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Story told by Maria Dimitrova from Sofia

In 1951 my husband Ivan (we weren’t married yet) was sent to work at the police station in Petrich. After 2-3 weeks of service, his colleagues were telling him that they will go to see Baba Vanga, so she can tell them something about their future. They invited my husband as well – at first he had hesitated whether he should go as he was feeling scared not to receive bad news, but his colleagues managed to persuade him.

In those years, Baba Vanga was not allowed to prophesy as Bulgaria was a communistic country at the time, and such paranormal activities were forbidden.

Once my husband and his colleagues entered Baba Vanga’s house, she started yelling at them that she is not accepting anybody, as she doesn’t want to have problems with the Government authorities. She just quickly said something to my husband: – Ivan, why are you here? You have some problems at home. The wife of your brother Marin – she is in a hospital together with his child. My husband ran quickly to a phone, and called his brother. Indeed his sister-in-law and nephew were in a hospital.

We got married in 1953. We had two children – boy and a girl. When they were young adults, we decided to visit the Petrich region on a vacation, and also my husband to say hi to his ex colleagues, and…to use the trip to visit Baba Vanga as well. One of his female colleagues couldn’t get pregnant for 12 years. It was 1963 when we went. She stayed at the local hotel – women were sleeping in one room and men in the other. I didn’t bring my own sugar, so my husband’s colleague (T.) gave me one. On the next morning we visited a good friend of my husband from the police station, and he assured us that Baba Vanga will accept us. His house was adjacent to Baba Vanga’s summer kitchen, and there was a little gate between the two houses. So we went the three of us, myself, T. and my husband’s friend. Baba Vanga was sweeping her kitchen. She was talking in a Macedonian Dialect and at times it was hard to understand her. She started yelling at her neighbour that he is taking her more visitors – she already had 5 people waiting in the yard. She said: – I will prophesy but you will be held responsible if I get caught – do you hear me.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

So she asked if we brought sugar. We all said “Yes”. Then she turned towards me and started nagging me that I should bring my own sugar, and not to borrow from someone else. She was speaking very loud, so everyone could hear her.

So T. said that she doesn’t have children, and she’s been trying to get pregnant for the last 12 years. She asked if she will ever become a mother.

Baba Vanga was very direct: – You will not have a child of your own, even though you visit different doctors. Going to Varna also won’t help you”.

When I heard those sad words, I felt very compassionate for my friend and I started to cry quietly. Baba Vanga told me with a strict voice:

– What are you crying for! You have a husband, you have two children that your mother takes care for now. This is why you will suffer from nerve problems – you take all misfortunes, even those of other people too seriously.

Over the years all predictions that Baba Vanga made, happened with 100% accuracy. My friend never got pregnant, and she didn’t adopt a child either. All other prophesies that she mentioned became reality.

I think that Baba Vanga was a messenger that was sent to our planet full with sins. An alien that came from space who we had the great privilege to be living in our country. She was an extraordinary phenomena in the lives of Bulgarians and the rest of the world. Many books should be written on her, as once our generation is gone, our successors will not know anything about the phenomena that existing on our lands.

Story Analysis

 It is very rare for Baba Vanga to directly announce the bad news – especially when it comes to women that have infertility problems. In most of the cases, she is very compassionate, very sincere, and tries to comfort them or help them if the superior powers allow her. For this particular case with T. maybe nothing can’t be done, and Baba Vanga is incapable of changing her destiny – the karma of the childless woman. It is likely that the causes of this infertility are much deeper than any other external circumstance. As it became clear, T. didn’t even adopt a child, and at the same time Baba Vanga very often says: – If God decided to deprive you from having your own children – you have to adopt one. Nature is equally thankful to those that either gave birth or those that raised a child.

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Article Source

The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

About The Author

Zheni Kostadinova graduated Philosophy at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She has worked as an editor at the student TV show “Ku-Ku”, and as a reporter at the National Radio “Horizon”. For over 15 years she is a columnist at “Weekly Trud” newspaper writing about esoteric and psychology. In the same newspaper she is maintaining a page on literature. Zheni Kostadinova is the author of some of the most popular books written on Baba Vanga including “Baba Vanga The Prophetess”, “Baba Vanga Predictions”, “The Secret of Baba Vanga”. Her first book was translated into Russian, Polish, Latvian, Serbian, and Albanian. Zheni is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers. She had published three books of poetry: “Fire Sticks (2002), “17 love colors” (2007), and “Fig Jam” (2008). In 2012 Zheni has founded the art-house “Kuklite”. It is a doll gallery and a mini-museum located in the old downtown of Sofia.  The gallery exhibits different dolls placed in specific categories. Besides the exhibitions, the art-house “Kuklite” also have the priority to work with children from the local schools, so they learn more about the traditions and customs of the different nations. The main idea is to transform the art-house “Kuklite” into a centre for cultural exchange, creative collaboration between representatives of different fields of art, science and philosophy. The art-house will hold meetings with interesting personalities, and will be a place of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, premieres of books and documentary movies, puppetry, and many other great events. The art-house “Kuklite” will also be a place where collectors can display their favourite artefacts and can share the history associated with them.

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