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Manol Tochkov – Baba Vanga Gave Peace To My Child

Manol Tochkov – Baba Vanga Gave Peace To My Child

Manol Tochkov who is a sergeant-major from the reserve was born in 1940 in  Bryagovo village. His childhood years in Bryagovo were around steers, cows, and donkeys. In 1960 he graduated from the School of junior sergeants in Asenovgrad, and later he was dispatched in the Kurdzhali division.

For three decades he was a sergeant of a battery and the head of a warehouse for weapons and ammunitions. He married a local woman, and started from ground zero. Gradually he and his wife start to build their new family “nest”. They have three baby boys. Unfortunately in 1986 Manol lost his first-born son.

“Since then everything changed the upside down. Me and my wife forgot about happiness and joy, we got scared. My son was only 26 years old – a good specialist in electronics. He was working at the security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This ominous news came like a lighting from a blue sky. My son died in a car accident in downtown Kurdzhali, infront of hotel “Bulgaria”. Still it is not very clear what exactly had happened, but as a result of a close call, my son had crushed into some concrete polls and died on the scene.”

This is when the unfortunate family decides to ask Baba Vanga what had happened. 1986 was still a time when visiting the prophetess was considered heresy. Being a sergeant and from there a member of the communistic party, was another serious obstacle for Manol, to discourage him to visit Baba Vanga. If this meeting somehow becomes public, he would lose his job, and not to mention the serious consequences that this will have on his future career development. On top of everything Manol is an avid atheist. Despite everything, he decides to risk and goes to visit Baba Vanga.

“We entered her house and Baba Vanga welcomed us. First she asked us general questions such as who we are, where are we from, what do we work, and why we came to see her. She was staring at us with her blind eyes so intensely, that me and my wife got a little intimidated – we even made a mistake with my son’s date of death. He died on August 15, and we said August 13th. Baba Vanga interrupted us immediately and yelled with a loud voice:

“The information that I see is that your son died at Holy Assumption Day on August 15th. Why do you lie to me?”

Once she felt that we were very embarrassed by our own mistake, she went on in a calm tone: “When people are soaked in sorrow, they can even forget their own name, what’s left for dates or months…The rumours that you hear in Kurdzhali are all wrong, don’t worry about the stupidity of others. Your son was alone in his car, when he died. This is how it was written for him – to move to the afterlife on this big Christian Holiday. Your son was placed in the coffin wearing light-gray suit, cream shirt, and dark tie.” This is exactly how it was, she didn’t miss a thing. Suddenly her face wrinkled, and she stood quite for a minute or two. Then she said in a loud voice again: “Here is your son, I see him infront of me. He is angry why you buried him without his watch – he wants it.”

I explained that at the accident my son’s watch was completely crushed, and we couldn’t place it in the coffin. “You will buy him a new one! When you make a memorial service for his 40th day, you will leave the new watch at his grave!

My wife also asked Baba Vanga about our living relatives. She was again very accurate by saying: “Your other son George is now studying in a technical school. You will build him a house soon. The realestate that belonged to your deceased son you will transfer to George. I want you to come and visit me one year after the death of your son.”

Exactly after 365 Manol and his wife went to the Rupite to visit Baba Vanga again. Right from the start she said: “First make a memorial service on the birthday of your son – he will be happier. Second, remove this marble slab from his grave – it puts a lot of weight on him. Third – think more about his living brothers.”

But this wasn’t the end of the story. Manol did not share with the prophetess that with one of his eyes he is almost blind. During a military drill, his hurts himself and his retina fills with blood. Gradually he had almost lost his vision with this eye. Manol did two complex surgeries at the Military Hospital in Sofia, but his condition worsened rather than improved. All this happened before the car accident of his son. His wife asked Baba Vanga if his vision will ever improve. The prophetess predicted that Manol will not become completely blind, but he will suffer.

“Before I met Baba Vanga, I was a complete atheist. My mother was always asking me to kiss the hand of our priest Stoyo in Bryagovo – I never did that. But for Baba Vanga I am ready to kiss her feet if I have to – for me she is a Saint.

The happy period of my life ended when my son died. The loss of your first-born child hits you right in the heart and the pain remains for the rest of your life. My consolation today are my other two sons and my grandsons. I am very grateful to Baba Vanga – if we didn’t visit her, I doubt if my son would have found peace and harmony in the afterlife.”

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