Slav People

Proven Health Remedies Containing The Centuries-old Healing Experience of the Slav People

For people their health is the most precious thing in life; however, to a great extent, health depends on their way of life and their relations to the environment. Many people look for new “prestigious” chemical medicines and forget about the old traditional medicine which has been curing people from disability and trauma for thousands of years. The remarkable Russian doctor Pavel Matveevich Kurenkov (read U like in PUT; stress on the last O) offers the reader these old recipes in his Healer’s Book. Each of them contains centuries-old healing experience of the Slav people.

The most efficient and accessible cures for anybody in trouble have been selected in this book. It is useful for doctors as well as for patients.

Look for your disease in the Contents.

How to cleanse your body

Many diseases come unexpectedly due to the excessive use of animal fat, pastry and meat. Your stomach cannot process all the quantity of food which we try to eat. Therefore you should not make others eat too much, either, though your intentions may be good. The result of excessive food is a lot of useless substances which contaminate your digestive system, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the pancreas, and the blood vessels. You start complaining of headache, and pains in the liver. You ask for help and for some miraculous medicines as you do not suppose that you can cure yourself of your indisposition. Therefore, before you start taking medicines, try to cleanse your body.

How to do it? There are many ways. The simplest and the most pleasant one are juices and water. In the morning on empty stomach drink a glass of juice diluted in half with water; lemon juice is the best. Take the juice of two lemons. After that, drink juices with water again: juices from apples, carrots, beet or black currant (Ribes nigrum) – one glass of juice every hour. You need not eat. On the next day, if you feel well, repeat the procedure. If you feel weak or dizzy, you can begin to eat. Do not eat any salty, fat, sweet of fried food. After a few days the pains in your joints and internal organs, and headache will disappear; your body will feel easy and you will loose weight. Then try to regulate your diet in such a way that you eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, sour milk products and very little of fried, fat and sweet foods, which accumulate stocks of unnecessary substances.

Stones in the liver and kidneys

Mash one cupful of linseed and mix it with three cups of unboiled milk. Put the liquid to boil until only one cupful is left. Filter and drink it. Repeat the procedure for five days, and then stop for ten days. Repeat again. You may have pains; that means that the stones and the sand are dissolved and you will feel relieved. After one year you can repeat the treatment. You should exclude fried and spicy dishes from your menu.

You have headache?

This happens most often when your body and the blood vessels are polluted with useless substances. First of all, you have to cleanse your body; then use a decoction of valerian roots (Valeriana officinalis), forest strawberry leaves, St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), mint (Menta pipperita), chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), and calendula (Calendula officinalis).

How to prepare decoctions?

Take a tea spoonful each of valerian, mint leaves, St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), forest strawberry, a liitle dry chamomile and calendula. Put them in a liter of boiling water and let them boil for a few minutes. Cool and filter. Drink a quarter of one cupful two or three times a day.

Spend more time outdoors before you go to bed. Walk more. Do not forget how important it is to be in good mood and to have positive emotions.

Nerves, heart and excessive excitement

In order to soothe pain of the heart and relieve it, it is good to use the decoction prepared according to the recipe mentioned above. Besides, various kinds of soothing baths can be recommended. If you do not have a big tub, you can bathe only your feet.

There are several recipes for decoctions: take pine needles, pine branches and cones, put them in cold water to cover them, then boil them for half an hour and leave them for twelve hours. The decoction must be brown in color. Pour half a liter for the tub in moderately hot water or a quarter of a liter for foot bath. It is very good to add valerian roots to the decoction. This relieves headache, pains in the heart, and lowers blood pressure. You can try baths with a chamomile and walnut leaves decoction. It is prepared in the same way as the decoction of pine needles, branches and cones. The only difference is that it is prepared for a shorter time.

And one more tip: stop “merry” drinks like Rakia, brandy, vodka and wines. It is better to drink juices, water and tea; tea is the best. Prepare all kinds of tea. In spring it is very good to drink tea of black currant, morello cherry and strawberry young stalks. Later in the year you can add jasmine, black currant, morello cherry and bird cherry (Prunus padus) blossoms. If you drink tea with honey on empty stomach, if, instead of supper, you have one cup of fragrant medicinal tea made of leaves and herbs, good health and cheerfulness are guaranteed  you for years.

Rheumatism and radiculitis

Put 400 g of sawdust in a cloth bag, put it in a pot and boil for 30 minutes. The decoction is poured into the tub, which is full to the middle with hot water – as hot as you can endure. Sit in the tub, cover yourself with a thick cloth and leave only your head out. Sit in the tub until the water becomes warm. Sawdust contains a lot of useful substances and essential oils. They penetrate the pores very well and have very good healing properties. A bath with sawdust is recommended before going to bed. After the second or the third procedure you will feel much better and your pains will be relieved.


Take one cup of milk and put in it a table spoonful of salvia (Salvia officinalis). Boil it well and filter. Drink very hot quarter of one cupful before going to bed. You can replace milk with water.


Grate black radish and squeeze it. Mix the juice with the same quantity of honey. Drink two table spoonfuls before meals and before going to bed.

Recipe for children: cut the black radish into small pieces and stew it with honey or sugar in the oven. Give the child two tea spoonfuls before meals and before going to bed. In spring birchen or maple juice has a very good effect.

Catarrh (acute rhinitis)

In the evening before going to bed put a mustard poultice on your heels. Wrap your feet well or put on woolen socks. The catarrh will disappear till the morning.

There is another way to get rid of the rhinitis. Rub horseradish roots between your fingers. You will start crying and together with the tears the rhinitis and the cold will leave you. It will do you good if you eat a tea spoonful of horseradish at meals.


Rose hip (Rosa canina)

You should always have dried rose hips at home. Rose hip decoction helps prevent cold. It is irreplaceable for anemia, kidney diseases and liver disorders. It improves metabolism. Rose hips are used as tea. You can add some herbs and a little honey. Drink one cup three times a day after meals. Rose hips are especially good for children.

Anemia and weakness

Treatment with garlic has very good results. Put 300 g of peeled garlic in alcohol and put them in a closed pot. Leave the alcohol based infusion for tree weeks. Drink 20 drops of the infusion with milk or water three times a day.

One more recipe: mix 200 grams of lard, 200 grams of butter, and 200 grams of honey and melt them on hot fire; stir all the time. Three or four times a day drink a tea spoonful of the mix with hot milk or strong hot tea.


If you feel the first symptoms – mild headache, throat irritation, weakness, and pains in the eyes, you can stop the cold. Fill a basin with very hot water, add some decoction of juniper (Juniperus communis) or chamomile and keep your feet in it for a long time. Rub your feet with coarse cloth and put on woolen socks.

The next procedure: prepare a decoction of chamomile, wrap your head with a towel and bend over the hot steam, and inhale deeply. Finally, before going to bed, drink a very hot mug of tea of viburnum with honey. You can add mint and linden blossom to that tea.

Mint decoction

This decoction is very useful for quite a few diseases. It helps you get rid of heart pain and headache, and has a calming effect. Sometimes, as a result of stress and overstrain, you have the feeling that you ache all over, even your stomach aches. You become irritable. Do not go to the doctor at once and drink painkillers and sedatives.

You should take a bag of mint, which you gathered in summer and dried, and make a decoction. Add a little rose hips and a tea spoonful of honey. Do not expect immediate effect only from one cup but if you drink the mint decoction for a week or two, in the morning and in the evening, you will feel how your body is becoming lighter and your pains and irritation are gone.

