Power of My Thought

I See Human Organs With The Power of My Thought

The first vision

Everything starts more than accidentally. One Sunday morning, going to church, Slava Sevryukova reached the bath Ovcha kupel and noticed an anatomical map of the human body in colors hung on the wall of the bath. After taking a few steps, she notices a second anatomical map hanging on the fence, so real that if she reached out she could touch it. Further on
on the way to the tram stop – another and so on. Her mind suggested that perhaps there was some kind of holiday for medical workers. As soon as she stepped off the sidewalk, she heard a voice in her heart that said, “Remember! From now on you will see the insides of the human body!”. Sevryukova turned and looked at the bathroom fence. There was not a single anatomical chart on it. Then she realized that it was all a vision in which she had observed the internal organs of the human body for the first time. The next day, two people from a certain village came to her. They asked her about a case of severe illness. She accepted it as she always had she was looking at internal organs of the human body, not remembering the words she had heard the day before: “From now on, you will see the insides of the human body.” These words were only reminded of her after Sevryukova had received and successfully seen through extrasensory the internal organs and their diseases of a dozen people. The exact dates of these events are not known, but it was probably 1950. To make a diagnosis, the presence of the patient it is not necessary. None of his items or clothes are needed either. It is enough that the one who asks the questions knows the patient. The examination of an organ is preceded by strong concentration. The distance between Slava Sevryukova and the patient is not important – he is it can be thousands of kilometers away. She prefers to observe the internal organs in his absence, as she is very pitiful and hardly tolerates the suffering of the sick. A detailed description of the shape and condition of the affected organ follows. She feels the organ in question and evaluates its hardness. On her fingers she “feels” the presence of grains of sand in the urine, the density of the patient’s blood and other similar features. She can perform a longitudinal and transverse section of the organ to examine in detail its interior. She can enlarge the image to the required size, see the presence of hairs and roughness on their surface. She also gives a forecast for the course of the disease, for the future and development, determines the effect of the medications prescribed by the doctor and their doses. For this purpose, she mentally gives the patient a certain dose and observes his reaction. In the same way, Slava also determines the ratios of the components in a given medicine. Determines and appropriate diet and foods that patients should avoid. The most important condition for the effectiveness of the considered method is the sincerity and honesty of the questioner. The diagnostic abilities of Slava Sevryukova are confirmed by the observations of specialist doctors with modern diagnostic equipment. The presence of metal objects on him – rings, bracelets, hairpins, etc. – has a minor influence on the psi-information. Iron objects have a negative effect, while gold ornaments affect positively. The best results are obtained when the people around Slava Sevryukova are in spiritual harmony with her. Here is the text of a protocol drawn up and signed by a doctor asking questions of Sevryukova:


Medical Protocol with Dr. Patarinski

Dr. Patarinski: I am interested in what you would say about the health of my wife, who is also a doctor?
Slava Raleva: Direct me!
Q. My wife’s right hand has been stiff for some time.
S.R. Enough. I can see her (At this moment, S.R.’s lower jaw made several rhythmic twitches, and she herself made some sound like a call, her facial expression took on a concentrated look). Here she is! She is brown, plump, of medium height, her shoulders are slightly bent down and forward. Is that correct?
P. That’s right.
S.R. There is tightness in the muscles of the neck, as with a cold from a draft. From there along the length of the entire spine there are shivers and frequent cramping. Is that correct? Answer quickly is what I say true!
P. That’s right.
C.P. Her right arm and right leg are stiff, she has difficulty moving, and her muscles are stiff. It is a disease of the nervous system, it has been there for many years and develops very slowly. The left hand is also affected, but the signs are still subtle, so she does not know this and is not told. She is a good person – active, decisive, helpful, honorable and authoritative.
P. That’s right.
S.R. Anything else you’re interested in, direct me!
Q. What is the condition of her left leg,
S.R. The knee of the left leg is swollen and the cartilage in it is damaged. On the inner side of the bone there is an exudate.
P. That’s right!. And do you find a change in her brain?
(There follows a new concentration, shaking of the lower jaw, a call and response with rapid speech).
S.R. The brain shells are shiny, pink-red, healthy. The brain is clean, without any changes. Thought and speech are in unison, indicating that the brain is healthy.
Q. And the cerebellum?
S.R. The cerebellum here at the back is also unchanged.
Q. And the medulla oblongata?
S.R. I can see it without any changes.
P. Examine more carefully that part of the brain which is between the medulla oblongata and the cerebrum, the medulla oblongata, the tissues around the stomachs (A new concentration follows).
S.R. Yes, I see some changes here. I can see that the cells are thin, small, especially those in some black grains, and there are cavities like bubbles around them. I have never seen such cells before.
P. Yes, it is substantia nigra.
S.R. I don’t know what you call it.
Q. Do you see my wife as disabled,
S.R. No, I see her old.
P. Still don’t you see the jacket, for example in a wheelchair,
S.R. No, I see her as an old woman moving. He will live long and will not become disabled, although the part of the nervous system that moves the body is disturbed.
Q. And what medications is he taking?
S.R. He takes one oblong pill with a grayish-yellow color three times a day. Is that correct? Quick!
P. Indeed, she takes three tablets a day, which are oblong, but they are not gray-yellow, but blue (New focus follows).
C.P. I see them gray-yellow, not blue.
Q. And do you think the dose is sufficient?
C.P. It is large. It should be reduced to two tablets daily.
Q. And do you think he should take other medications as well?
S.R. No. There are none better than these. He may only occasionally take drugs to calm the autonomic nervous system.
Q. Does he have to go on a diet?
S.R. Yes. To never use alcohol, spinach and chicken. To reduce the use of meat, coffee and fresh milk, and to count olives. Can eat fish… Other?
P. Nothing else. I am amazed as everything corresponds to reality. Thank you for everything I have heard and seen.


After that, Dr. Patarinski explained that his wife had actually been suffering from a serious illness for five years – Parkinson’s disease. It started with numbness and clumsiness when making fine movements when writing with the right hand. Later, the disease gradually spread to her right leg, due to which she often tripped and fell when walking.

Her neck was constantly stiff and she had to be massaged constantly. Recently, initial, barely noticeable signs of seizure also appeared on the left arm. For now, the left leg remained unaffected. Unfortunately, a long time ago, about 20 years ago, the meniscus of the left knee was torn, and as a result, arthritic changes appeared in the form of spikes (which Slava Sevryukova called “protrusions”). The only thing was that the color of the “SINEMET” tablets that his wife was taking did not match. Returning home, Dr. Patarinski tells his wife and son – a painting student – about what happened. The latter, looking at the medicine “SINEMET”, found that the glass of the original vial has a brown-yellow (anti-light) color and that through it the blue tablets look like gray-yellow – as Slava Sevryukova described them. What does this small element mean at first glance – that at the time of the session the clairvoyant receives the information at the exact moment of the inquiry, by looking at the preparation, which at that moment was in the glass bottle and she saw it through it. This is an important element for understanding «technology» itself in the clairvoyance of Slava Sevryukova. She receives information about the object by penetrating the thought into it AT THE SAME MOMENT OF ASKING THE QUESTION. For example, if someone was giving the drug to the patient at the time of the question, she would see it in its true color.


Excerpt taken from


“Our Diaries With Slava Sevryukova” by PhD. Ivo Lozenski