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Story told by Maria Stefanova from the city of Pazardzhik

When I was 29, I got sick from a hard to cure disease. I went everywhere, I tried so many different doctors, but the disease was still in me and nobody could give me an accurate diagnoses. I developed very terrifying spots on my legs and arms, that I couldn’t hide them with my clothes and everybody was asking me what is wrong with me.

One day, I read an article in the national newspaper about Baba Vanga, and I started to live with the hope that she will tell me who will be the doctor that can treat my disease. My husband called a friend of his from Sandanski, who had a friend that was close to Baba Vanga. He helped me to meet with her. I took a sugar cube and went to see her fulfilled with faith and hope in my heart.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

When we got there, we passed by the huge line up of people that was already waiting to see her, and we went straight to her. From far Baba Vanga told the man that was accompanied by: “Why are you holding a woman that’s not yours”. He came closer to her, kissed her hand, and she allowed us to wait for a couple of people before she meets with me.

Then I went in to see her. I was so excited, that I felt my legs were wobbling and I barely found strength to answer some simple questions such as who am I, where I am from, and why I came here. After I introduced myself, Baba Vanga said: “they tell you that it is skin cancer, widen capillaries but this is not your diagnoses. Go to Sofia, there you will find your doctor.” Just for a second I thought in my mind that I don’t know how to find that doctor. “You will find him don’t worry about it”, said Baba Vanga as she was reading my mind as if I was an opened book. Then she went on to add: “don’t forget to surgically remove the tonsils of your child as they will harm his heart, and his legs will continue to hurt.

Our son was 5 years old, and he was having problems with his tonsils very often. We were so focused on my health condition, that we always procrastinated his surgery. Shortly after we fulfilled what Baba Vanga asked us to do, and right after my child’s tonsils were removed, he got healthier and stopped to complain of pain in his legs.

Baba Vanga told me something else, which I almost forgot about as it was 10 years ago since it happened.

“Why did you make this sin? Why did you have an abort? This child would have been very smart. I got goose bumps all over my body. When I was 19 I had an abort. I already had one child, and my husband was a conscript, so we decided that it is not a time for another child now. With this sin of mine I have another interesting story to tell. The night after the abort I had a very unusual dream: I woman dressed in red robe appeared at my door where I slept with my little daughter. She told me that I’ve done a big sin and I have to go to the Church on Good Friday and bring a gift, whatever it is, otherwise God will take my daughter away. I was so scared when I woke up. In a couple of days, my daughter got a whooping cough. Just shortly after when I fulfilled the request that the woman in my dream asked for, my daughter got healthy and stopped coughing.

I also asked Baba Vanga about my mother, and how will her life go by.  She said “you don’t worry about her, everything will be alright. She will have a long life”, she said.  She was right again. My mother is 88 years old now, and is having a good life.

Back to the case with my skin disease. I went  to Sofia, and visited my uncle. When he heard what Baba Vanga has said, he grabbed the phone and started to ask some of his friends who is the best doctor in Sofia specialized in skin-related diseases. They directed him to prof. Lyuben Popov, consultant at a Ministry Hospital. I met with the doctor right on the next day. I could tell from the very beginning that he was very well educated. She examined me, took one book from his large library and wrote me a prescription with which I ended my terrible disease. “Protect that recipe as if you protecting your passport”, said the doctor.

I was looking after the recipe, gave it to many friends to have a copy of it, but eventually they stole my purse and that’s how I had it lost.

Thanks to Baba Vanga I found the way for my salvation. She not only helped me cure my disease but also she gave me something priceless – the faith in God. This faith that needs to grow deep in our souls, so we can be good with each other and to have strength to face all this suffering that we are destined to go through. For some at the beginning of their lives, others mid-way through, or in our last years.

I remember one of the conversations between Baba Vanga and one of her visitors. I was sitting on a bench outside, waiting to be called, and was able to hear everything.

  • Vangee… – said a woman in broken Bulgarian, most probably from Macedonia
  • Tell me, why did you come here and give me your sugar – said Baba Vanga
  • My son is sick and I came to ask about him
  • Where is your son now? – replied Baba Vanga
  • In a hospital – the woman said
  • Do you call this a hospital? He is in an asylum. He has a mental disease. Stop visiting prophets and sorceress – only God can help your son. Now you can go.

The woman started to cry, and handed out 10 leva (about $7). Baba Vanga said “take that money away – these are your last Bulgarian money, and you won’t have enough to go back home”.

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Article Source

The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

About The Author

Zheni Kostadinova graduated Philosophy at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She has worked as an editor at the student TV show “Ku-Ku”, and as a reporter at the National Radio “Horizon”. For over 15 years she is a columnist at “Weekly Trud” newspaper writing about esoteric and psychology. In the same newspaper she is maintaining a page on literature. Zheni Kostadinova is the author of some of the most popular books written on Baba Vanga including “Baba Vanga The Prophetess”, “Baba Vanga Predictions”, “The Secret of Baba Vanga”. Her first book was translated into Russian, Polish, Latvian, Serbian, and Albanian. Zheni is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers. She had published three books of poetry: “Fire Sticks (2002), “17 love colors” (2007), and “Fig Jam” (2008). In 2012 Zheni has founded the art-house “Kuklite”. It is a doll gallery and a mini-museum located in downtown Sofia.  The gallery exhibits different dolls placed in specific categories. Besides the exhibitions, the art-house “Kuklite” also have the priority to work with children from the local schools, so they learn more about the traditions and customs of the different nations. The main idea is to transform the art-house “Kuklite” into a centre for cultural exchange, creative collaboration between representatives of different fields of art, science and philosophy. The art-house will hold meetings with interesting personalities, and will be a place of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, premieres of books and documentary movies, puppetry, and many other great events. The art-house “Kuklite” will also be a place where collectors can display their favourite artefacts and can share the history associated with them.

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