how do you recognize your soul mate

How Do You Recognize Your Soul Mate and What Are Some Signs That You Met It

If you meet your soul mate, that contact will change your life completely

When a person grows spiritually, more and more profound truths gradually begin to be revealed before his eyes. His insights become more frequent and substantial. His understanding of the immaterial essence of people, of the journey of souls through different times and spaces, and the strength of the connections between the souls grows.

We have often heard people say, “She / He is my soul mate!” But this is not always true. In order to call someone “my soul mate”  it is not enough to simply have a deep connection with a certain person and truly love them.

Each of us has many soul mates, together with whom he has been reincarnated many times, lived and communicated in different periods, spaces and relationships – relatives, friends, intimate. But it is also true that each of us has a single soul mate, and that is what will be discussed in this article.

Therefore, you may often come across the clarification that your intimate partner, with whom you get along great and have complete trust, is not necessarily your true (as it was already specified one of a kind) soul mate. Or your best friend, with whom you share everything and understand each other even without words, no matter how close to you, may not be your soul mate either.

The border is extremely thin, so how do you recognize your soul mate?

It is important to note that our soul mate does not have to be reincarnated every time with us on Earth. Exactly the opposite. These encounters are extremely rare and valuable. In the words of Petar Dunov (Beinsa Douno):

“It is assumed that a person will have 777 cardinal reincarnations and of these there will be 12 epochal ones. Epoch reincarnations are those when two soul mates meet on Earth.”

If you are lucky enough to have this happen to you in your current life – you will not be able to compare the sensations in this relationship with any other earthly feeling experienced up to this point.

Meetings between two twin souls usually happen quite unexpectedly and by chance (as far as we believe that there are random events in the universe at all).

What is happening?

You’ve just met someone and you feel like you’ve known them all your life, if not forever, which may not be far from the truth. At first such contact may startle you, as it is something very different from any other ordinary meeting, from any other communication. But this primal fear of the powerful emotional vibration that has flowed inside and outside of you, in most cases, quickly passes and gives way to pure love and true spiritual connection.

According to esoteric beliefs, the meeting of two soul mates here on Earth and their very recognition as such inevitably awakens and activates the dormant Kundalini energy within them.

Twin souls (often also called twin flames) are literally two spiritual halves of one common whole. When this whole has split, it has formed two completely new souls, which, however, remain forever connected. The process is similar to that of cell division, which you probably all know well – from one cell two new ones are formed and they are completely independent. Teacher Danov also confirms this theory by saying:

“Souls two by two have come forth from God. These are soul mates.”

Although their source is the same, these souls can have completely different, even opposite, external, human markings. Unlike the physical body, the soul has no gender, age, social status. And the relationship between these two halves can be the most diverse. Your soulmate can be predestined as your intimate partner, your mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, a distant cousin, the old lady at the grocery store, or even a stranger who happened to talk to you on the bus.

Signs You’ve Met Your Soul mate

First of all is the instant feeling that you know this person very well and for a very long time, even though you may have just met them. But there are other signs that could tell you that your one and only universal soul mate is right in front of you. Here they are:

From the first contact, a magnetic energy flows between you, often colloquially called “chemistry”, and you feel it very strongly.

You feel on an intuitive level that this relationship is special. Different from all the others you’ve had before.

You often experience déjà vu when you are together. You often experience situations that seem to have happened to you before.

You justify his/her shortcomings.

If you are one spiritual whole with your soul mate, his shortcomings will not annoy you, and you will constantly find an excuse for them. You forgive and justify them as your own.

You often finish each other’s sentences – it’s as if the same person is talking, not two separate individuals.

Twin flames have an extremely strong telepathic connection with each other. You remember – like those situations when you are thinking about someone and at that very moment they call you on the phone. Or you just thought a certain thing and the person across from you says it. The examples are thousands, but if you have met your soul mate, you are already aware of them.

You have the feeling that this person is the only one who understands your soul to its most unfathomable depths.

You give to each other without measuring who gave how much and what and without expecting anything in return, – it comes naturally.

If you often dream of a person with whom you have only recently met, it can be a sign that there is a really deep connection between your souls, and even that this person is your soul mate.

When you are together, you have a sense of unshakable security, peace and completeness. Feeling that you are self-sufficient and can handle anything because you are together.

The balance of your energies is exceptional. There are no signs of any struggles for supremacy or need to prove oneself to the other.

Your connection is completely open. There are no barriers, worries, misunderstandings, judgments, shame, etc. between you. You can share everything with the other person, the good and the bad, and know that you will always be supported and properly understood. You do not impose limits and frameworks in your relationship, you feel light and free in it. On both sides there is no sense of ownership and no need to impose control over the other.

You feel free to be yourself. You don’t feel the need to pretend to be someone else in order to be accepted or liked, you don’t need to put on any masks in front of that person, whatever happens to you.

However, meeting your soul mate and building a relationship with them does not mean that these relationships will necessarily be idyllic and absolutely problem-free. Exactly the opposite. Twin flames meet to refine and grow each other, which implies precisely the creation of difficult situations and cases for them to go through and resolve together.

The unwritten laws of the universe might surprise you this time too. But the truth is that even if you meet your soul mate, develop a relationship with them – intimate or friendly, they can leave your life just as quickly and unexpectedly as they came into it. There is no such rule that once you touch your soul mate, you will spend the rest of your earthly journey with them. Whether you stay together or separate physically depends on many and varied factors. Including your free will, ego, level of awareness and spiritual growth, your mission on Earth, the lessons you have yet to learn, and more.

However, one thing is 100% certain – if you meet your soul mate, this contact will change your life completely. It will give you valuable guidance, remind you of some deep secrets you have forgotten, make you wiser, more aware, better and purposeful person.