Lise Bourbeau

Lise Bourbeau: Most People Use Their Pain to Protect Themselves From The Pain Itself

“Those who fear rejection the most are the first to reject someone because they think it will protect them from possible rejection in the future.”

In her book, Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself! Lise Bourbeau takes readers on an exciting journey to the self-discovery necessary to become a more loving and giving person. Lise Bourbeau describes in detail the significance of our body shape, and more than 250 ailments and diseases are explained in terms of their metaphysical essence, thus enabling the discovery of their root causes. As a result, we receive healing and reach a better shape of our Self. The book  Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself!  is helpful to anyone looking for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that are worsening their condition.

You are an evolving soul

It strikes me that there are many people on this earth now who inhabit a physical body but do not really live. It can be said that they rather exist. They are practically dead. The reason is that these people have completely closed themselves off to the energy of love. Their consciousness awakens very slowly and they prevent themselves from experiencing a sense of inner happiness.

Are you afraid of change? Do not worry!

This is the case with most people, because until now it was believed that to change means to fail. In the Age of Pisces, which was an age of great materialism, people decided that doing the same thing over and over was a sign of stability, of wisdom. Just look at how your ancestors lived: your parents or grandparents probably lived in the same place, worked in the same place, practiced the same profession and professed the same values throughout their lives. In practice, they had no chance for any change. At thirty they had the same understanding of good and evil as at nineteen. Evolution happened much more slowly back then.

With the coming of the Age of Aquarius, which is also the Age of Spirituality, we can no longer live this way. It is increasingly rare to meet people who practice the same profession for forty years. How many people leave work to become farmers, for example, or to pursue a completely different activity than anything they’ve done before?

Such changes are a normal part of the earth’s evolution currently taking place.

How many people feel like they’ve failed just because they’re getting divorced? Why do you think there are so many divorces nowadays? Is it because people are worse than before? No! It happens because the need for change and development is much stronger in humans, and when two spouses cannot evolve together, separation is inevitable. The need for change and development is such a powerful force that no one in the world can stop it. When one of the two partners constantly resists the life choices of the other, it gets to the point where the two can no longer live together.

If each of the partners can accept the other and understand that for the moment they cannot coexist due to too many big differences in their life choices, the separation happens much more easily. In other words, when the change takes place in an environment of harmony and mutual consent, both understand that the separation is necessary and it teaches them something. These two people could live together again one day, who knows. They could continue to communicate and even be friends. However, if the separation takes place with hate, hatred or malice, then this is very sad for the soul that wants to experience only love.

The important thing is that each of us is always moving towards greater and greater love for both ourselves and others. Your reality is determined by your soul’s experiences, not by the events you witness or participate in. What surrounds us is a huge illusion. We could easily establish it when we take, for example, ten people participating in some gathering. If we ask them to describe where they are, to say who met them and what happened during the evening, no story will overlap with the others. Everyone will have seen the place, the people and the evening in a different way. Why? Because we are constantly building our lives based on our perceptions. We create it so that we go through some experience and get to know ourselves to discover what we need to change. This process is different for each person.

Another example: Let’s take a family with three children and ask the children to describe their parents. We will find that they have different father and mother after all. One will find her mother too strict, the other her father too kind, and so on. Opinions in this case differ according to the perceptions of the children, and the perception in question is determined by what each has learned from the family environment.

Why do people who have a more materialistic attitude towards life and do not pay attention to the spiritual, find it so difficult to experience happiness? Because deep down they know that the soul needs to feed, love and live on the level of “I am” and not just on the level of “I have”! The more things materialists own, the more they want. They are always looking for something more and better. They do not realize that this “more” is the contact with their inner sun, their inner God, who simply wants to manifest in the soul through love.

What is the point of wealth if the heart is unhappy? When it is sad, emotions rule our lives and our health is shaken. Then what are the material goods for – the money, the nice house, the yacht and the trips? What your soul wants is to use everything around you to help you on your way to get in touch with the inner God that is present in each of us, in nature and in all that exists. Your soul yearns to discover its greatness instead of complaining about the undesirable aspects of your life experience.

A very good guide in the process of self-knowledge is to see whether you value yourself by what you give to others or by what you receive. Instead of giving generously and without expectation, we bargain. If you find yourself doing this, then you are judging yourself based on what you receive from others. Did someone pay you a compliment? “Oh my god! I must be good when they tell me!” Someone else gives you a present? “That guy must love me to make such a gesture!” See? This means evaluating ourselves according to what we have received, and that is when the soul suffers. When you have a lot of expectations, you also feel a lot of emotions. And when we feel emotions, our soul cries out, “Help!” Instead of loving ourselves, accepting ourselves, and loving others, we have expectations, and that goes against the Law of Love.

Every day look at yourself according to what you have given, and you will know how much you are worth! You can only give what you have! This way, you will understand that you no longer need to make so much effort to get your life in order. Things will work themselves out if you focus only on your great value and give love without asking for anything in return.

Another way to give is to forgive. As soon as you forgive someone, whatever offense they have caused you, you forgive yourself for the same mistake, for the same unhealthy behavior. Forgiveness comes more easily when one realizes that the other did the best he could, and that the offence happened because of his own suffering rather than because of a lack of love. Everything that happens to you has a reason, and this understanding helps you remove the consequences of karma from your life. Even if you don’t remember hurting someone in this way, the offense you are receiving continues to be the fruit of your actions, which you reap because you sowed it. If you are hurt at some point in your life, it means that you have also hurt someone else – in thought, word or deed, in this life or another.

You don’t need to rack your brains to find out where, when and to whom you did something wrong. You only have to accept that the Great Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect is never wrong and cannot allow injustice. By forgiving someone else, you forgive yourself and allow your soul to grow.

There is so much hatred, selfishness, malice and resentment floating around our planet right now because so many people are experiencing these very low vibrational emotions. Every time you perform an act of love, you send a little more light around the earth and heal a bit of its brownish-grey aura that shows how sick our planet is.

As we observe the people around us, we find the sad truth that most of them, instead of loving and feeling love, use their pain to protect themselves from the pain itself. Want an example? Those who fear rejection the most are the first to reject someone because they think that this will protect them from possible rejection in the future. So they lose something valuable just to insure themselves against loss. People judge to protect themselves from the judgment of others. In the same way, they accuse in order to protect themselves from the accusation of others. It’s a vicious cycle that goes on forever, because what we do comes back to us constantly because of the Law of Cause and Effect.

Take a hard look at your life and what you don’t like about it. You don’t like the criticism they give you? Check that you yourself are not criticizing others. Gradually change your energy and your surroundings will become an environment of love, happiness and peace.

At the end of each human life, the soul has no way to take the material goods accumulated during its earthly journey. The soul takes with it only the results of the choices it made while in a physical body. These choices are the result of emotions and events that the soul has experienced and caused. There is always value in every victory of love won in difficult situations. The soul stores these victories and will never again have to go through such difficult situations.

As I have already said, our soul goes through different experiences at each stage of its development. At the beginning of life, several factors are already predetermined. For example, before birth, the soul has already decided what kind of parents it needs in its future life, the country and city where it will be born, whether its body will be small or large, etc. What no one can predetermine, however, is how the individual will react to these choices. It is our reactions and the decisions we make regarding predestined experiences that allow our soul to evolve more slowly or more quickly. Thus we ourselves determine our degree of happiness in each individual birth.

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