Your voice is dropped

What shall we do? The Healer’s Book recommends: put half a cup of aniseed in half a liter of water and let them boil for 15 minutes. After that throw out the aniseed, add a quarter cup of honey to the decoction and boil it again. Remove from heat and add a table spoonful of brandy or vodka. Drink a table spoonful every 30 minutes. Your voice will be normal again till the evening.

One more recipe: after you boil a liter of water, add 400 grams of some cereal. Drink hot a little throughout the day. Till the evening the pains in your throat will be relieved and your voice and timbre will be restored.

How to get rid of toothache

Here is the simplest recipe: prepare a thick decoction of salvia, rinse your mouth with the hot liquid on the side of the ailing tooth. Repeat several times.

Put a thin slice of fresh bacon between the ailing tooth and the cheek. Leave for 15–20 minutes. The pain subsides for a long time.

Put a well washed plantain root (Plantago maior) in the ear on the side of the ailing tooth. After half an hour the pain will be gone for a long time.

Cut finely leaves of raspberry, oak or walnut, and mint in equal quantities, put them in a bottle, pour over hot wine vinegar and leave them for three days. Rinse the ailing tooth with this infusion. You can use this infusion to strengthen your teeth and to remove bad breath.

Cut finely a big clove of garlic, wrap it in clean gauze and put it on the wrist on the side of the ailing tooth. Bandage it tight. The pain will disappear quickly for a long time.

Juices… against stones

A lot of people complain of stones and sand in their gallbladder, kidneys and liver. You can get rid of them very easily.

Here is a tip: first of all, a strict diet, and no food for several days. During that period you should drink ten to twelve cups of hot water per day with the juice of one lemon in each cup. Add three glasses of fresh juice of carrots, beetroot or fresh cucumber. On the second day you may feel some pain which means that the stones and the sand are leaving your body. After a week repeat the procedure and then you will feel recovered. If you keep to the respective diet for a long time or maybe forever, you will get rid of the disease.

With liver diseases during the days without food it is good to drink juices of carrots, celery and parsley. You can also drink half a glass of sauerkraut or fresh cabbage juice mixed with the same quantity of fresh tomatoes. You should drink the juices for a long time. The effect is amazing.

And plus a diet

There is an excellent traditional recipe for herb infusion which cures colitis.  Put a tea spoonful of salvia, chamomile and common red cilantro (Eritraea centaurum) in one cup of boiling water. Drink a table spoonful of it every two hours.  After two or three months you can reduce the dose. This drink is very useful and it is absolutely harmless. There is a mandatory condition, however: continue with the drink and the diet, eat a lot of vegetables, and give up all salty, fried, spicy, smoked, fat or sweet foods.

Common wormwort (Artemisia absinthium) will give you extra force

Fill a bottle with finely cut wormwort which must be gathered in May. Put water. Leave the full bottle in a dark place for 21 days. Take one drop for a thimble of water. Drink two or three times a day before meals for three weeks. Only after a few days you will have appetite again. Fatigue will disappear. You will have rosy cheeks again; you will be full of life and ready for long walks.

The forgotten black plaster

It is prepared from the mud of the mineral springs by putting a layer of mud on a dense cloth. If in winter you put black plaster on your chest and back, you minimize the possibility to catch cold. Black plaster cures chronic bronchitis, pains in the arms and legs and has an excellent effect on radiculitis. Some people keep the plaster for two or three weeks on their bodies. If you have a running nose, put the plaster on your soles. The worst rhinitis disappears in 24 hours.

Vitamins around us

In spring you should not eat last year apples and vegetables. Forget about juices made of them. However, as the body needs vitamins, you can compensate the deficit with eating green onions, dill and parsley. A good housewife can prepare with them a lot of salads, pate or sandwiches. You can add dandelion leaves (Taraxacum officinale). Drink tea made of leaves of black currant young,  morello cherry, strawberry, blackberry, rose and bird cherry (Prunus pardus).

Take care of your stomach

In April and May you can suddenly begin to notice that you have some unpleasant feeling in our stomach, mild pains and nausea. These are the symptoms of an old or beginning catarrh of the stomach, inflammation of the stomach mucosa or a stomach ulcer.  First of all, start eating small portions of food at short intervals. Then start the treatment.

Here are two simplest recipes: In the morning after you wake up, peel an apple, grate it finely and eat at once. Do not add sugar or honey. If you have an acute old catarrh, after the apple do not eat or drink anything for five hours. If you work, have a light dietetic breakfast. After some time you will have appetite and your tongue will not be coated. Stomach acidity will increase and the pains will disappear. The treatment should last for a month.

During the second month you can reduce the interval between the apple and breakfast. Repeat the procedure three times a week.

During the third month do it once a week. It is very good to eat a grated apple on an empty stomach once a week but only in the morning, never in the evening. You will get rid of many diseases, especially stomach diseases.

Some more tips: never eat immediately after you come home from work. Relax, lie a little and then you have supper.

Put birchen dry buds (50 grams) in half a liter of vodka. Leave the alcohol based infusion for 10 days. Drink half a tea spoonful or one tea spoonful three times a day 15–20 minutes before meals. This will provoke your appetite and will help healing stomach ulcer and intestines.

If you have a toothache, put a piece of cotton soaked in this infusion on the tooth, and the ache will disappear.

If you do not want to use vodka for the infusion, you can put 1 table spoonful of the birchen buds in one cup of boiling water. Drink a quarter of a cupful three times a day before meals. If you do not have dry buds, use dry birchen leaves. The recipe is the same.


In spring people often have insomnia. You should choose yourself your diet of raw vegetables and fruit. You must eat onions before going to bed. If you cannot, drink a glass of milk or one cup of herb tea with a tea spoonful of honey. If you suffer of insomnia because of headache, you can cure it on the principle: Fight fire with fire. A pain is relieved by another pain. Put mustard or horse radish poultice on your calves. Does it sting? Be patient. Your headache will disappear and you will sleep well.

Quite often headache is due to the fact that your stomach is congested and crowded with unnecessary substances. In that case you should cleanse it by keeping to a diet for some time. You will feel the positive result immediately.

Magic horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

You have seen that plant dozens of times without paying any attention to it. What a pity! Pick it and cut it, dry it and mash it, and put a table spoonful of horsetail (Equisetum arvense) in one cup of boiling water. Drink it like tea with a little honey. It is an excellent way to cleanse your body of unnecessary substances. This is especially useful and necessary in spring.

How to be pretty

In spring the skin even of young girls fades, it loses its elasticity, its healthy color, and the hair loses its shine. Here are some traditional recipes which will help the ladies.

Cut finely a fresh cucumber, put it in a bottle and pour water over the cucumber. Leave it in the sun for two weeks. Then wet a linen napkin and rub your face with the liquid in the morning and in the evening. After a few days you will notice that your skin has become smooth, tender and rosy.

Mix a yolk with a tea spoonful of honey and the same quantity of glycerin. Stir and put the mix on your face for an hour or two. Then wash gently with water. Your face will be fresh and your wrinkles will be less visible. Put the rest of the mix in a cool place. Make the mask two or three times a week. In spring pay more attention to your face, and rub cream, milk or butter into your skin. When you cook, rub a piece of potato, beet or cucumber into your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. After winter the skin needs to be fed.

