Home Remedies For Kidney Pain

Eastern European Home Remedies For Kidney Pain

First aid. Full rest in bed, warm enema (39°С) to clear the guts or hot belly bath (45°С  for  20-25 minutes), then dry wrapping in order to sweat stronger  or every 2 hours  steam compress on the waist; it is best to put tolerably hot and half cooked barley for 30 minutes. After that a belly compress, dipped in warm (36°С) not boiled milk. Under the compressа on the waist put a small bag filled with fresh warm curd.

For internal use. Drink linden tea in order to sweat.

Treatment. After pains stop, start curing the main illness. Except for the first 1-2 evenings you should have a warm enema (37°С) but only with constipation. Every day, in the morning and at noon before meals, have a steam compress on the  waist  for  20 minutes, then have a belly compress, dipped in a warm decoction of  oats straw. Keep it on for 2-3 hours.

In the evening before going to bed have a steam compress on the waist, then a belly compress, like in the morning. Keep it on overnight.

For internal use. You can also drink

а) decoction of  okra, corn silks (Stigmata maydis) and honey: 300 g of okra and corn silks (Stigmata maydis) and 20 g of  honey are boiled в 1 l of water; filter the mix and drink 1cup in the morning, at noon and in the evening before meals; or

  1. b) Decoction of linseed: boil 1 table spoonful seed in 500 ml of water for 10 minutes and filter.