sugar 1 сm thick, and so on. The top layer is of sugar 5- 6 сm thick. Leave them for 40 days and squeeze them through a thin napkin.
  2. II. Ten minutes after you take one of the above decoctions, drink 1 small glass of 75 ml (a half for children) decoction of  Iceland moss, peppermint, walnut leaves and spirea (the herb together with the roots) – 100 g of each. Of that mix boil 2 table spoonfuls in 500 g of boiling water. Boil it on low heat for 10 minutes; when it cools, filter it. You can drink it with honey and lemon.

Diet. The same if you have thyrotocsicosis. Prefer food containing more iodine: cabbage, carrots, apples, lemons, garlic (several raw cloves a day), nettle, lettuce, especially the cob. Potato peel also contains iodine. Wash the potatoes with a brush and boil them with the peel; use the water to cook. Eat raw fruit and salad. When thirsty, eat fruit and drink distilled water.

As a dessert, after meals, take 1- 2 tea spoonfuls of carrot jam

Instead of water, it decoctions are not enough. Drink a decoction of 5 nuts, crushed together with shells, 1 table spoonful of nettle roots and oats grains and 1 lemon, cut into four in 2 l of water and boil for 30 minutes, then filter.

III. Two hours after meals take 1 table spoonful mix of 500 g pure honey, 20 green leaves of stork bill (for children 5- 10, according to age) and 20 kernels of sweet almonds, crushed into pulp in a wooden mortar, 3 fleshy lemons ground in a mincer together with the peel but without the seeds, 10 ml of simple valerian (from the pharmacy).

  1. IV. Ten minutes after the decoction drink 1 small glass of 75 ml (a half for children ) decoction of agrimonia, pine tips, Iceland moss, walnut  leaves, spirea, rosopasat (Fumaria officinalis) and dwarf everlast (Helicrhysum arenarium) – 100 g of each. Of that mix put 2 table spoonfuls in 500 ml of boiling water. Boil on low heat for 15 minutes and when it cools, filter. Drink with honey and lemon.