Mix one part of vodka with four parts of onion juice and six parts of decoction made from buttercup roots (Ranunculus). Rub this mix into the roots of your hair. After this procedure the hair grows quicker and becomes shiny. We recommend washing your hair with a beaten egg and a little water.

The miraculous root

The Chinese say that if there is ginseng, there is health; if there is no ginseng, there is no health. To Russia ginseng came from China; there they call it the root of life. The Chinese think ginseng is holy. They say that not everybody can find it; only the worthy and honest people can find it. The roots are dug in the end of June and the beginning of July. During that period ginseng has its strongest power. The root, which resembles a human figure, is considered to be the most valuable of all roots.

If you feel the symptoms of aging prematurely – weakness, dizziness, headache and heart pain – the best way to recover, to rejuvenate and gather force is to drink an alcohol based infusion of ginseng roots. It is prepared in the following way: take a table spoonful of mashed root or a piece of root a few centimeters long and put it in half a liter of well purified vodka. Begin the treatment on the next day so that your body could get accustomed to the weak root concentration, and then continue with the stronger concentration. Drink a table spoonful three times a day before meals. When you almost finish the infusion, pour another dose of vodka into the bottle. This can be repeated two or three times. After a week you will feel how your body is filled with young force; weakness, different pains and indifference to life will disappear.

Water and herbs are the best cure

You should read the chapter about the miracles of hot bath treatment with decoction of added herbs very carefully.

The medicinal effect of the baths offered is very simple and extremely efficient. The best baths are those with sawdust decoction. Sawdust has the highest content of essential oils and of substances, which help cure rheumatism, blood diseases, skin diseases and hypothermia of the body.

Here is the recipe again: for a full tub take one kilo of sawdust, put it in a bag, pour water over it, boil and let the liquid in the pot for a few hours. Pour it into the hot tub and stay in the tub for 20–45 minutes, depending on the condition of your heart.

Baths are very useful for your metabolism, if you have stones in the liver and in the kidneys, if you have gout and convulsions, and pain in the gallbladder, the intestines, the stomach and the kidneys.

Here are some more recipes

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

Cut it finely, pour cold water over it, boil for half an hour and add to the water in the tub. If some wound does not heal for a long time, put gauze, moistened with horsetail (Equisetum arvense) decoction. The wound will soon heal.

Oak bark

Dry it, crush it and put it in cold water for a few hours; boil it for half an hour, filter and pour into the tub. This decoction lowers high temperature of the body, heals wounds and cures skin damaged by frost.

Calamus (Acorus calamus)

Pour cold water over the root and the green parts of the calamus and boil for half an hour. Such baths are very good for neurosis.

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

Pour cold water over chamomile blossoms and boil for 10 minutes in a tightly closed pot. Due to the big quantity of essential oils in this decoction, chamomile baths cure external and internal inflammation, have a calming effect and relieve increased neuralgia.

Walnut leaves

Pour cold water over fresh or dry walnut leaves and leave them to boil for almost an hour in a tightly closed pot. These baths are an excellent cure for any skin irritations and the lymphatic glands and have a calming effect.


Like sawdust, put the cereals in a bag, pour cold water over them and boil for a few minutes. These baths are useful for very sensitive skin.

Pine needles

Pour cold water over the needles, the blossoms and the cones, boil for half an hour and leave them for 12 hours. Baths with such an extract have an amazing effect: they calm you down, strengthen your nerves and heart, help for insomnia, cure rheumatism and help lose weight.

There is one more effect: if you inhale the steam, it will relieve the catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, asthma and lung diseases. These baths are good for recovering people as they quickly restore the forces of their weakened bodies.


The valerian decoction is essential for people, who need to calm down, get rid of excessive excitement, regulate their heart rhythm after a nervous stress and excitement and lower their blood pressure.

 And two more recipes from the Healer’s Book

Put two kilograms of salt in a full tub. The solution helps remove unnecessary substances through the skin and improves blood access to the skin. It also improves metabolism, rejuvenates the skin and makes you feel cheerful and fresh.

If you have colds, rheumatic aches in the arms and legs, make baths of hands and feet with mustard. Put five to eight table spoonfuls of mustard in very hot water. This bath should not last for more than 5–10 minutes. After the bath rinse your hands and feet with clean water, rub them well with a dry rough towel, put on woolen socks, go to a warm bed and drink hot tea or herb decoction with honey. The cold will disappear immediately, the pains and aches in the joints will pass and you will sleep deep and quiet.



A lot of people suffer from this disease. The first symptoms are a dry mouth, weakness, constant feeling of hunger, skin irritation. Remove sugar and everything sweet – cakes and pastry – from your menu; limit potatoes and all oily and fat foods.

What can you eat? Lean meat, fish, and a lot of vegetables: raw, boiled, baked, and stewed with a little oil. You must not overeat. Eat often and a little. You must fast one day per week. Pay attention to your stomach and to your intestines. They must be cleansed well. Do not be afraid to use laxatives and even enema. Besides, you should drink bilberry infusion every day.

Try to get rid of diabetes by these methods. Do not rush to use different medicines and especially insulin. Your body will get used to medicines and after that it is difficult to overcome the disease.

And one more tip: try to live in such a way that you should have more positive emotions. Diabetes depresses people. Fight it with laughter.


A lot of women, especially those who do heavy physical work, have excessive bleeding during menstruation. They should try to avoid lifting heavy things and have a more rational diet. In order to improve the composition of blood they should drink rose hip and nettle infusion. If they already have bleeding, they should put a table spoonful of horse tail in one cup of boiling water and drink a quarter of a cupful every 2–3 hours. If the bleeding decreases, they should drink the decoction three times a day. After a few months bleeding will be regulated.

The healing apple juice

Apples have the best healing effect when their season comes; especially good is the apple juice. If you suffer of stones in the kidneys and the gallbladder, you should use this season for active treatment. Do not eat anything for three days, drink only apple juice; begin at eight o’clock a.m. with a glass of juice and then repeat every two hours until eight o’clock p.m. The apples juice must be fresh.

On the third day at eight o’clock in the morning drink two glasses of juice; after half an hour drink half a cup of olive oil and another glass of apple juice diluted with water: one part of juice, one part of water. After an hour or two sand and small stones will come out with the urine. Sometimes they are dissolved if they are urates and phosphates, and the urine becomes greenish in color. It will do you a lot of good if you lie in a warm tub during that period. After a few weeks you can repeat the procedure. You will feel better and healthier and will forget about pains in your kidneys, gallbladder and liver. All these organs will be rejuvenated and will function very well. However, that does not mean that you should start eating fried, salty and spicy food again. Moderate diet will guarantee your wellbeing in the future.


Aches in arms and legs

Sometimes, if you are overtired, if you have insomnia or nervous stress, you may feel aches in arms and legs. They can be very strong and unbearable and you cannot sit or lie. Do not rush to take pills. You should better prepare a salty or juniper bath as hot as you can bear. If you have problems with your heart, the water should be moderately warm. Lie in the tub for 20 or 40 minutes, relax and think about something pleasant. After that drink one cup of warm water with honey or a decoction of soothing herbs and go straight to bed. After three days the pains will completely disappear.


In Russia our ancestors invented fasting. They were very wise. Fasting means a sort of cleansing the body and a possibility to take a rest after excessive use of meat, fats, meat bouillons and pastry.

