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Story told by Eng. Lyubomir Georgiev

Before his marriage and my birth, my father was a driver of a music band, and they traveled all around the country to perform concerts. One day they headed for Petrich. While on the way, one of the musicians recalled that he heard about a popular fortune teller who live in this town, and he offered that they go and visit the following day. In the morning the whole band went. My father stayed aside as he thought he has no chance to see her, because there was a big line up of people already waiting.

They waited a lot despite the chance being slight to see Baba Vanga. My father was so surprised when Baba Vanga came out and asked for him by name. She invited him into the small room where she welcomed her visitors. Baba Vanga told him that it is time for him to take the blond girl that he already knows and to ask her to marry him, as she is his luck, and after they have child, she asked, that they bring the child to her so she can become its Godmother.

Indeed my father married my mother. During 1958-1959 he was working as a driver for the Israeli embassy. One day as he was cleaning the car, one man arrived in the yard and asked for Dimitar (my father’s name). It was dangerous times back then and my father, not knowing who the visitor is, said that Dimitar is not there, but asked the man why he is looking for him. The man ( Petar Danailov – later becoming long term family friend) said that Baba Vanga send him to look for a man in boots at the embassy. As he was cleaning the car, my father had his boots on. Baba Vanga wanted the visitor, to inform my dad that she is aware that he had a son few days ago, and that she wants to become a Godmother of the boy as she suggested several years ago.

A year later I was baptised by Baba Vanga in Sofia in “St Petka” church. Baba Vanga came from Petrich accompanied by her sister Lubka.

My family, Petar Danailov’s family and Baba Vanga became close. My parents visited her occasionally and sometimes stayed over for the night. One night the 4 of them had to sleep together in Baba Vanga’s house, but throughout the night they woke up very scared as they felt that something went over their feet. They called Baba Vanga terrified but she told them not to be afraid as this was the spirit of Mother Merry.

In 1975 one day I went to see Baba Vanga and she asked me how am I doing in school. Very proudly I said that I have been elected to be the secretary of the class, and that I would be selected for a court jury. Baba Vanga listened to me and then sarcastically asked me how much I will be compensated for those positions. Then she really stunned me with the question “Why do you reject the church?” Before that I never thought of it, as I wasn’t a big believer and this subject was not very close to me. Then Baba Vanga added “One thing is to follow an idea, completely different is to have faith”. This sentence and the tone she said it with, changed something in me, and I started reading Christian literature and the Bible. I read a lot of essays of church pastors and somehow I became a different man. I now have different view point on life.

Baba Vanga had told me to go visit her and ask her for anything that disturbs me. As a teenager sometimes I wasn’t feeling well at home, but when I went to see Baba Vanga at “RUPITE” I was getting better.

One day I visited her, and she asked me “Why are you coming. You have no problems”

I said “Godmother, I just came to see you and we can chat”

She replied that she is not like the others to waste her time in chatting, because there is a lineup of people outside that waited for her.

In 1988 a neighbour had a heart attack and had to stay in ER. After he was released from the hospital he asked me to bring him to Baba Vanga. We went and she accepted us. Baba Vanga told him that his illness comes from fear and she suggested a strange remedy. She asked him to slaughter a rooster, to cut out its heart, to put the heart into a bottle filled with red wine, and to bring the wine bottle with the rooster heart inside to her the following day.  We decided to do this ritual in Petrich instead of returning to Sofia. We got a rooster from a friend in Petrich and my neighbour with a lot of hesitation finally slaughtered it – I thought he will have another heart attack while doing it. Then we got wine and we put the rooster’s heart in it.

The next day we went to see Baba Vanga. She took the bottle, said some prayers very quietly, shacked the bottle in her hands and then instructed my neighbour to bake the heart and eat it. She also asked him during one week to drink a sip every day from the wine.

My neighbour got healthy and is alive and well up to date.

With a lot of efforts and difficulties I graduated the Mining Institute in Sofia. When I took my diploma, I went to my Godmother with flowers and chocolates to let her know that I now have university diploma. I also wanted to let her know that I was about to leave for Germany, as I just could not see my career realization in Bulgaria.

She said “If you made a decision go by it, just remember that you have one homeland and two mothers”

In 1990 with Lucy, (presently my wife) we were just friends. I went with her to see Baba Vanga and to let her know that we are to get married. She struck me by saying that this girl is not for me. I was very sad, but I decided to break up with Lucy and left the country for 2 years. I could not forget Lucy. She was constantly in my thoughts. When I got back to Bulgaria, I called her, we made up and I decided to go see Baba Vanga and to let her know that I will marry this girl no matter what she said. Baba Vanga gave me another surprise. Not only she agreed that Lucy would be a very good wife, but also offered to wed us. When I asked her, why she said 2 years ago that we are not good for one another, she explained that at the time I was the one that was not ready to marry her.

We wanted to wed at the opening of her Church in Rupite on 14th Oct 1994, but Baba Vanga said that this won’t be good as there would be many people at the inauguration. For that reason we wed a month later. The wedding happened in Baba Vanga’s small house, because she said that her feet hurt and she can’t walk to the church. After that we went to the church with the priest without Baba Vanga. Before entering her house to get wed, I took off my shoes. Baba Vanga was very clean woman and hated someone to walk on the carpet with the shoes on. At the beginning of the ceremony she said “Who in this room is bare feet, is it the groom? No, put your shoes on. A groom can’t wed bare feet”

After the ceremony Baba Vanga blessed us to be healthy, to have kids, and our lives to go smooth. We will always feel protected of her blessing. We had a son who currently is 3 years old.

I remember that years ago I visited Baba Vanga with a cousin of mine. He said that he has a discal hernia. I brought him to her, and went out to wait for him. As I was closing the door behind me, I heard Baba Vanga getting upset and loudly criticizing my cousin. I got uncomfortable and moved away. When he came out, he asked me if I told Baba Vanga anything about him.  I responded that she never asked me anything. He was distressed and shaken. He lied to me that he is sick, so I can bring him to Baba Vanga, while in fact he wanted to ask whether he should divorce his wife. Such lies did not go well and unnoticed with Baba Vanga.

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