People Want More

People Want More Than They Need And That is Why They Suffer

“When you suffer, know that you want a lot. Prematurely we have taken a position which we do not understand. We have come to earth, and we have forgotten why we came”, Petar Dunov (Beinsa Duno)

What I was born for. The Mission

We are sent to earth not to visit, but to work. The earth tolerates its guests for only three days. All modern miseries stem from the fact that we want to be guests on earth. So, if you ask me what causes the miseries in the world, I will tell you that they arise from your desire to be only guests here on earth. Earth is a place for one of the most serious jobs. For every being, no matter how small, there is a mathematically defined place and work that it must do. Even today the higher beings live on the backs of the lower ones.

We are not put on earth to be happy. That is a secondary issue. And the only thing for which man is sent on earth is to learn. You have to study. You have to study the laws of everything that happens in you. You will start with yourself, from within. If you start from the inner life, then the outer manifestations of life will begin to become clearer to you. It is a complex mechanism, it is a complex world. It’s not that easy. You say you are sons of God. Sons of God who do not know how to serve. And now you are being sent to earth to serve. Sons of God whom they served. And now the Lord appoints you to serve. You say, “Is this what I was born for?” This is what you were born for. Up until now the angels served you, and God served you. They did everything for you. And now He has forced you to struggle a little, and want you to work, to help others.

A Japanese prince wished to study the character of the Americans, and therefore asked a friend of his to find him a place as a servant in an American family, without saying that he was a prince. His friend recommended him to an American family, where he stayed for a while as a servant. He washed dishes, swept, did everything he was asked to do. The family was very pleased with him. They said: “Our servant is very good, he takes care of his work very well. Moreover, in every free time he reads some book, studies something.” After 3 months, this servant disappeared somewhere. Then the American family found the friend who had recommended this servant to them and asked him, “Where did your friend go? We want to pay him. He works very well for us.” “He doesn’t want any salary. He is a Japanese prince who had come to America wanting to study American life. He is glad that he could learn something from American life.”

You are all Japanese princes who have been sent to earth to serve. And after serving for 3 months, after studying for 3 months, you can go wherever you want. But you have come to study for 3 months. What you learn, learn it well. If someone asks you why you came to earth, you will say that you came to learn the laws of patience and humility. Once you learn these laws in their practical application, you will complete your evolution on earth and live like Christ. Christ will be your brother and Master, and you His disciples. Everything in the world is determined by patience and the inner disposition of the spirit. You must realize all that is ordained by God. Everyone should understand why he came. Complete the program that is given for you and don’t be afraid. Do not make any program for yourself, follow your program that is determined by nature and your life will flow smoothly. Many ask themselves why they were born on earth. In my opinion, this is a ridiculous question. I go to the school to study and ask why I came. To study, of course. You must have a clear idea of ‘I’. One day you lose that ‘I’. Once you were like a little child, then you became an adult and finally your head will turn white. What is the true state of man? Man – that is what they call the perfect man who is always growing and always learning. It is one such understanding – the perfect man is always growing and always learning and always understanding being. A man, who learns. The Scripture says that man is a stranger on the earth. How long he will remain is a question. The truth is that all the material worlds that exist are one. The whole universe, the whole material world is one. This is what earth is in Scripture. Where there is life is an earth, an inhabited earth. He who understands things this way is on the right path, and he who does not understand, he thinks that only your earth is habitable.

Well, you came to earth to bear fruit. You want to live for yourself. No! First you will live for others and lastly you will live for yourself. First of all, you will live for God, you will live for the angels, for the saints, for the good people, for the righteous – I put them in the angels. Angels are the purest beings. And finally you will live for yourself. This is the right way. And then you will be satisfied because you have done a job. He who thinks only of himself will inevitably make his life worse. He says: “Today I am obliged to think only about myself. Tomorrow I will think about others.” No, every day you have to think about yourself and about others and do one little good. There is a program that determines how many good deeds you should do per day and how many people you should help. If you do not follow this program, certain gaps will appear in your life. If you help people, they will help you, if you do not help them, they will not help you. This law is true both for the individual and for every society. In every home, in every society, in every nation, in every race, as in all mankind, there exists a common soul which embraces the individual units. Common souls are grouped into a common whole. You have to imagine all people as a mirror. When you look around, be pleased to see yourself. Who among us does not enjoy the mirror because he sees himself? The thousands of mirrors are valuable because you see yourself. And you are valuable to others because they see themselves in you. As far as I can manifest your life, I am precious to you; in as much as I can be of service to you for your life, I am valuable to you. As far as you can serve me, you are precious to me. This is how the Divine Law works. That is the new understanding. Deeply and mystically considered, it is the law of immortality. Each person has his own specific basic idea that distinguishes him from other people, but this idea connects him to the Great Beginning of life. This idea represents the center of the universe.