Fast means eating a little and consuming a lot of fruit, vegetables and cereals. Oil replaces animal fat. Fasting cleanses the body of unnecessary substances and rejuvenates it. It is very good for both sick and healthy people not to eat anything   once a week, only to drink juices, herb decoctions or eat apples. You must use summer to cleanse your body and give a rest to all your organs. Eat cabbage, cucumbers, onions, bakes potatoes, buckwheat and wheat cereals, and oil. Do not have any sugar, flour, sweets, spices, fried and smoked food, animal fat, alcohol and strong tea.

A lot of people have a milk diet. This is not considered quite right anymore. You should have in mind that milk has never been designed by nature as a food of adults; it is the food for infants. No animal, weaned from breast milk, uses milk again. By the way, maybe only the dog and the cat drink milk but we people taught them to.  Fresh milk is often bad for the gallbladder, the liver, the pancreas and the stomach. It is much better to turn to vegetable and juice diets and to porridge. If you love milk, you should better use it in sour milk products.


Stomach ulcer

In the beginning here are the general instructions.

During the treatment you must not eat fat meat, fish, eggs, and fresh milk. Give up smoking because nicotine damages the stomach mucosa. The same is valid for alcohol. People who have problems with their stomach, and mainly people with stomach ulcer, must not eat very cold and very hot foods.

So, this is about the diet and your way of life, now the treatment itself.

Mix one cup of St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and two cups of oil. Put it on a water bath and boil for six hours. Filter and drink a table spoonful half an hour before meals. After two weeks you will feel better and your pains, the nausea, the dizziness and the weakness will disappear. During that period you can eat more things but you should be very careful what you can eat and what you cannot. You should remember that your ulcer is caused by a wrong diet. Therefore, in the future you should have a rational diet. Do not use any pills or powders. They do not cure, they simply relieve the pains temporarily and your ulcer will turn into a chronic one. Do not forget herb decoctions of St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), chamomile, calendula (Calendula officinalis) and goose grass (Polygonum aviculare).

What we eat and what we should eat

Only doctors know how the colon looks. Most of the people have a colon rather contaminated with different unnecessary substances. We are to blame for that because three times a day we load our digestive system with products which neither the stomach, nor the intestines can process. Too much starch in the food, pastry, French fries, and meat cover the stomach mucosa with a thick layer, they begin to decay and form microbes. If you have an earthy complexion, unpleasant smell in your mouth, nausea, pains in your stomach and intestines, and constipation, you can be certain that your colon is extremely contaminated and you have problems with your liver

Can you get rid of that? – Of course, you can.

Consume a big quantity of vegetables and fruit, mostly raw: carrots, onions, cabbage or sauerkraut, beet and apples. Prepare salads and add oil and cream. There are a thousand options. Raw fruit and vegetables play the role of “a sweep” which cleanses the intestines, sweeps away the unnecessary substances and improves the digestion process. If you change your diet, it will immediately change your looks. You will look fresher, your skin will be more elastic; you will not have a coated tongue and a metal taste in your mouth, you will have no nausea.

It is difficult to change your habits and diet but if you want to look young and healthy, prepare your breakfast, lunch and supper in a different way; drink more juices, water with honey, herb decoctions of  St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), chamomile, mint, calendula (Calendula officinalis) and goose grass (Polygonum aviculare).

When fruit and vegetables become your everyday necessity, you will feel that your body will require more vegetable food. Then you can include some flour and starch components in your diet but very carefully because it is very easy to start your bad diet again.

One more tip: if you are over 40 years old, forget oily and fried food.

Body culture and what is the use of water

There has been a very old tradition all over the world: after a long journey or hard work people wash their faces, hands and feet. Fatigue disappears and the body is filled with new energy.

That is the reason why baths are so popular: if your skin is clean, all pores are open and the unnecessary substances are secreted through them. The body starts breathing; it becomes light, free and flexible.

Not all people have tubs and not everybody can take a bath or a shower very often but there is a way out: every morning you can massage your body with a piece of cloth moistened first in hot water, then in cold water. This procedure cleanses the body and protects you from colds. Every evening wash your feet. In winter the water should be warmer, in summer – cooler. In summer walk barefoot on the ground and on the grass.

The good culture of your body and the use of water mean good health for years.

A thorn got into your finger

This is very unpleasant, especially if you try to take it out and part of it stuck in your finger. Put tar on the place or a cut piece of aloe. The thorn will come out after some time.  Put gauze moistened in nettle alcohol infusion on the place.

The infusion is prepared as follows: stuff nettle leaves into a bottle and pour vodka into it. Leave for 12 days. It is an excellent infusion for disinfection of wounds and scratches, especially in summer. Make this infusion with the first nettle leaves, they are the best.



Sinusitis can develop after a most common cold. It causes suffocation, strong headache and inflammation of the nasal cavities. It is particularly dangerous if sinusitis develops into a purulent one and is combined with high temperature.

You should stay at home for a few days and cure your sinusitis in the following way offered: two times a day put bags with hot sand or hard boiled hot eggs on both sides of your nose. Several times a day sniff warm salty water and spit it. Instead of water you can sniff chamomile or plantain (Plantago maior) infusion. During the treatment drink a lot of hot liquids: linden tea, raspberry tea or black currant tea. On the second day boil unpeeled potatoes, pour out the water, cover your head with a towel and inhale hot steam as long as possible.

Neurovegetative dystonia

This disease develops gradually, and when you understand about it, it is difficult to cure but not impossible. The symptoms are lower blood pressure, fatigue, pains in the cardiac area, headache, and dizziness, lack of appetite and loss of weight. Habitual vitality falls; there are sleep disturbances, irritability, dissatisfaction with oneself and the others, and with your work results.

If the diagnosis “neurovegetative dystonia” is right, you should start the treatment immediately so that gradually you can restore your body to normal again.

First: stay outdoors and walk as much as possible.

Second: every day make and drink rose hip and St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) infusions as well as other herb infusions. Do not forget tea from strawberry, black currant or mint leaves and rose petals. These drinks improve blood composition, cleanse blood vessels and give vitamins to your body; they restore your appetite. During that period it is essential to have a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Every day on empty stomach take a tea spoonful of honey and a few walnuts.

Third: you should prepare medicinal infusions to help you get rid of cardiac pain and headache; they will restore your normal sleep and your blood pressure. Take a tea spoonful each of hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca) and valerian roots. If you do not have valerian roots, you can replace them with mint leaves and put them into one cup of boiling water. Leave the infusion brew well and filter it. At the beginning drink it three times a day: a few tea spoonfuls: in the morning and at noon and the rest before going to bed. When you feel a relief, when your body starts filling with force and health, drink a little longer from this drink, half a cup only in the evening. Then make a break for two or three weeks and repeat the procedure for prophylaxis.

Neurovegetative dystonia is a signal for the sickness of your body. So be careful. Control your self confidence, do not let your body be weak, try to cure your heart pain and headache. Forget about tobacco and alcohol. Regularly go for long walks.

Do you have herbs at home?

Herbs, roots and fruits are the basis of all recipes in the Healer’s Book, and many people often ask questions which of them they should have at home and how to gather them.

Here are some short answers to these questions.

July and August are the best months to prepare the components of a home “green” pharmacy. Go to the forest or to the fields on a warm, sunny and dry day to gather herbs. Do not mix the herbs, put them in different bags. Then put all herbs on clean boards or cloth. Do not use newspapers as the printing ink may damage the herbs. Dry them in a shade. If you have an attic, it is very good to dry them there. It is good if the place is well ventilated.

