Forgive Before We Sleep

Noel Batten: We Must Solve Problems and Forgive Before We Sleep

“Our hormonal energy is depleted when our emotional system is depleted, and the reason for this is feelings that are unsatisfied and unrequited,” –  Noel Batten.

How to achieve freedom of mind and peace of heart before falling asleep

We possess three forms of energy (the Trinity of energy within us). Our spirit, body and soul influence three different forms of energy, and our being also needs a balance between them within itself to experience complete harmony (homeostasis). To achieve perfection of sleep and energy, we must satisfy the needs of our spirit, body and soul.

 The energy of the nerves is the leading of the three energies of our being – “Energy of inspiration”

I call it so because it is born when we are inspired by life. It regulates the electricity that surrounds us, and if we are sensitive to it, it will lead us to sleep when we need sleep, and when we feel cold in certain places of our body, it shows us that we should be careful these parts to not get sick. It activates the telephone lines that signal our organs, and when it weakens, our organs weaken.

 We must have goals

To maintain effectiveness in this one-third of our energy, we must be inspired by personal goals to strive for, but we must also respect the demands of our being and nature in the process of achieving them. (Our positive confident worldview influences the vitality of our inspiration energy).

We need a prayer and understanding of the Holy Scriptures to achieve peace of mind

The proper control of our physical activity creates peace in the spirit of nature and the spirit of vitality, and the experience of prayer, as the Holy Scriptures call it “the day of rest”, helps to release any emotional stress from the spirit of the soul or to achieve peace of the soul. When our “energy of inspiration” runs out, it causes fatigue. The feeling of fatigue in a particular area is an automatic reaction of the nervous system that it triggers when that area has been overexerted for so long that it needs rest. The tension burns off certain charged ions in the body, thus creating depleted energy around that area. Electric current is generated when charged ions jump across cell membranes. When the charge is very strong, a strong and energetic magnetic field is produced around that area, making us feel alive and energized.

When we keep this area overextended for a long period of time, we deplete the charge of energy and this area begins to feel tired as a safety warning. If we keep a certain area overstressed for many years and neglect fatigue, we will eventually feel cold in that area as a sign of danger. This “cold spot” feeling is caused by the chemical energies that accompany nerve energy, and when you experience this feeling, it is important to learn to simultaneously relax and engage that area with exercise so that it receives rest, flow of blood and heat.

Our nerves also affect our hormonal energy – “Energy of Feelings”

I call hormonal energy “energy of feelings” because different feelings cause specific hormonal reactions and vice versa – the release of certain hormones causes us to experience the corresponding feeling. By addressing the issues that provoke negative hormonal responses, and by limiting ourselves to only those activities that minimize negative experiences, we can maximize our natural flow of positive hormonal energy.

We should resolve issues and forgive before going to sleep or deal with them in bedtime prayer

Doing our best to achieve freedom of mind and peace of heart before we go to sleep each night, as well as on one mandatory rest day of the week, will also help us enjoy full hormonal satisfaction. Attuning to the aspects of nature that stimulate the proper functioning of our biological clock is the basis for our hormonal perfection.

When our hormonal energy is dry, we will not respond to the time cycles and will soon experience stomach problems and bouts of depression. Our hormonal energy is depleted when our emotional system is exhausted, and the cause of this is feelings that are unsatisfied and unanswered. This condition covers a variety of cases such as repressed grief, guilt, lack of love, and even the inability to  face a conflict head on. Resolutions can be anything from dealing with repressed feelings, improving communication skills, focusing on building self-belief, or simply learning to develop a calm personality and taking time to “enjoy the aroma of the roses”.

The most important questions of self-discipline

The most important things that regulate our biological clock, the proper functioning of our hormone release regime, and the strength of our nervous system stem from the needs of the mind, body, and soul. (God – the Father, is the spirit, the Son is the body, and the soul is the Holy Spirit.)


Our spirit needs satisfaction from accomplished goals, exhilaration from participation in life, moral values, and respect for the basic laws of nature, both ecological and emotional.


Our body needs three meals a day at regular meal times, natural nutrients, exercise or physical activity and exposure to the elements of nature such as heat and cold and quality sleep.


Our soul needs to express and receive, give and receive, love and compassion, and to be sensitive to the needs of others, especially children.

All these aspects affect the content of our blood, the efficiency of blood flow in the body and the blood supply to the extremities. The more disinterested we are in these aspects of influence, the weaker will be the reactions of our nervous and hormonal systems and the lower our level of vitality. People who do not eat at regular mealtimes, sleep during the day, do not rest on Sundays, and live with only air conditioners and stoves throughout the year, confuse the effectiveness of nature’s regime and create the initial opportunity for the destructive effect of stress and depression. People who avoid self-discipline, self-expression, communication, and don’t stand up for themselves in a way that de-stresses their minds, also block their potential for sleep, energy, longevity, and zest for life.

From: “Beautiful Sleep, Abundant Energy”,  by Noel Batten