Can't Be Happy

If You Can’t Be Happy, Then What Is This Life For?

God is something that happens to you when you are ready. And in my opinion, to be able to rejoice is the door.” – Osho

Discourses on the parables of Jesus

Remove the hesitation. People come to me and tell me they want to love but are hesitant; want to meditate but hesitate; they would like to dance but hesitate. If there is such hesitation and you keep feeding it, you will miss your whole life. It’s time: let it go! And nothing else needs to be done: just realize that this is the way you were brought up, nothing more.

It can be consciously abandoned; it is not your essence. It’s only in your brain, it’s just an idea forced upon you. It has become a stubborn habit – and a very dangerous one, because if you can’t be happy, then what is this life for?

And those people who can’t enjoy anything (love, life, good food, beautiful landscape, sunset, morning, nice clothes, good bath – all the little things, ordinary things), if you can’t enjoy these things – and there are people who cannot enjoy anything: they are interested in God. They are the most impossible people; they can never reach God. God delights in these things, why else would he continue to create them? He is not bored at all. For thousands of years He has been working on the trees and the flowers and the birds, and on and on. He keeps replacing: new creatures, new lands, new planets. It is really very, very diverse! Look at life, observe it, and you will see the heart of God – what it is. People who are very tense, unable to enjoy anything, unable to relax, unable to enjoy even a good sleep: these are the few people who care about God. They care for the wrong reasons. According to them, since life is useless, in vain, they should seek and aspire to God. Their God is against life, remember.

God is the very realization of life, God is the very fragrance of life, God is the complete organic unity of life. God is not some object that exists like a dead rock, God is not static. God is a dynamic phenomenon. God does not exist, He happens. When you are ready, He happens. Don’t think that God exists somewhere and you will find a way to reach him. No, that doesn’t exist – there is no God out there somewhere waiting for you.

God is something that happens to you when you are ready. When you are ready, when the sadness is gone, and you can dance, when the heaviness is gone, and you can sing, when the heavy burden of your upbringing weighs more on your heart, and you can flow – God happens. God is not something that exists; He is something that happens. It is a dynamic, organic unity.

And when God happens, everything happens: the trees, the stars, the rivers. And in my opinion, being able to rejoice is the door.



Joy: The Happiness That Comes from Within” – Osho