Lyudmila Kim

Lyudmila Kim – a Healer and a Psychic Who Helped Thousands of People

Lyudmila Kim is a Russian healer and a phychic. She is Korean by origin. She was born in 1941 in Gudermes, Chechenia. She finished school with a gold medal and went to Moscow to study at the D. I. Mendeleev Chemical and Technical Higher School. She made her PhD after the university and three years later she was doctor of chemical sciences. Lyudmila dedicated her knowledge and efforts to traditional medicine. She travelled in Asia, Europe and Russia; she met famous healers and collected valuable information. She wrote thirteen books, and some have been translated into Bulgarian, like the book Healing Treasure. She thinks that out of pure malice a person can hoodoo. Mother’s hoodoo is extremely strong. Lyudmila says that there are different reasons for the insidious disease, cancer. “Some people think that it is a matter of microbes but I think cancer is a blood illness of the aggrieved person who did not forgive, and that poisons their blood”, she explains.

74-year-old chemist started to heal people when she was thirty. When she was asked what the secret of her youthful appearance is, she answered, “I try to pray every day. I drink herbs – every spring I drink a decoction of dandelions for my stomach and liver”.

– I know that you also can see the future, remove bad forces and negative influence. Are you a healer or a visionary? 
– I think I am a visionary or rather a doctor. In my country traditional herbalists and healers and the doctors, who treat with alternative medicine, are called doctors. The achievements of modern medicine are not always sufficient in the fight with diseases. Lately more and more hope has been set on alternative methods of treatment but few are the people who really can understand the hidden possibilities of nature. I rely on Chinese medicine in my methods and on my good knowledge of herbs. I know Bulgarian herbs very well, and I can say that they are miraculous. I don’t understand people who don’t trust herb treatment. In fact herbs are in the basis of chemistry and of the chemical medicines. I have been in Bulgaria a lot of times and I have studied the herbs which grow in Bulgaria for years. They really have wonderful properties. I also apply Vanga’s methods which I learned from her. It is very important to make breathing exercises for a long time and a lot of times.
You should be careful what you eat. I recommend yoga. Do not drink much coffee. Too much coffee eliminates potassium in your kidneys, and heavy metals form in its place; they are very harmful and help stones in the kidneys to be formed. Bulgarians have a lot of trouble with their kidneys. Don’t drink too much coffee!

– How do you put your diagnosis? How do you treat diseases?

– I feel and see. I see inside the body and the soul. I see the illness. If people don’t believe me, they go to medical diagnostics and then they are stunned as my diagnosis is confirmed. I don’t deny operations when they are really necessary. There are cases when I can’t help the person or it is too late, and only operation can be the right choice. If a person was shot, how will you take out the bullet unless you operate the place? If the appendicitis will burst any moment, operation is a must.

Traditional methods are very conservative and they need more time. However, if the disease is discovered early, traditional medicine can help. In my offices I apply Chinese acupuncture and needle therapy, combined with herbs and breathing exercises. To have an effect you have to follow all instructions strictly.

– Which is your greatest achievement in treatment?

– All my life I have been trying to find how to cure cancer. This was my first task. Cancer is the disease of our time and it is considered to be incurable. Actually, cancer can be cured if it is discovered on time and if God has given you more days to live. Almighty sends us diseases to teach us something and to make us make the necessary conclusions. If people are ill, that means that they made mistakes in their lives. My son Alek suffers because his great-grandfather killed a child. Alek is the seventh generation. Curses and karma payment are cleaned in the seventh generation. By sending us diseases God gives us a chance to improve. However, people don’t realize that chance and interpret their diseases in an absolutely wrong way. People should believe in God and pray to Him. Always, first of all, they should thank Him, then ask Him to forgive them, and then pray to be cured. Pray. I always tell people to pray.

