Run Everyone's Life

It’s Wiser to Deal With Ourselves Instead of Trying to Run Everyone’s Life

“When we put someone else’s needs before our own, we cause ourselves worry, a lot of emotion and frustration because we expect others to do the same.” – Lise Bourbeau


A spiritual person accepts events as they are, even if sometimes they disagree. He accepts himself as he is. That is why a whole world of love and awareness is revealed to him.

Everything written in this book from the very beginning aims to teach you to see, hear and feel GOD everywhere. In reality, GOD is a creative energy that manifests itself through all who live on the planet. Imagine how nice it would be to live in our world if all living beings on Earth knew that they are the embodiment of GOD.

Whenever we criticize or judge, it is as if we are saying: I am GOD, and the other is not. The spiritual truth is rather expressed in its entirety: I am GOD, as are all men. We are all an embodiment of GOD. In reality, we are constantly experimenting until the day we choose to use our energy to do what we want rather than what we don’t want.

We can also compare the presence of each person on Earth to a puzzle. Imagine that from our conception we all face the same conundrum to solve. After all, since every person is different, everyone proceeds in a different way – slower or faster, starting from a different direction, outlining the contour first or focusing on the colors in the center. We all face a conundrum, but everyone interprets it differently.

When you learn to see GOD in you and in everything that lives around you, in people, animals and nature, your life will change significantly. You will feel as if you are constantly surrounded by light.

No one has the right to judge or criticize anyone as we are all here to learn different things and in different ways. When you don’t understand or agree with someone else’s lifestyle or actions, you simply haven’t reached the same part of the puzzle as them. Who knows? This person may even be ahead of you in development!

The mirror principle shows us that when we look at another person, we see in him our own reflection, therefore everything that relates to us. In other words, we can see our qualities and flaws to check later whether we accept them or not. When someone’s behavior bothers you, there is necessarily a part of you, identical to him, that bothers you and that you do not accept in yourself. What you get from others should not bother you even if you don’t agree.

When you react against another person’s lifestyle, words, or actions, you feel many emotions. This person’s behavior bothers you because it reflects what you don’t allow yourself to do or be. And you blame and judge him. You refuse to accept being what you judge the other person to be. You are preventing this part of you from leaving because you decided at some point in your life that this is unacceptable. In such a case, you blame yourself, criticize yourself and feel guilty. Therefore, you prevent yourself from being you. Instead of judging whether something is good or bad, accept the fact that a part of you is like that, and rather ask yourself what it is costing you right now to continue acting this way. You may be relieved to find that the price is lower than you thought, and you will gradually learn to be your own boss instead of letting your ego lead you.

When you see beauty in others or admire someone, realize and accept that this beauty can be yours too: you just have to decide to express it, and not let fear prevent you from discovering this quality in yourself.

People are so busy caring about others and what they will say, that they don’t pay attention to themselves. We are all here for our own development, that is, to learn to love and to want to be happy. If every person can experience this great happiness, the whole Earth will be incredibly grateful and transformed for good. It’s so much wiser and simpler to take care of ourselves instead of constantly trying to run everyone’s lives.

I am not saying that we should never do anything for others. I’m far from it. When someone asks you for help, help them as much as you can. This is human kindness. We are here to grow together. Be sure, however, that the other party has made the first steps. When the desire to help comes from you and you really want to do something for that person, ask their permission first.

Know that you are under no obligation to fulfill anyone’s request if it is beyond your capabilities at the moment. And that goes for everyone. This way you will learn not to expect anything from others when you ask them for help. When we put someone else’s needs before our own, we cause ourselves a lot of worry, emotion, and frustration because we expect others to do the same.

The more spiritual you become, the easier it is to live in the present moment. This proves extremely difficult for many of us. Everything develops and changes so quickly that we often hear people say, “It was so good when you were young, everything seemed simpler, easier!” When you cling to the past like that, you can’t fully experience the present moment.

We can compare a person who regrets his past or believes that he has made many mistakes to a person who climbs the stairs, carrying each stair on his shoulders. In the end, this will prove to be a great burden. Are you living with your past? Look what you have accumulated at home. Are you hesitant to part with things you no longer use? Do you keep them as a keepsake? It shows that you live with your past and your memories.

Now that you are putting your soul in order, it is good to do the same with the things around you. Clear the place where you live and where many memories of the past have accumulated. Anything you haven’t used in a year, you won’t need in the future. Energy not moving equals to energy poorly used. The more energetically you move and clear your home as well as inside of you, the more space you free up for new things and new ideas. This is the law of the void.

Some continue to live in the past, while others think only of the future. Either they worry about it or they rush something to happen, believing that it will be better: “When I get married, my life will be better… When I have a house… When I have a child.. . When I go on vacation… When I retire…” When you think this way, you cannot experience the present moment! Planning for the future can be good and constructive, but you shouldn’t postpone happiness for these moments.

Being spiritual means to you that “I am” is more important than “doing and having.” The person who thinks, “If I had a lot of money, I would start a business and be very happy,” shows that having and doing are more important than being. To progress according to natural laws, this person should rather think: “I want to be independent in my career and financially free. Therefore, I want to start my own business and do whatever it takes to succeed.”

Some people think that being spiritual means you don’t have to own anything. Are you one of them? How many times have I heard in some of my studios women say this: “Since I decided to be more spiritual, I stopped wearing makeup, wearing jewelry, eating meat…” Others tell me that they want to stop having sex. Remember that being spiritual means seeing GOD everywhere, not depriving yourself of having or doing certain things.

We should not become attached to our possessions, whatever they may be. It is enough to appreciate what they give us, as well as the fact that they help us to be who we want to be.

There is no need to worry about the future when everything is going well in the present moment. You know that a man becomes what he thinks, and happens this that we fear – if we think about it. So, today everything is fine: you have a roof over your head, food, you are healthy, you have a job or an activity that makes you feel good and useful, in short – you have a lot. Well done! This is important. You should not worry about the coming months or years. However, this does not prevent you from wanting to achieve something or planning your future by having short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. It’s just that everything should be done with the confidence that it will happen.

Your inner GOD knows exactly what you need. When unpleasant things happen and the exact opposite of what you want, it is important to relax and know that spiritually you need this experience to learn something important for you. This is how your inner GOD tells you that something in your words, actions or thoughts at this very moment in life is influenced by your ego and is against the laws of love. In this way, HE is trying to make you realize what is happening.

It is especially important to stop thinking that GOD is punishing you when you go through difficult times, or that He is rewarding you in exchange for obstacles you have gone through. I remind you that GOD is an energy for which there is neither good nor bad and therefore HE cannot punish or reward anyone. In fact, when our life is not going well, we have forgotten GOD, we have forgotten that we are the embodiment of GOD, that we are part of this divine energy that is experienced through all kinds of experiences.

When everything you say, do, feel or think is in harmony with the laws of love, amazing things will happen to you.



Listen to Your Body, Your Best Friend on Earth,” Lise Bourbeau, 1998