Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Eastern European Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Cut two pounds (one kilo) of carrots in very small pieces like for salad. Make a poultice with them and cover all the painful part (if it is a knee joint, cover all the knee from all sides.

Put over nylon so that the juice does not leak. Make a tight bandage with gauze or a piece of cloth and keep the poultice on for 24 to 48 hours.

– In the evening in a cup put 3 table spoonfuls of rice. Wash it and change the water. Leave it in water overnight and then boil it without salt. When it cools, eat it on an empty stomach 3 hours before breakfast. Repeat that for 20-30 days. The pain will go away on the 4th -5th day.

– The first liter and a half of the homemade rakia (brandy) is ethyl alcohol. You can make two ointments with it. Grate horseradish root, taken out in the fall. Put it in a jar and pour over the rakia (brandy). Leave it in the sun for 30 days. Filter and put in a bottle. The ointment with horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is made in the same way.

The tincture help with joint and muscle pains.

– This is a very old family recipe for an ointment used for traumas, rheumatic pains and leaky capillaries. It is especially useful for tired, tense and swollen legs with varicose veins.

Fresh blossoms of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), picked in clean places, are washed and cleaned from handles. Put them in jars with lids. When the jar is well packed with blossoms, put over rakia (brandy), from the first liter and a half (you can also put strong alcohol from the pharmacy). After that close the jars and put them in a dark place, wrapped in foil for 40 days. Filter the liquid through double gauze after that and put in bottles, wrapped in foil, too. Keep them in a cool place.

– The recipe helps for radiculitis, sciatica, exostosis, and discopathy. Mix 250 мл of lavender alcohol, 10 g of Sal ammoniac and 1 big tube of shaving cream. The substance is put in a bottle and very well shaken before use. Cut a woolen cloth in the shape of your heels. Soak it in the substance several times a day (or in the evening) and fix it to your heels. Repeat the procedure until you finish the substance. Put your feet in warm water. Your heels peel but it does not hurt. After 6 months repeat the treatment for prophylaxis

– A handful of crushed sea cucumbers (Holothuroidea) are mixed well with equal parts of 200 g of sea salt, kerosene and lavender alcohol each. Leave it for 20 days. Shake it often. Use it in the evening on the painful places.
Note: The mix is poisonous. Wash your hands well after application.