Home Remedies For Rheumatism

Eastern European Home Remedies For Rheumatism

You can use the following herbal remedies for massages and rubbing into the skin in cases of rheumatism.

Prepare a tincture from 40 g of dried chestnut blossoms (Aesculushippocastanum) and 1 l of alcoholic spirit. Mix with fresh Basket plant juice (Callisiafragrans). Use the mixture for massaging the joints affected from rheumatism.

Prepare a mixture from even parts of trapper’s tea (Ledumglandulosum), Basket plant roots (Callisiafragrans)and black false helleboreroots (Veratrumnigrum) and add them to melted lard. Let the mixture steep for 12 hours in a lightly heated oven (be careful not to bring the mixture to the boil), after that strain and put it in a jar. Apply the ointment on the affected joints.

You can also use an alcoholic tincture from false hellebore roots (Veratrumnigrum) and Basket plant roots (Callisiafragrans). Take 1 part of these herbs and pour over it 120 parts of alcoholic spirit or strong grape brandy (rakia). Let soak for 2 weeks, then strain.

The following remedies are recommended for internal use.
Prepare a tea mixture from linden blossom (Tiliacordata Mill.) and raspberry fruits. Boil 2 tablespoons of the mixture with 2 cups of water for 5-10 minutes. Then strain and add 6 tablespoons of Basket plant juice (Callisiafragrans).Drink the hot tea before going to bed (1-2 cups)

Prepare a tea mixture from raspberry fruits and coltsfoot(Tussilagofarfara). Make the tea following the above instructions. Add 6 tablespoons of Basket plant juice (Callisiafragrans). Take according to the same scheme.

Using the same technique, prepare tea from even parts of linden blossom (Tiliacordata Mill.), peppermint leaves (Mentapiperita) and black elderberryblossom

(Sambucusnigra).  After straining, add 6 tablespoons of Basket plant juice (Callisiafragrans).