Some people ask if they can dry the herbs in the oven. Yes, they can but very carefully not to dry them too much.

After herbs are dry, put them in separate bags made of several layers of gauze or cloth. Put labels on each bag with the name of the herb and the date when it was gathered.  Hang the bags in a dry and cool place.

So, you already have a home green pharmacy. We remind you what herbs you should have and what diseases they cure.

St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) relieves pain in the stomach and the intestines and is a sedative.

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) or dog nettle cures a lot of internal diseases and is good for the kidneys.

Chamomile cures inflammation processes, relieves pain and is used for gargle. .

Motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca) is a sedative.

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is a diuretic; it is added to infusions which cure kidney diseases.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is very useful as an addition to decoctions to cure the stomach, the liver and the kidneys. Add two or three dry blossoms. Nettle reduces hemorrhages and improves blood composition.

Birchen buds cure inflammation of the stomach mucosa and stomach ulcers.

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) regulates blood pressure and the heartbeat.

Valerian roots are a sedative, they improve heartbeat and relieve headache.

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) or viburnum: in traditional medicine the viburnum fruit is used as a diuretic and a diaphoretic. It stops bleeding, it is a mild laxative, it improves appetite and increases the acidity of gastric juice. If you use the viburnum fruit decoctions and infusions, they will have a positive effect on the blood vessels; they cure atherosclerosis, hypertension and kidney diseases.

Rose hip – everybody knows the red shiny fruit of rose hip. However, not all people know how rich they are in various vitamins, carotene, glucose, fructose, pectin substances, lemon and apple acids and essential oils. Rose hip is richer in vitamin variety and content than many plants. Rose hip infusions and decoctions mixed with other herbs and rose hip tea help renew the vitamin supply of your body, they prevent and cure a lot of diseases.

Unfortunately, now some properties of the rose hip are forgotten. Rose hip roots are used for baths to cure paralysis; they help with dysentery, kidney and gallbladder diseases, and with hypertension. A decoction of rose hip branches and leaves relieve pains of radiculitis and abdominal cramps.

Black currant is another fruit extremely rich in vitamins and other useful microelements. It is good to have black currant for winter. Pass it through a colander and mix with sugar. Prepare black currant juice or just have dry black currant. You will fill the vitamin supply of your body and have a cure for strong colds and for all internal diseases. It is very good if you add    black currant young leaves to different herb decoctions; they improve the taste and increase the medicinal effect of these drinks.

Walnut leaves, pine needles and sawdust are used for medicinal baths. You can also prepare herb tea from them. It is tasty, very good for the body and contains useful substances and vitamins. If you drink such tea, you will prevent a lot of diseases and you will get rid of colds, inflammations, and neurosis, and you will sleep much better.

Herbs for tea should be kept separately. There are numerous ways to prepare tea. All depends on your taste and on your diseases.

What should you have at home so that the healing fragrance of the field, the forest and the garden are always present?

You should have dry leaves and shoots of black currant, morello cherry, forest strawberry, raspberry, bird berry, and bilberry, linden blossom, rose petals, rose hip and viburnum or rowan. Do not forget to pass though a colander the hippophae or seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), the black currant, the raspberries and the bilberries.

When the fall begins, colds begin, too. People, who did not use summer to strengthen their bodies and did not take care of vitamins, are especially prone to colds; so are people who continue to wear summer clothes despite the sharp drop in temperatures. Fall requires light clothing and warm shoes so that your feet are always dry in bad weather. The most unpleasant colds come when your feet are wet and cold.

Here are some tips from The Healer’s Book about cases when you cannot keep from the cold or, as they use to call it, the flu.

How to overcome the flu

If you feel the first symptoms of strong cold, immediately do the following: cleanse your stomach and intestines with a laxative or enema. Do not eat anything and drink a lot of liquids. That can be linden tea, raspberry tea with honey, simply hot water with honey or black currant and raspberry juices. Put on woolen socks in which you put mustard. For the night wrap your chest and back with a woolen scarf impregnated with a mixture of vinegar, oil and camphor. If your neck is stiff and you have difficulty breathing, make a compress of freshly mashed horseradish and put it on your neck. Stay in bed for a few days and try to eat as little as possible and drink only liquids. The illness will pass immediately without any complications which often accompany colds.

How to overcome dry cough

Mix two table spoonfuls of pepper roots and two glasses of white wine and put the mixture to boil. Filter. Drink the mixture hot three times a day. Together with the drink eat an onion and a table spoonful of goose or pork fat.


Chronic bronchitis

This prolonged and unpleasant illness is cured with internal pork fat. Put the fat in a pot and place it in a warm oven, not a hot one. You can put it on very low fire, too. After the fat is melted, pour it into another pot. Leave it in a cool place. Put a tea spoonful of this melted fat into one cup of very hot milk and drink it. If your cough is very serious and you have wheezing, mix the fat with turpentine and rub it into your chest and back before going to bed. Put on something woolen.

The healing May mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

If you did not gather and dry mugwort in May yourself, you can buy it from a pharmacy but you must ask for mugwort gathered in May. Make an alcohol based infusion of half a liter of vodka and 15–20 grams of wormwood. Leave it for 24 hours. When you have a cold, take two table spoonfuls of the infusion 15 minutes before meals, and also before going to bed.

Rose hip – the storehouse of health

For centuries this fruit has been a symbol of health and longevity. It protects people from a lot of diseases, it helps get rid of them. The ancient healers who knew the medicinal properties of herbs, their fruits and leaves and tree bark, placed rose hip in the first place as a cure for anemia and scurvy, for improving metabolism and curing liver and kidney diseases and colds. They recommended making a rose hip decoction every day.

Take two full tea spoonfuls of dry rose hips for a cup of water. Drink it for one day, three times after meals.

Simple and safe about tonsillitis

Everybody knows how unpleasant tonsillitis is. You feel unhappy especially if you have high temperature, abscesses, and swelling of the throat. There have been a simple and safe means to cure soar throat for ages.

Here it is: prepare a three-percent lemon acid and gargle with it every other hour throughout the day. If you begin this procedure at the very beginning of the illness, in the evening you will feel quite healthy. If you do not take measures to cure it in this way, you will need two days.

Spots on the face

A lot of ladies are unhappy because of spots. Yet, you can get rid of them in a very easy way.

There are three ways

First, mix three table spoonfuls of fresh milk with a table spoonful of wine alcohol, stir well and rub the liquid into your skin before going to bed. Do it for several days.

Second, mix a table spoonful of hydrogen peroxide with two drops of Sal ammoniac alcohol very well. Then quickly and evenly spread it on your face. When your skin begins to sting, wash with water.

Third, rub fresh olive oil or well refined sunflower oil into your face before going to bed.


Here some strange but very effective recipes can be recommended.

In fall and spring, when there is a sharp change of the weather, your windows may “sweat”. Gather the liquid and put it on the places affected by psoriasis. Do not bandage, wait until the liquid dries and wet your skin again.

One more thing: if you live in the country, you can always find horses there. Ask the groom to make some horse run for some time in a circle or on the road until some foam appears on its flanks. Put the foam on the affected skin and wait until it dries, and then repeat the procedure as many times as possible. The patches will disappear quickly. Hundreds of people have used this recipe and have cured their psoriasis completely.