Strong desires determine a person’s future

When they see the strong desires of man, intelligent beings help to realize them. Only he can be called a real person who has at least one basic trait in his character that does not change under any conditions either in life or after death. If he does not have such a trait in his character, he is not yet a real person. Why? Because it is still in the process of constant manifestation. In the study of the great laws of the world, you must have one essential idea, without which the causes of your knowledge will not change, even if the form changes. If the causes change as well as the forms, then you are sitting on a false ground. Your thoughts, feelings and actions, no matter how much time passes, do not lose their value. Because there is one part of life that can be changed. But when we talk about the essential, about the real, we understand those thoughts, feelings and actions that will remain the same throughout all times in our consciousness. And if you get to such a state, you will be able to develop properly and grow. Each person is given a specific job. What is it? To be a bearer of the Divine. God removes contradictions from the life of anyone who has accepted the Divine to serve Him. Having come to earth, man should know that he has a small but specific job to do. This work is not for his personal good, but for the good of the whole, of the common life. This means that a person does not live for himself. As much as a man works for the world, his name will not be written in letters of gold. If it works for people, man will never be rewarded. If he wants to be rewarded, in the sense, to produce a work that will remain valuable for the ages, he must work for God, for the Great Beginning of life. This worker’s name will be written in letters of gold in the book of eternal life. One should be inspired by the real world, draw strength from it for earthly life. Only in this situation can a person make sense of the small things in his life. If he does not have this understanding, this connection with real life, he will always be bored by the little things.

Great patience and awareness is required from a person to sew for whole days with one small needle. A great effort is required from the doctor, to overcome himself, to go from house to house to treat the sick. Each of you can do one such good that no one else can do, an original, specific good. Feet can do what hands can’t. Hands can do what feet cannot. Eyes can do what hands and feet cannot. Everything is in its place. Therefore let everyone do what is specific to his mind, to his heart, and to his will. By doing the specific good, you will enter that path in which God will bless you. You came to earth to work for the Lord. That man who lives for his people, or for society, or for his home, or for his wife, or for his children, or for himself, or the one who lives for humanity – he has not understood the meaning of life. We are not sent to earth to live for ourselves, we are not sent to earth to live for our home, we are not sent to earth to live for humanity – we are sent to earth to manifest the Divine Spirit, everything else is included in him. If we cannot manifest this life, all else has failed.

Man came to earth to do his Father’s work first, and then his own. He who does not fulfill God’s Will has a wrong understanding of things. I maintain this: we created evil. Here’s how: let’s say you came to earth and God gave you a plan. You made a promise when you came to earth to keep it. You came to earth, you put your plan and all your life you carry out your plan – you commit crimes. Then you will be judged for not fulfilling God’s plan, but fulfilling your plan. What are you? I say: do not fulfill your plans, whatever they are, fulfill the Divine. The one who understands the Divine in you – this is what you are. Your plans, they are delusions. All misfortunes always come from your plans. We think we are more. How many of you object, “We are sons of God.” No. We are slaves to the world. Coming down to earth, man foresaw what he had to do. To his end he has his own specific program which he has signed up to carry out. If he does not fulfill his program, he prematurely leaves for the other world. Now I want to bring you to what God has put in you. You are responsible for it. If you don’t express it, you will suffer. From it you will create your future, your happiness, or you will create your unhappiness. Whenever man disobeys those laws that God has laid down, he will suffer. Each person has a specific service to perform in the world. And if he does not fulfill it, suffering will come. First of all, each person must be faithful to the place where God has placed him and not leave it. Don’t leave your seats! Don’t think that you can find a better place in the world than what God has given you! Wherever you go, you will eventually return to the same place God placed you. You can move, you can go far, but you must return to the place where God has placed you. Because you are on duty – they will return you back. You say, “I am free!” You are not free. You are free off duty. They will call you to do some work. Your success depends on the work you do. If you do it well, you’ll be fine. If you do it badly, you will be unhappy.

You don’t need a lot of wealth, you don’t need a lot of knowledge. The little you have, know how to use it. You came to earth for a job. What you promised above, do it! What you came for, fulfill it, and what you are to become, achieve it! You must become much more than what you want. You want very little. I want you not to be satisfied with a little. In nature there is one law, one rule: all or nothing! You say: “The little is better than the big”. The little in which there is Love is better than the big in which there is no Love. Poverty with Love is better than wealth without Love. But wealth with Love is better than poverty , in which Love is not present. If you have the opportunity to do something, you are a rich person. And finally, the whole world was created for those who walk in God’s way. These are future goods that await us. You didn’t come to suffer, no! You came to study. Then one day you will be sent to Venus, the Sun, or some other place of service. One day, when you are on duty, you will know. Until then, it’s training. All the people on earth have lost their plans. Because to every soul that comes down, they present a plan, they say, “Can you do this on earth?” The soul will sign. You came down to earth with a document. When you get down on the ground, you see that it’s hard work, you say, “That can’t be done,” and you start a new plan. Fifty or sixty years you live, and there is nothing you can do. Sometimes you get discouraged because you want what God has not put in your program. All the suffering of people is that they want more than they need. When you suffer, know that you want a lot. The dissatisfaction one feels is due to a misunderstanding. Prematurely we have taken a position which we do not understand. We have come to earth, and we have forgotten why we came.


“Book of the Living.” Birth, rejuvenation, rebirth, karma”, Petar Dunov