Guilt is an Emotion

Guilt is an Emotion That Rules Many People’s Lives

“Remember: whatever you are doing at any given moment is the best you are capable of at that moment. You shouldn’t blame yourself.” – Liz Bourbeau

Man has become an expert at feeling guilty. At some point, everyone feels guilty without really being guilty. Guilt is an emotion that rules many people’s lives.

You are guilty according to our human laws if you do something that harms someone or yourself. Look at yourself. When was the last time you did something intentionally to cause harm? I’m sure this memory sends you back a long way in the past, and it’s quite possible that there is no such case. In human terms, very few people are really guilty. According to spiritual laws, we are never really guilty.

Let’s take for example the possibility that you have offended someone without meaning to. This person got angry and you felt guilty: “I shouldn’t have said that, I should have said something else or kept my mouth shut.” At that moment stop and ask yourself: “Am I guilty or not ? Did I say that to hurt him? Did I do it intentionally and knowingly?” If not, it’s not your fault. You don’t have to apologize or feel guilty.

If they hurt you and you want to get revenge by hurting the other person in turn, it will be quite difficult not to feel guilty. Keep in mind that when we want to hurt someone, it means that we suffer a lot. We allow ourselves to be convinced by our ego that revenge is the only way to feel better. Only intense pain prompts us to harm or hurt someone intentionally and willingly. According to divine laws, there are no bad people, only sufferers.

As you read these lines, do you say to yourself: “Well, then does everyone have the right to hurt the other? What kind of world do we live in if everyone thinks and acts like this?” This kind of reasoning will become less and less common if one realizes the Law of Cause and Effect. In reality, it is not very wise and appropriate to cause evil and harm others, knowing that everyone reaps what he sows. You should use your energy rather to realize and understand the situations for which you blame yourself. How many times have you accused yourself unfairly, insulted yourself and been offended that you forgot something? Remember: whatever you are doing at any given moment is the best you are capable of doing at that moment. You shouldn’t blame yourself. Learn to love yourself more, to accept your limits, your human nature. Then it will be much easier for you to accept the imperfections of others.

What would be your first reaction if you accidentally broke one of your favorite crystal glasses? Will you feel guilty for being clumsy? Did you intend to break that glass just for the pleasure of having one less glass? No, it just happened without meaning to. Then why do you startle and blame yourself? This is the situation for you as well as for others. You’re certainly not the only one on Earth who is clumsy, or absent-minded at times.

Remember that you blame others for the same things and to the same extent as you do yourself. Here is a great way to realize the guilt that lies within you. When you blame another person, it shows that you do it every time, you blame yourself in the same way, or you don’t dare to do it, so as not to feel guilty. Therefore, you are not in charge of your life, but your ego.

Why should we continue to feel so guilty? Because we believe that when we feel guilty, it is a sign of remorse, of good intentions, and therefore we will be accepted as good people, and this is completely wrong. Whatever it costs us, we must understand that this is not the case. The more we blame ourselves, the more we allow the same. It’s like blaming yourself for not being patient, for eating too much, for not having the willpower, for not being able to express your feelings and emotions, etc. You’ve probably noticed that the more you tell yourself you’re going to stop a certain type of behavior, the more you repeat it and feel bad. It’s a vicious circle that does you no good.

Besides, it is good to know that even if your accusations towards another person are only mental, the person receives them in the invisible world without even realizing it. Hate, anger, accusation or love – whatever the thought, it will always reach the person to whom it is directed. Perhaps it is difficult for you to accept and understand the theory that everything happens in the invisible world, but you can feel it by the discomfort you will feel in the presence of this person.

Another way to find guilt is to focus on your words. Do you make countless excuses? A person who spends time making excuses usually feels guilty. When a man apologizes, he blames himself. When you keep feeling the same guilt over and over again, you end up causing an accident. Your superconscious will send you this message to warn you that this experience of guilt is dangerously damaging to you. The accident is a kind of punishment to exonerate yourself. We believe that by punishing ourselves, we will be less guilty and have paid our debt. We are taught this from a young age. When we do wrong, we have to pay the price, whatever it is.

Every accident is connected with a message from your inner GOD who only wants your happiness: “Why do you insist on feeling guilty and blaming yourself unfairly? With this accident, I want to draw your attention to the fact that it is not your fault, that you are only human with your fears and limits!” The consequences or severity of the accident will be as severe as the guilt. The longer you have experienced it, the more painful the consequences will be for you.


“Listen to Your Body – Your Best Friend on Earth” by Liz Bourbeau