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Story told by prof. d-r Lyubomir Kostov from Stara Zagora

In the summer of 1980, myself and a group of Bulgarian scientists lead by the chairman of the scientist association – academic Kiril Bratanov, were heading for Thessaloniki, Greece. The city was hosting the 20th annual world congress for veterinary medicine.  Over the night we stayed at a hotel in Petrich where Baba Vanga lives. The mayor of the town at that time was d-r Dimitar Napoleonov. He told us in details about the meetings between Baba Vanga and high rank politicians and businessmen, including the meetings with Lyudmila Zhivkova (the daughter of the communistic leader of Bulgaria – Todor Zhivkov). Those stories grabbed the interest of our wifes, who insisted that we should meet with Baba Vanga as well.

The meeting had to be arranged immediately as we had to go to Greece early in the morning. D-r Napoleonov told us that even though he had very close connections with Baba Vanga, it will be very difficult to book us an appointment with her at this late hour, considering that she was accepting people during the whole day.

The tenacity of our wives prevailed, and the mayor of Petrich made a phone call to Baba Vanga. Eventually she agreed to see no more than 3-4 people. The academic and his colleagues from Sofia refused to go as they were sceptical about Baba Vanga’s future-telling skills.  The four of us that went were me and my friend – d-r Delyanov and our wives.

It was getting darker already, and we met Baba Vanga in her yard sitting on the bench infront of her house, that was surrounded by blooming flowers. Together with my friend and the mayor stayed outside the yard near the fence, and our wives went in. Then Baba Vanga said in a loud voice: “Mayor, who are you bringing me now – horse doctors? Why they don’t come in as well – are they scared from me?”

I was just a little sceptical, but we entered Baba Vanga’s yard, and at this moment our wives started to take out the sugar cubes and gave them to her. Not until now I found out that my wife had put sugar under my pillow as well, without even telling me.

Baba Vanga started to laugh loudly – her face was very white, with pink hues, straightened out skin and no wrinkles. She turned to my wife and told her: “I know you – you are an actress – where are you from?

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

“From Stara Zagora” – my wife replied quickly

“A lot of the actresses are “light women” (i.e. sleep with different men) but you are not one of them. So why did you come with your husband to attend his doctor congress in Greece, and you are not home with your child that have sick tonsils? Once you get back to Stara Zagora, take you child directly to d-r Gugalov, or it will be too late.

Indeed our son underwent a surgery on his festering tonsils and the surgery was done namely by d-r Gugalov.

Then Baba Vanga continued: “Who is Tanka and Peter? They are asking when you will fix the front gate of your house? Also make sure you look after your girl well.

At first my wife was puzzled – those names were not familiar to her, plus we didn’t have a girl. Baba Vanga said again with an insisting voice: “you have you have, don’t tell me you don’t know.”

In the very moment I realized what she meant and said:  “yes, Tanka is my mother, and Peter is my uncle, and the girl you are talking about is my daughter from my first marriage. “

Baba Vanga grabbed my sugar cube, and turned her head towards my wife saying: “Your husband is quite nervous right now – he has a great challenge (I was defending my dissertation in 2 months.) but you won’t pay attention to his nervous times. He has a lot of enemies surrounding him…well they won’t kill him but they do a lot of dishonorable and dirty deeds behind the back of your husband…everything will be alright, but your husband will not go to work abroad. You better take care of yourself, and don’t worry about your husband – he will be alright.”

I did defend my dissertation, I didn’t go to work abroad, but the worse of all was when my wife  passed away from cancer a couple of years later.

Baba Vanga also told me: “watch the right side of your car, so you don’t come from Greece without it.”

On the next morning I did thoroughly check my car, and everything looked normal. Ten days after, in Athens, I hit another car – exactly at the front right side.

On our way out Baba Vanga told me again: “go light a candle at the church as you haven’t visited it for a long time. Also protect yourself from the people that are very close to you”.

Baba Vanga did predict this with perfect accuracy – the biggest enemies on my dissertation were indeed colleagues from my closest friendship circle.

After my meeting with Baba Vanga, I have sent many people to go an visit her. I remember this sad story about one pilot of a fighter jet that went missing during a training. There were no official data where did the man disappear. There were all sorts of rumours that he did crash, that he was talking to the enemy’s radiostation, and so on and so forth. The pilot’s parents went to see Baba Vanga for information. Directly from the door Baba Vanga told them: “stop going here and there asking for your son. Lyudmil is at the bottom of Black Sea – this was his destiny, written in stone. Up where he is, he is feeling good, and asks you to not cry so much about him.”

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

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Zheni Kostadinova graduated Philosophy at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She has worked as an editor at the student TV show “Ku-Ku”, and as a reporter at the National Radio “Horizon”. For over 15 years she is a columnist at “Weekly Trud” newspaper writing about esoteric and psychology. In the same newspaper she is maintaining a page on literature. Zheni Kostadinova is the author of some of the most popular books written on Baba Vanga including “Baba Vanga The Prophetess”, “Baba Vanga Predictions”, “The Secret of Baba Vanga”. Her first book was translated into Russian, Polish, Latvian, Serbian, and Albanian. Zheni is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers. She had published three books of poetry: “Fire Sticks (2002), “17 love colors” (2007), and “Fig Jam” (2008). In 2012 Zheni has founded the art-house “Kuklite”. It is a doll gallery and a mini-museum located in the old downtown of Sofia.  The gallery exhibits different dolls placed in specific categories. Besides the exhibitions, the art-house “Kuklite” also have the priority to work with children from the local schools, so they learn more about the traditions and customs of the different nations. The main idea is to transform the art-house “Kuklite” into a centre for cultural exchange, creative collaboration between representatives of different fields of art, science and philosophy. The art-house will hold meetings with interesting personalities, and will be a place of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, premieres of books and documentary movies, puppetry, and many other great events. The art-house “Kuklite” will also be a place where collectors can display their favourite artefacts and can share the history associated with them.

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