Pain is The Touchstone of Spiritual Growth

Pain is The Touchstone of Spiritual Growth and Happiness

“The right to be happy belongs only to the one who every second is ready to lose pleasure and preserve love. Without pain there is no spiritual development”, – Sergey Lazarev

Every conflict is a spiritual Growth

One of the most important parameters by which I now determine a person’s condition is the willingness to accept a traumatic situation. Which means to preserve the love of God in the face of purely human losses. In men, the self-destructive program kills themselves, in women, this program kills the children. Increased vulnerability and sensuality, if there is a lack of desire for love, makes a person either a victim or a criminal.

Understand something simple: every conflict is spiritual growth. Look at it this way, you have a body and I have a body. Your superficial desires are related to the body and to life. It’s exactly the same for me. And because our bodies are different, our desires never match. For this very reason, any communication between us will always be conflictual, and this is quite normal. Trying to avoid the conflict or to stop it in the bud is a denial of development. If there is no striving for love – the conflict becomes insoluble. Try to understand that every conflict is a spiritual growth; every conflict causes pain, and every pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth and an impetus to the love of God. In conflict, you don’t have to suppress someone else’s desires or become dependent on someone. You just need to summarize the wishes and find a common solution for both parties. To be able to find a solution, you must learn to restrain your desires and strive for love.

When the path leading to love thins out and becomes a thin thread, then in order to save yourself you must abruptly stop everything that washes love away from you, and that is fear, hatred, condemnation, insult, despair. And because all this arises from consciousness, it begins to destroy itself, for the sake of the salvation of the soul. I have already written in my books that schizophrenia occurs in people who are secretly jealous. If during the day you somehow manage to restrain your desires and try to be good, then at night this addiction and aggression overwhelms you and that is why the consciousness falls apart. This means that before sleep you should try to put yourself in order, and instead of a solid dinner, which strengthens the dependence on desires, it is better to pray.

Die every night and rise every morning. Say goodbye to everything you hold dear. But if you don’t feel love first, your soul will be filled with fear and despair.

Therefore, at first you pray focusing on love, and when you feel it, forgive everything that is dear to you. And when the new consciousness ceases to be aggressive, instead of disintegration, development will begin.

As for communication, everything is simple there. Communication is a sensual level, and if a person depends on sensual happiness, in his communication he is always aggressive either towards others or towards himself. Because of this, such a person is usually afraid of communication and avoids it: when the hatred is directed inwardly towards this person to a great extent, then people do not want to communicate with him; if the subconscious aggression is directed outward – they also avoid it.

Pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth

Don’t be afraid of the pain, go for it. As mentioned above – pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth and if we hold on to love, the pain will gradually disappear. The right to be happy belongs only to the one who every second is ready to lose pleasure and keep love. Without pain there is no spiritual growth and development.

But this pain should not be black and gloomy, but bright and radiant. Understand the simple thing – every pain is a bet for your future happiness. The more pains and trials fate sends you, the greater happiness awaits you in the future.

And the more you are prepared for the mental pain, the less physical suffering will be assigned to you. But if over millions of years of evolution we have learned to tolerate physical pain, we still have to learn how to overcome mental pain through the pursuit of love. It is science, art, and pleasure.


From: “Diagnostics of Karma”, Sergey Lazarev