The thyroid gland

The symptoms are irritability, weakness, loss of appetite, loss of weight, and later a noticeable increase of the gland. Wait for the summer and go to the seaside. Walk by the sea, sleep near the water if it is possible, and breathe in the sea air saturated with iodine. And one more very important thing: every day eat fresh fish which was caught the same day. It can be boiled, fried or stewed.

In China they get rid of the so-called goiter with sea kale (Crambe maritime). You will forget that you had a problem with your thyroid gland after two or three months of treatment with sea kale.


Corn shrunk will help you with your liver

If you have some unpleasant sensation under your ribs on your right side, nausea, and pains that means that your liver is signaling that you have “tortured” it too long with food and drink. You need a diet first of all. Stop all oily, spicy and fried food and do not eat fresh bread. If you lose weight, do not be upset. It will be good for you. Forget about alcohol and especially tobacco. Drink corn shrunk tea. Take ripe corn, remove the corn shrunk and dry it, and put some in a teapot or a cup full of boiling water.  Drink half a cup 2–4 times a day. You should drink this tea for several months.

Diseases of the gallbladder

Those can be a result of colds, wrong diet, inflammation of the kidneys or sand and stones in them. Some people have very strong stabbing pains and spontaneous leakage of urine.

Here is a tip: drink one cup of corn shrunk tea three times a day or tea made of thin branches of cherry and morello cherry trees. Add a tea spoonful of honey. Decoctions of red cilantro (Eritraea centaurium) and St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) have a very good effect. During the treatment do not eat water melons and grapes.


It happens frequently in summer, not only with children but with adults as well. If indigestion is not due to infection but to incompatible use of different food, to overeating fruit, to dirty hands and unwashed vegetables, you can very easily get rid of it. Give the children rice decoction for two or three days. It is prepared as follows: one part of rice and six parts of water are boiled on low fire until the rice is well boiled. Filter the decoction and give the children one third of a cup of warm drink every two hours.

A solution of potassium permanganate also has a very good effect on the stomach. It should be with pale rose color. Drink one cup in the morning and in the evening, for children half a cup. It is good to use the same solution for enema. Sometimes one or two procedures are sufficient to restore the normal gastric activity.

Sexual frustration

It makes men bitter and disappointed; it can cause nervous shocks and destruction of family.

Few are those who realize the nature of sexual frustration and the reasons for it. Usually, it is a result of lack of vitamins in the body, excessive fatigue, acute neurological disorders, and prolonged use of alcohol and smoking. A kind of chain reaction arises: an only case of sexual frustration can generate a loss of faith in your own forces, a nervous tension and fear, and this can continue infinitely.

It is not difficult to deal with this trouble. Try to eat more vegetables, especially carrots and fruit.  Sleep no less than eight hours. Spend more time outdoors. In summer use the water and the sun. By no means use medicines even if you are told that they have a miraculous effect: this effect lasts only for a short time.  In fact, the effect on the genitals is like a whip to a horse. After every whip there is a boost, rise and a new fall again. If you drink too much alcohol, 99% of sexual frustration is due to this “pleasure”. Forget about alcohol. Very soon you will feel a strong and a full-bodied man. The short excitement after a glass of alcohol is a deception.

Here is another tip: Every evening before going to bed put you feet first in hot water, then in cold water. You will sleep better and you will be full of new force.

Smash finely six hundred grams of ice wrap it in a towel and put it for one minute on the back of your head at the junction of the skull and the spinal column; then, again for one minute, put it on your ribs opposite your heart; after that around your testicles, again for one minute.  Remember, only one minute! Repeat the procedure 3–5 times. If you repeat it for several days, your sexual abilities will be restored much better than with the strongest medicines. Sexual frustration will vanish.

Dill is a cure for a lot of diseases

To be more exact, dill helps for the treatment of chronic heart failure, for prophylaxis of angina attacks and for the elimination if intestinal cramps and pain. The medicinal properties of dill are unique. It contains plenty of ascorbic acid and iron salts which make dill irreplaceable for medicinal diets for people recovering after heavy trauma. The green part of dill, infusions and decoctions, made both of fresh and dry dill, can be used to cure primary forms of hypertension as dill lowers the arterial pressure on the account of some expansion of blood vessels; dill strengthens their walls and increases urine output. Potassium salts, which dill contains, have an antiarrhythmic effect on the changed heart rhythm; they increase and facilitate the activity of an exhausted heart by improving the exchange processes of the cardiac muscle. One tea spoonful of crushed dry dill half an hour before meals will make you sleepy and will calm you down.

Dill seeds improve appetite, increase the secretion of gastric glands and pancreas, increase the secretion of bile, eliminate swelling of intestines, and remove intestinal colic pains.

Dill in a combination with other medicinal plants is used to cure diseases of the respiratory system and increases breast milk.

If you have swelling, spasms and pains in the intestines, use the following infusion: mix one table spoonful of dill in one cup of boiling water and drink it two times a day before meals. The dose for children is one or two table spoonfuls, and for adults is half a cup.

Rheumatism and osteochondrosis

If you want to cure your rheumatism, you must give up meat for a long time and become a vegetarian. Eat as many raw vegetables and fruit as possible. Rheumatism of the joints is treated successfully if you exclude meat from your diet in general. All the newest medical sources recommend beginning the treatment of rheumatism with a fundamental cleansing of the body. It is mandatory to cleanse your body and stop food at least once a week as this procedure accelerates the process of recovery and always leads to excellent results.

Acidic food such as sugar and products containing sugar; milk, eggs, fish, jams, vinegar, spices, containing black pepper, strong tea, coffee, fried and fat food prepared for a long use must be excluded from your diet.

You should also massage the hurting places.

Several traditional recipes for rheumatism and osteochondrosis are recommended:

Pour 200 grams of olive oil or oil into a bottle with a tight cap. Add 10–15 red peppers and 200 grams of refined gas. Shake well and leave for nine days in a warm place; shake it every day. Before going to bed rub the mixture into your skin. In the morning put on woolen underwear and woolen socks.

Take a bottle of 200 grams. Put a piece of camphor on the bottom. Fill one third with turpentine oil, one third with olive oil or oil and one third with wine alcohol. Shake the mixture before use. Rub it into your skin until it fully absorbs; wrap the place with a woolen scarf or a towel.

Take 50 grams of camphor, 50 grams of mustard, 100 grams of alcohol and 100 grams of raw egg whites.

Dissolve camphor in the alcohol, put the mustard in the solution, and stir it so that the mustard fully dissolves. Beat the egg whites separately and then add them to the mixture.

The ointment is rubbed in the evening before going to bed but it should not all be absorbed; a layer of it should be left; then it is wiped with dry gauze.


Swelling of legs

You should drink linseed decoction made in the following way: take 4 tea spoonfuls of linseed for one liter of water and boil for 10–15 minutes; after that leave the pot in a warm place for one hour. You need not filter it. Drink it hot; take half a cup every two hours 6–8 times a day. After 2–3 weeks you will have excellent results.

So that we do not feel old

If you want to feel always fresh, energetic and cheerful, you should always cleanse your body of unnecessary substances and control your metabolism so that you do not accumulate salts and toxic substances. This is what both old healers and modern doctors affirm.

Sea kale is recommended as the best cure to regulate your metabolism. It is a component of a lot of medicines prepared by Chinese pharmacists. Dry and canned sea kale is a very good condiment for any dish.

