Law of Karma

No Matter What You Do You Cannot Free Yourself From The Law of Karma

“Use people’s mistakes without judging them if you don’t want to be in their position. Life is a wheel: some go up, some go down.” – Petar Dunov (Beinsa Duno)

Reincarnation and Karma

No matter what a person does, no matter how much he strives, he cannot free himself from the law of karma. It can be expressed in the physical world, but it can also be expressed in the astral or mental world. Thousands of years may pass, but the one with whom you are karmically connected will surely find you and make you pay. The law of karma is a strict law. Karma pursues man for at least four generations until he pays off all his debts. What God has ordained for man, even if centuries pass, he will receive. God’s promises always come true. Anyone who thinks they can outwit the law of karma is wrong. For such people, the Bulgarian proverb can be used: “The cunning fox enters the trap with both feet.” Do not play with karma. Why? Karma is a creditor. It does not allow any delay, not even half a day. It does not forgive anything: you will pay exactly, even with the interest. So karma doesn’t give up on interest either. Karmic law is strict. This law only disappears after everything is paid off. The world you live in is a rational world, but all beings do not have the same thought. They are all free to think and act as they please. But all creatures – from the smallest to the largest – are responsible. There is a law to which they are accountable. And don’t think you’re not responsible. No matter what you do, the law will find you one day. Doesn’t the Scripture say: “On the day of judgment…” There is always a day of judgment. There will be one great judgment of all when there will be nothing covered that will not be revealed. And I say: when a person leaves for the other world, all his mistakes leave with him. Now you have no experience of these things. And all your virtues, and good thoughts and desires – and they will go with you. Both will go. In an orderly society, those who have to give to you will come to give to you, and those who have to take will also come as guests to knock on your door. Today karma manifests itself through diseases, sufferings, misfortunes. Diseases are a sign of ripe karma. Many of the nervous diseases are due to the depraved human thought or the depraved flesh. Corruption is due to the karmic law that operates inexorably in the world. Man has created his own karma.

Each person will become what he did not value in order to value it… Sometimes you want to know what is there – karma, suffering or what is going on. Whatever it is, you don’t want to know what your past is. And the Scripture says, “I will cast sins behind Me, I will blot them out, and I will not mention them.” Don’t call up your past! What is obliterated, the Lord has put it behind His back, do not call it now. Don’t make any more mistakes. When the Lord now sees your new mistakes, He will also see the old ones. Do not make the Lord open the book of remembrance, to see what things are there. As soon as the Lord begins to think of your past, and you begin to remember, a sin will come into you. It is better that the Lord opens the book of life, and sees the good things you have done, and when he remembers them, he sees the good…

Beware of hatred, or you will taste the bitter fruits of evil. In hate, you pay and others eat and drink. When they encounter evil in the world, people say that this is their karma, this is their bad fate that they cannot avoid. What does a person’s karma represent? Karma is a bomb buried in the ground that they dig up and begin to explore. If it is pushed out of place or dropped on the ground, it immediately explodes. If you come to a bomb, you have to be careful, go around it, don’t touch it. A person has many bombs in him that he should not touch. As long as he doesn’t touch them, he’s fine. If you touch them, karma manifests itself. Both the wicked and the righteous have bombs within them. The difference between them lies in the fact that the wicked one constantly touches his bombs, and the righteous one avoids them. Among people, you should be neither very smart nor very stupid, because stupidity is again a karmic law, intelligence is again a karmic law. If you are very intelligent, you will move very quickly and collide with others; if you are very stupid, you will move very slowly and still the same result. You will be as intelligent as everyone around you.

Now you will ask yourself the question: how much should a person show his intelligence? You will save your strength for more favorable conditions. As soon as there is a train in front of you with less speed, you will stop your steam, and if there is no obstacle ahead, you will race as much as you want. Do not judge, but benefit from other people’s mistakes. In this regard, there is the following law: use people’s mistakes without judging them, if you do not want to find yourself in their situation. Life is a wheel: some go up, some go down. If you want to avoid falling under the law of karma, learn from people’s mistakes. Only a perfect man can judge, and an imperfect man, seeing the mistakes of his loved ones, must pray to God not to fall into their situation. I say: if you knew the deep causes of people’s mistakes, you would not judge them.

You think the bad is outside. The world is inside you. You do not have a clear idea of life, you are looking for reasons in life. The whole reason is you. Each person is the cause of his happiness and unhappiness within himself.

According to the law of karma, in one life a person will be rich, in another – poor. Why? The currents of life change. As soon as the currents of life change, the rich man loses all the wealth he previously had and becomes poor. This wealth goes to the country of the one who was poor. By erecting barriers to the Divine blessings, the rich man has caused the currents of life to change, as a result of which he has lost favorable conditions in favor of the poor. This speaks of the great law of balance that exists in nature. This law applies not only to external goods, but also to goods of the heart and mind. If the heart of man puts up a barrier to the goods that come to him and thus prevents them from going in the direction of the mind, the heart develops well and the mind remains weak…

So far there is one common karma and it is already bearing its consequences. We carry both common virtues and common vices. Someone else made a mistake and you get to pay for it. And the good is given like this. We no longer resolve an individual karma, but a universal human karma. Someone asks, “What sins have I committed?” No, you participate in the common good and in the common evil. Sometimes you didn’t do good, and good comes to you. Sometimes you have done no evil, and then evil comes to you. Christ, why did they have to punish Him? For the common karma. One whole night, a whole regiment of Roman soldiers jeered at Him, put wreaths and mantles on Him and worshiped Him, slapped Him, spat on Him. I consider this to be the greatest act of heroism. That suffering on the cross was physical, but Christ spent that night among the Roman soldiers in that mental trial, and He was calm, content, strong to bear it all. He was physically tortured on the cross. Well, first of all, He had the power to free Himself when they caught Him, but He didn’t use His power. Then he had the strength to free himself from the cross and didn’t use his strength again. He suffered three calamities: mentally, spiritually, and physically. This shows the strength of character: to withstand all trials.

Nothing remained of the Roman Empire, but of Him whom they mocked, with whom they mocked, something remained of Him. And the cross on which they crucified Him, and it rose and became more famous than the whole Roman Empire. Who doesn’t wear a cross today? And how many people wear a cross of bravery on their chest? And they take Christ as an example. In the time of the Roman Empire, the cross was considered the most shameful thing, but today it is considered an emblem of valor, bravery and nobility.

The karma of all nations is ripe, now is the time for liquidation, for payment. How will the karma of nations be resolved? Quite simple. The invisible world has ways of solving this question. The Lord foresaw a great migration of people from east to west and then from west to east. This great transmigration of nations will take place first in the invisible world. Thus, the Germans killed by the Russians will be reborn after a while in Russia. So also the Russians killed by the Germans will be reborn in Germany. As a few decades pass and just see that in 45 years, when these generations grow up, they will find that they do not have the hatred of the previous generations. Thus nature resolves this issue first in the family. Parents give birth to their enemies, and by raising them and raising their children, they repay themselves karmically. There is no parent who does not love his children. In the same way, the nations in this war will pay off after 45 years.

There is this law in nature: every nation that kills a representative of another nation, because it takes away their bodies, must then give them new ones, i.e. the slain must be born into this nation. The Jews killed by the Germans will be born in Germany and thus fundamentally change the spirit of the German people.

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