Maintain Good Health

How to Maintain Good Health With These Natural Cures


Below are some tips and recommendations how to maintain your good health with natural cures.

If you have headache, migraine or stress, a cocktail of hot milk and a raw egg is very useful. As milk and eggs are rich of calcium, a little calcium from the cocktail in the spinal cord is enough to calm the nervous system and to remove the increased excitability. This is particularly good for children as they are much more emotional than adults. If your child is irritable and nervous, if it often bites its nails, give it more milk, eggs, liver, kidneys, oat flakes, barley, walnuts, sprouting seeds, cabbage, beetroot, cucumbers and dandelion leaves. These foods are rich of calcium. If your child or you have white spots on your nails that means that you lack calcium.

The well known Russian doctors F.I.Inozemtzev and F.I Karel advised people who had cardiac insufficiency, bronchitis, pleurisy, bronchial asthma, gastritis, gout, who were overweight and had problems with the liver and kidneys to drink half a litre of skimmed milk.

You can easily lose weight if you drink skimmed sour milk (yoghurt) mixed with beetroot peels for two or three weeks. During that time you should change your diet completely and should exclude meat.

With burns young elder leaves boiled in milk will help you. You should put them on the burns.

Milk has a strong diuretic effect; it does not irritate kidneys and helps with swellings. Therefore doctors advise people with swelling to drink 700 ml of milk for two days (100 ml seven times a day) and 100 ml of fruit juice or rosehip tea; before going to bed drink 100 ml of 200% glucose. After two days you should add 100 g of milk porridge with butter, mashed potatoes and one egg. After two more days add an omelette with two eggs and curds (cottage cheese) and meat soufflé. Gradually you can make your diet more varied and include white bread, meat or fish balls, cottage cheese, fruit and vegetables. Thus the body is freed of a big quantity of water and the heart function is improved.

The diet was created by the Russian doctor F.I. Karel in 1865 but it is still popular among people. It cures liver trouble, the pancreas and kidneys; it also helps people who had a heart attack, who are overweight and have atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Milk is recommended for ulcer, gastritis, and stomach neurosis. If you do not assimilate it well, you can dilute it with mineral water or weak tea and take it in small portions. Sour milk (yoghurt) helps people with food or medicinal allergy.

Infants should be fed with mother’s milk and cow milk sweetened with a little honey. Honey is rich of minerals which are extremely useful for the development of the infant’s body. A mixture of eggs and milk prevents fermentation, stops gases and pains in the stomach. This mixture is a real source of energy.

If you have problems with your joints and spine due to deposition of salts, use milk and salt. Put one table spoonful of salt in a cup of milk and boil it for 15 minutes. Smear the painful places with the mixture in the morning and in the evening. Wash the places after three days and smear them again. The procedure continues for 30 days and after that you should make a mandatory break of ten days. If you have unpleasant sensation or pains, you should not interrupt the treatment. It is possible that you will start sweating more but you should have a shower only every three days. If you want to have good results, you should have three one-month procedures.

At supper eat cottage cheese. It is extremely rich of calcium. If you use a raw corn cob to massage your body, itching will stop and your body will get gold ions.

If you lack calcium and you have colds too often, make the following cocktail: half a litre of hot milk, one raw egg, one tea spoonful of honey and one tea spoonful of (cow) butter. Mix well and sip.

You can keep your sexual potency for a long time if after sex you drink a cup of hot milk with sugar and three drops (only three!) of wine. According to Ayurveda this drink can prolong your life as well.

If you have a cough or sclerosis, drink milk with five crushed garlic cloves several times a day.

A compress of fresh cottage cheese is very efficient with spring conjunctivitis. Put it on your eyes in the evening and wash your eyes in the morning with black tea or boron water

Corns soften and furuncles ripe quicker if in the evening you smear them with an ointment made of butter and garlic boiled in milk. You can replace garlic with baked onions.

Haemorrhoids are cured with heat treatment. Put two litres of milk and four onions in the oven on low fire and leave them to boil. Pour the decoction into an earthenware pot, large enough to sit on, sit on it and wrap yourself with a blanket.  Afterwards smear the haemorrhoids with cream for children or butter, or oil – whatever you have. If your skin reddens, smear the inflamed places with your morning urine. It is recommendable to take a laxative before you begin the procedure.

Post-brain attack condition is relieved by cottage cheese masks on the head.

Milk products calm down the nervous system but they must be taken separately and should not be combined with other foods.

If you have tuberculosis, you can use the following recipes:

  1. Put barley or oats in a pot so that it takes two thirds of the pot, pour milk and add lard. Boil on low fire and pour more milk little by little. Drink one small cup three times a day. Use the boiled barley or oats for compresses.
  2. Dilute dog lard in hot milk and drink several times a day.

Dropsy is efficiently cured with parsley boiled in milk. Pour milk over 800 g of parsley and boil until half of the liquid is left. Take one or two table spoonfuls every hour.

If you have intestinal worms, enemas with milk will help. Boil a head of garlic in three cups of milk. Cool the liquid and use one fourth or half a cup of the liquid for one enema.