Traditional healers recommend sick people horsetail (Equisetum arvense) for cleansing the body. Boil the dry and finely cut horsetail (Equisetum arvense) and drink it like tea. Birchen buds are considered to be very useful, too. If there are no birchen buds, you can use young birchen leaves – 10 grams for one cup of water – and birchen juice.

Birchen buds, leaves and juice favorably influence metabolism and remove any ballast and harmful substances from the body. They have a rejuvenating effect on the body and all organs begin to function better, your wrinkles disappear, your eyes shine, your step becomes more energetic and the clarity of your thoughts is restored.


When your voice drops, there is a rather simple recipe which guarantees that this traditional cure will restore the timbre of your voice in one day.

Pour half a liter of water into a pot and add to it half a cup of aniseed. Leave it to boil for 15 minutes. Throw out the seeds and add a quarter of a cup of honey, preferably linden honey, and  let the liquid boil for a few more minutes; add one   table spoonful of brandy. Drink one table spoonful of it every half an hour.

How to get rid of epilepsy

“Epilepsy is cured with natural methods” is the opinion of a well known American nutritionist Paul Bragg. The compiler of The Healer’s book, Dr P.M. Kurenkov cites Paul Bragg in his advice. Bragg suggests that people with epilepsy should eat only raw vegetarian food and should often have days without any food. His recommendation is that after every nine or ten days there should be three days of full hunger.

This method can cure epilepsy completely. The illness can also be cured with sorcerer’s water “charged” by a psychic. Not long ago people laughed at the idea but at present this method is practiced.

Tip for asthmatic people

In Russia, especially in Siberia and Finland, where people love sauna, this illness is very rare. Do you have a sauna? = Probably not. So what will you do? The Healer’s Book offers the recipe of a well-known American, Dr Walker. According to his theory how to deal successfully with asthma, you must once and for all become a vegetarian. You should exclude food containing starch, milk and sugar from your diet.

Vegetable juices are very good for asthma, especially the sauce with lemon juice and horseradish.

Take 200 grams of fresh grated horseradish and a juice of 2–3 lemons. Drink half a tea spoonful of it in the morning and in the afternoon every day. You can have some eye irritation as a side effect but do not pay attention to it. You should drink the sauce for a long time; do not add anything to it and do not drink water after it. This cure does not harm the kidneys, the gallbladder and the intestine mucosa if you do not add vinegar, if the horseradish is fresh and if the cure is kept in a cool place.

If you have asthma attacks, you can drink barley coffee, swallow pieces of ice and inhale Sal ammoniac alcohol. Put mustard poultice on your calves and brush your body with a brush. Your room must be always aired.

Youth elixir

This cure is excellent for asthma and rejuvenates and cleanses the blood. It is especially useful for elderly overweight people.

Here is the recipe: smash 400 grams of garlic, squeeze the juice of 4 lemons, put the mixture in a jar, stir it, cover the jar with a cloth and keep it for 24 days in a dark place.

Shake before drinking. Take a tea spoonful of the mixture in half a glass of water once a day before going to bed. Ten or twelve days after you begin the treatment you will feel better and you will sleep much better. This cure has been very popular in Ukraine and the Caucasus for five hundred years.

Here is one more traditional recipe for those who suffer of asthma: take a kilo of honey, juice from 10 lemonа, 10 heads of garlic medium size; mash the garlic well. Mix all components and leave the mixture for a week in a closed jar. Drink once a day 4 tea spoonfuls of it very slowly. Do not miss a single day. This cure should be enough for two months. After that you will feel that your diseases have vanished.


A diet for stomach diseases

If you often have a stomachache, if you have acids and abdominal discomfort, try to keep the following way of life and diet for one to three months: first of all, stop alcohol and smoking. Do not eat anything spicy or sour, do not use mustard, pepper, fat pork and fried food or food which was boiled for a long time. You can eat bread in limited quantities, and toast is the best. You can also drink tea and coffee but in limited quantities, too.

One more condition: chew your food very carefully so that it mixes with the saliva. If you are tired, do not eat by any means. First have a rest. Then you will see that you were not as hungry as you thought. Fatigue can be mistaken for hunger.

According to old healers, a lot of stomach diseases are cured with the right rational diet and herbs.

Here is one of the ways to cure colitis, even though a lot of patients try to cure it without success in hospitals and sanatoria.

This is the recipe: put one tea spoonful of red cilantro (Eritraea centaurum), salvia (Salvia officinalis) and chamomile each in one cup of boiling water.  Drink one table spoonful every two hour, about 7–8 times a day for one to three months. After that you can drink it 2–3 times a day until you fully recover. Many doctors recommend a strict diet and this herb decoction not only for colitis but for other gastrointestinal diseases as well.

Another traditional cure for increased acidity in the stomach is the carrot juice. The higher the acidity, the more juice you should drink. This has been an old cure in Russia and Siberia for ages.

The table of health


Few people use seafood like squid, mussels, shrimp and sea kale regularly. They can vary your menu and improve your diet. Fish menu has very big advantages compared with meat menu. People who eat fish more often live longer, they are less sick and do not suffer of infirmities of the old age.

In protein content seafood is like lean veal and beef. Marine combs, shrimp, mussels and other sea invertebrates contain valuable amino acids, vitamins from В and С groups and vitamin D.

Sea kale is especially rich in mineral substances and iodine. It has a great nutritional value as a source of proteins and vitamins. It is very successfully used for prophylaxis of sclerosis and goiter. You can eat it raw, dry or canned.

The salad made of canned sea kale is very tasty and easy to prepare. Prepare it with a can of sea kale, two hard boiled eggs and one onion.

Sea kale has a very favorable effect on the body when there is lipid metabolic disorder; it also has a positive effect on atherosclerosis and sugar diabetes.

Apples are irreplaceable on the table of health; they are a main source of iron for the body. Apples contain pectin substances which have a curing effect on intestines. Ascorbic acid, fructose and magnesium, which apples contain, are very useful, too. It is very well known that regular consumption of apples restrains the development of atherosclerosis. Two or three or more apples a day can decrease the level of cholesterol by 10–14%. This fruit keeps its medicinal properties in any kind. Boiled and baked apples contain more pectin than the raw ones.

Cornel (Cornus mas) is very useful. It is from the plants, the medicinal properties of which humanity has been using for ages. Its fruits are excellent. In the Crimea in Russia they make tasty round bread with cornel paste. On the Caucasus people use cornel as a seasoning for meat dishes. Baked cornel seeds can replace coffee.

Cornel is popular in medicine as it contains a lot of biologically active substances, which have a wide healing effect on the body. Cornel has a constricting, antimicrobial, anesthetizing and restorative effect on the body and improves metabolism. These fruits are particularly good when you lack vitamins due to anemia; they help for colds and headache.

Cornel infusions and decoctions are used for gastrointestinal and skin diseases. A decoction of fresh cornel leaves is recommended if you have backache, tinnitus (noise of ringing in the ears), when you have a decrease of strength and as a diuretic. Cornel fruits have been forgotten for a long tome, though they are extremely useful, and now it is time to bring them back to your menu.

Useful tip

Restrict your desires when you grow older and when you suffer from some diseases. Do not overeat. The wider your waist is, the shorter your life is. If you go to bed on an empty stomach, you will wake up fresh in the morning. Eat vegetables at all meals.

Do not try to imitate that cranky man who tried to squeeze water out of a rock to show how strong he was. Do not overstrain yourself. Do not try to squeeze out all your forces when you are not so young anymore.