I see breast cancer. I see when the breast is about to become ill before it is too late. At an early stage I prescribe herbs which can dissipate and melt the tumor. I use the herb nipplewort (Celidinium maius). I have a special method to give this herb in combination with other things and thus I manage to stop cancer at its early stage. I can’t cure cancer of the bones yet. I am always frank with my cancer patients.  I see if I can help or if they have come too late. I have cured stomach, breast, prostate and blood cancer. I cure all kinds of sterility quite successfully.
There are several reasons for sterility: underdeveloped womb, distortion of the cervix, miscarriage, and weak sperm. All this can be successfully cured, and I do it. Male sterility is often caused by trauma in childhood or by different additives the boys drink and impair their livers. An impaired liver directly affects sperm. For a healthy liver eat dandelions and carrots. Eat dandelions, not arugula, dandelions are more useful. Arugula is a bitter aphrodisiac and it has unique nutritional qualities. Boys, and especially athletes, should eat prunes not to have slow sperm.

Other ailments like womb myoma or disc disease and herniated disc are no problem for me to cure. People soon forget about them. Myoma is very easy to cure; I can very easily remove it.
I see if God has given time to a person to live. If their way is dark and it finishes soon, I don’t start treatment because I can’t deceive people and give them unjustified hope. I tell them the truth. If they have time to live, they will recover even if they are ill of cancer. If they haven’t time left, they can die of the flu. It is useless to try to oppose God. He is above us all and above everything. If you ask God to prolong your days on the Earth, it is quite right. Pray to God to give you more days to live. All is in God’s hands.

– What do you think of Juna? Would you rival with her?

(Juna is an Assirian who lived in Russia and healed people with her energy without touching them with her hands).

– Vanga always asked me to remember her to Juna and compared me with her.

I completely deny having anything in common with Juna!
First, we are from two absolutely different races. As far as I know she took a lot of money from patients. I want to help people. I also know something unpleasant about her work: people died a year after her treatment. For me Juna was not medically qualified.  She could cure minor diseases. She was not like Rasputin who could stop the bleeding of the haemophilic son of the Russian king Nickolas II. It was this gift of Rasputin which kept him in the court. Juna had her fans and admirers. I am expressing my own opinion.

– Do you believe in magic?

– Yes, magic exists. Any disease can be magic. Magic is a philosophical concept. In Russian the word for magic is “porcha”. In folk beliefs it means “damage from witchcraft”. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad people on the Earth who have a very strong negative influence on other people with the purpose of harming them. “Spiritual vampirism” is quite a justified phenomenon. Old people can be spiritual vampires as they need somebody else’s energy to prolong their lives.

– How will you advise the readers to protect themselves from bad and negative influence and diseases?

– First of all, I advise people to pray to God. Pray in your good and bad moments. Pray. Don’t pray only for yourself. Pray for your people, for your country, even for your rulers. Pray for the rulers even if they do not rule your country well. Pray for them so that they realize their faults and start caring more about the people in their country. Don’t pray only when you are not well. Pray all the time.

In Bulgaria churches are almost empty.

People are not strong believers. Believe in God, pray and God will help you.

People went to Vanga only when they were in need. Only local people went to her to thank her and brought her fish and other food. Vanga complained that very few people asked her how she felt.

Pray in joy. Turn to God all the time, not only when you have problems.

And there is another thing which I would say to Bulgarians: be patient. Faith and patience will help you, not complaining. Faith and patience – this is the motto of Orthodox religion. People should say God’s prayer and the prayer to Madonna all the time. Don’t make God angry. Be grateful. God sends AIDS and Ebola but He has not shown us the way to cure them yet. This is a punishment to mankind for sins, just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Enjoy beauty around you. Vanga spoke to flowers and animals. Try to see the beauty of the world, the positive things, not only bad things, and then you will not attract the bad. Saint Seraphim Sarovski (who was a priest in the Russian church in Sofia and was famous for his miracles) said, “If you think only about negative things, you attract them. Think only about nice things.” Think positive because human thought is material. You provoke what you think. Don’t blame the others for your failures and problems. Turn to your own thoughts. What happens to you is like the boomerang of your thoughts. Learn to forgive. Insulted people get ill. Dear Bulgarians, think positive, believe in God and pray.