There are ways to relieve throwing out of the body stones from kidneys and the liver. Pour three cups of milk on a cup of hemp seed and boil until one third of the liquid is left. Drink it warm on empty stomach. The treatment lasts for ten days. Make a break for five days after the fifth day. After a year you can repeat the procedure. During the treatment you should not eat spicy foods.

For breakfast it is recommend to eat fruit salad instead of the habitual sandwiches; the salad will supply your body with energy, freshness and beauty. You can prepare the salad in the following way: before going to bed put a cup and a half of yoghurt on one cup of oat flakes, add a handful of dried apricots, a tea spoonful of honey and three or four walnuts. In the morning you can grate an apple on the salad.

In spring it is good to drink a cup of hot milk with one table spoonful of smashed garlic in it once a week for a month. You will purify your blood in this way, you will improve your sight and you will look fresh.

If you have high acidity, drink half a cup of milk diluted with half a cup of water on an empty stomach.

In most cases milk products help the normalisation of gastrointestinal processes but for some people milk causes constipation. If faecal is kept in the colon for more than 24 hours, that signals that the propulsive function of the intestines is impaired (by a spasm or atony) or there is some mechanical obstacle (a tumour or a scar). This impairment is mainly due to improper or irregular diet and to foods which lack cellulose. You can have headache, nervousness, irritability, apathy, dizziness and unpleasant taste in your mouth. In such cases you should eat porridges, vegetables, fruit and rye bread. Such foods irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract mechanically. Yoghurt and sweet fruit with cottage cheese improve peristalsis. If you have constipation, you should avoid coffee, black tea, cocoa, chocolate, cornels, pomegranates, soups, macaroni, red wine and hot food (it should be warm).

If you have constipation, the Indian medicine recommends a cup of warm milk with two tea spoonfuls of melted butter in the evening before going to bed. Besides, you should have enemas with milk. For one enema one cup of milk is enough. You should have an enema two days after you take a laxative. Enemas are good not only when you have constipation but when your belly swells, when you have backache in the lower part of the back, if you have gout, headache, exhaustion, increased acidity and sciatica. However, you should not have such treatment if you have palsy or haemorrhage from the colon.

Nowadays, due to incorrect diet and alcohol abuse, a lot of people have inflammation of the liver. The symptoms are as follows: acute pain in the area of the liver, dark urine, green mucus if you vomit, bitter taste in the mouth, drowsiness, continuous fatigue, and heartburn. In this case you should change your diet. You must not eat cabbage, leguminous plants, and fried and marinated foods. It will be very good for you to have a milk and fruit diet. Small quantities of fats, sugar and starch are allowed.

You can have the following procedures additionally:

  1. Add four table spoonfuls of grated horseradish into a cup of milk; heat the mixture without boiling, filter and drink slowly for several days
  2. Half a litre of milk is mixed with one litre of beer. Drink one cup before meals. The milk should be heated in a silver utensil.
  3. Eat more often sprouting wheat and cottage cheese with honey; they contain a lot of B – group vitamins.
  4. An infusion of the herb Chelidonium (nipplewort) (Chelidonium majus) relieves the pains in the liver. Pour a litre of boiling water over one table spoonful of the herb. Drink half a cup two or three times a day.

Very often toxins congest in the colon and if they are not thrown out of the body on time, they can cause constipation and pains in the nape. In this case drink a cup of warm milk with one tea spoonful of linseed before you go to bed. This mixture helps people with asthmatic cough. A cup of warm milk is very effective for people who suffer of insomnia.

If you eat more fruit, vegetables and milk, that will help prevent the formation of sand grains and stones and the obstruction of the urethra. It is desirable to avoid foods which increase acidity of the urine: these are meat and pasta. Milk can provoke the same reaction for people, whose bodies do not contain lecithin, a ferment which processes milk sugar. Then it will be better to exclude from the diet milk, cottage cheese, yellow cheese, eggs, cabbage, peas and cocoa and to eat more fruit and vegetables.

The infusion of bean pods (25 g), heartsease (Viola tricolour), birch buds, bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) and corn shrunk (20 g of each herb) relieves throwing out sand grains and stones. Pour three cups of water over two table spoonfuls of the mixture. When it boils, take it from the fire and leave it for 30 minutes. Drink three table spoonfuls three times a day for two or three months half an hour before meals. It is desirable to continue to keep the vegetable and milk diet after you clean your body.

In Russia since ancient times people have been using milk as a cure. For erysipelas (the rose), tarantula or snake bite compresses with cottage cheese were used.

After a baby was born, it was bathed in fresh cow milk so that the baby should be healthy, and its face was washed with the mother’s milk so that its eyes do not hurt, it has good eyesight and clean and beautiful skin on its face.

Women breastfed their children until they were three years old so that they did not get pregnant.

Milk is not only a valuable food; it is also a universal cure. Naturally, treatment with milk products should be strictly individual because not everybody has lecithin in their bodies to degrade milk sugar. Nutritionists recommend milk to be taken separately from other foods.

This article summarised the huge experience of modern and ancient healers. A lot of the recipes offered here have been acknowledged by modern medicine and have proved their effect.

In the end it is advised to take chemical preparations as rarely as possible. Remember that each disease can be prevented by natural means, positive thinking and good mood.