Home Remedies For Tetter
Diagram showing different skin conditions illustration

Eastern European Home Remedies For Tetter in Children

(Wet lichen)

а) When the lichen is wet, sprinkle it with the ashes of burnt leaves and stalks of white wormwood, then carefully bind with a clean wide bandage.

b) Use the following mix for the same places: 1 egg white of fresh hen egg, mixed with ½-1 leveled tea spoonful (according to the age of the sick child) baked clay, crushed into powder, then bind loosely. The eczematous changes are covered with that ointment in the morning and in the evening, after they are dried by watering in advance (not by rubbing).

(Dry lichen)

I. In the morning, at noon and in the evening 10 minutes before meals the sick child should drink 1 small glass of 30-50 ml decoction of agrimonia (Agrimonia eupatoria), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Greek nettle (Urtica urens L) (leaves and blossom), yellow yarrow (Achillea Clypeolata L), plantain (Plantago lanceolata), goose grass (Polygonum aviculare), rosopasat (Fumaria officinalis) and gentian (Gentiana cruciata) (leaves and blossom) 50 g of each. Two table spoonfuls of that mix с ½ lemon cut into two, and 2 table spoonfuls of honey are brewed in 500ml of boiling water and are boiled on low heat for 10 minutes; when it cools, filter through a thin napkin.

II. Two hours after meals the sick child should drink again 1 small glass of decoction (see point I).

III. In the evening before going to bed a warm bath of the body (38°С for 10 minutes) with a decoction of 1 tuft of pine branches with 50 g of leaves of piperiche (Polygonum hydropiper), sumac (Rhus cotinus) and  hayseed. They are boiled in a cauldron for 30 minutes, and when the water cools to 39°С, filter; after the bath wrap the child in a dry towel and 1-2 blankets so that it sweats very well. Instead of a bath of the body, you can make it a warm bath with the same decoction of the places affected by tetter. After the body is dry, put on the affected skin a little of the following mix: 50 g of pure pine tar (from the pharmacy) and 50 g of fresh unsalted lard. Mix well to make an ointment; cover with gauze and bandage lightly the affected places. These remedies are applied in the morning, at noon and in the evening after washing the places with decoction of hayseed or bran.

IV. In the morning. Rub the husks with a cotton-tipped swab dipped in pure rakia (brandy) or in lemon juice.


  1. Do not wash the affected skin with plain water, only with the decoction for the baths.
  2. You can make baths with the same decoction 3 evenings in a row. After the last bath the child’s body is washed with a whole hen egg and rinsed with the same decoction.