Meet the morning with a smile while you go for a walk. Say good night to the evening when you come back from a walk. Before you go to sleep think about the nice things that happened during the day and about what nice things you are going to do the next day.

Classical diet

This diet is for ladies who what to be slim, young and, of course, healthy

Breakfast: Rose hip decoction with black currant and a tea spoonful of honey; a few tea spoonfuls of fresh cottage cheese. Between breakfast and lunch eat an apple or a carrot.

Lunch: several small pieces of boiled meat, an egg and vegetables.

Supper: a little meat and a lot of vegetables with a little oil. Before going to bed drink a cup of herb decoction, which is needed for the normal functioning of the stomach, the liver and the kidneys. Put always some mint in the decoction to remove nervous tension and to sleep well.

As you see, there is meat in the diet. It is for those ladies who are accustomed to having it in their diet. They should gradually take it out of their diet and replace it with vegetables, cereals and dry fruits.

You should note that the diet offered optional. You can change the assortment of products to infinity. You should choose your menu yourself so that you can control the reactions of your body to one or another product.


Boil celery roots (150 grams) in one liter of water. Cool. With this decoction make compresses of the frostbitten places and make baths of the hands and feet. After that spread some goose fat or lard on your skin and wrap with a warm towel.


We all know that every disease is unpleasant but hemorrhoids cause a particular pain and inconvenience. Fortunately, there is a cure for them, too.

Here are some traditional recipes.

For ages healers have cured hemorrhoids with fresh aspen leaves (Populus tremula). Put them on the hemorrhoid growths. After a day or two you should repeat the procedure, and then, several more times.

Pour two liters of milk into an earthenware pot. Put four big onions in the pot. Put the pot in the oven to brew. Take it out and put a wooden or cardboard circle on the pot. Sit on the pot so that the steam goes to the hemorrhoids. Repeat these procedures every three days. After the fourth procedure the growths and the pains will disappear. Six hours before the procedures it is advisable to take a laxative so that the gastrointestinal system is cleansed well.

Gather mullein blossoms (Verbascul thapsiforme), dry them, brew them like tea and drink the tea two or three times a day. In this way the famous healer, Mrs. Oliger, from the town of Ekaterininburg in Russia, Ural District, cured hundreds of patients. The drink stopped hemorrhoid bleeding, relieved pain and removed growths.

Recommendation for expectant mothers

If you decided to have a baby, you should think not only about yourself but about the tiny creature that will come to this world. You and your husband must not drink alcohol when you decide to have a baby. If you feel that you are already in the family way, you need not change your rhythm of life. You can work but your work must not be heavy and you should go for long walks. Do not lift anything heavy. Do not run. Your future child does not like contrasts. So do not bathe in very cold water and do not have very hot baths. Look at life in a philosophical way. Do not get vexed about trifles. Do not take part in scandals and conflicts.

A lot of women are anxious to know what they can and what they cannot eat during their pregnancy. Do not change your basic habits. However, if you prefer spicy, salty and sweet food, you should naturally restrict that kind of food and eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, cheese and cereals. Eat less meat, less sugar and fats, more fresh vegetables, fruit and strawberries. If the greater part of your pregnancy is during winter, compensate the lack of vitamins and microelements with rose hip decoctions, some herbs, stewed fruit, cabbage and sauerkraut, beet, carrots, and onions. Control your weight. You should not be heavier than the norm, which takes into consideration the increase of the volume of the uterus, the amniotic fluid and the weight of the fetus. Extra weight will make you less flexible and will make the delivery harder. Some young women sleep badly before their term and are very anxious. They should go for a walk in the evening and after that drink half a cup of mint decoction. Then unpleasant sensations will be gone.

How you should strengthen your heart

If you are not young anymore, you feel that your heart starts worrying you, you have pains, you cannot breathe freely; you get tired easily. It is already time to do something for your heart, not just wait that everything will pass by itself. Start strengthening your heart and blood vessels. Your health and your longevity depend on that.

Here are some tips.

Once and for all give up smoking and alcohol. Do not eat fat meat and spices. Fresh air and walks, combined with moderate and rational diet, will help you restore your good condition and will improve your health.

A lot of people ask what to take when their heart hurts. They should drink a rose hip decoction with mint and a tea spoonful of honey or a decoction of valerian roots before going to bed.

Intestinal atony (delayed peristalsis)

This disease goes with constipation, stomachache, swelling, and lack of appetite, congestion of unnecessary substances in the liver, the stomach and the other organs. You should try hard and insistently to get rid of it.

Here are some recommendations: the first is mandatory: more walks and abdominal exercise. Besides you should not use big quantities of pasta dishes and products, you should give up potatoes, meat and pastry. Begin eating more vegetables and fruits, begin and finish your meals with them. It is better if you eat them raw. Very useful for you are cabbage and sauerkraut, carrots, beet, fresh cucumbers, turnip, apples and plums. Prepare more dishes of zucchini, cabbage, eggplants, pepper, carrots and onions. Salads, buckwheat porridge and mash of crushed barley are very good for you and so are vegetable soups. All these foods “sweep” all the harmful substances out of your body and make intestines function properly. Drink herb decoctions. St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), chamomile and horsetail (Equisetum arvense) will relieve your pains.


One of the consequences of intestinal atony is obesity. The reasons for obesity can also be an impaired metabolism and overeating. So the most important recommendation is to eat less and to walk more. To walk does not mean from the table to the sofa, though. Walk until you sweat. Many people, who are not exactly obese, say that they eat very little, like a sparrow. Do not believe them. Obese people should eat much less although this will be very difficult for them. They should eat five or six times a day, not only once or twice. Obese people must forget fat, fried and sweet foods; they should avoid yeast dough, butter, creams and sour cream. Vegetables and fruits, a little boiled meat or fish and toast will help them a lot.

It is very useful to have one day a week without food: no food for 24 hours, only herb decoctions, water and juices. If you are very hungry, drink half a cup of mint infusion. However, one dietetic day a week does not mean that on the other days you can eat a lot. Be moderate – this should be your motto. Your reward will be a slim waist, light step, no pains in the liver, normal heart rhythm and improvement of blood vessels. Isn’t that worth missing fresh bread with butter or a piece of cake? – It sure is!


Usually people have avitaminosis at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. If you have dizziness, nausea, general weakness and headache, these are the symptoms of avitaminosis. You can very easily avoid all that.  In winter and in spring regularly drink rose hip decoction and eat a lot of raw vegetables. It is very good to drink a little juice of black radish several times a day. Do not forget decoctions of various useful herbs, either. They contain all vitamins and microelements necessary for your body and have a curing effect.

Menstrual disorders

Women know how very unpleasant menstrual disorders are because of the irregular periods, excessive pain and too much bleeding. In order to avoid those unpleasant moments, here are some recipes.

Take one part of nettle or horsetail, two parts of alcohol and make an alcohol based infusion for one week. Drink 10 drops in a table spoonful of water. Your menstruation will be normal and the pains will end very soon.

Take one table spoonful of horsetail and brew it in two liters of water. Drink one table spoonful every two hours. When bleeding becomes less, drink the liquid three times a day.

You can also brew one table spoonful of nettle in the same way.

In old times the women in China and Japan used to drink infusion from the roots of bitter mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). The root can be fresh or dry. Break it in small pieces and brew. Drink one table spoonful of the infusion three times a day.

White spots

White spots, like psoriasis, are healed with old traditional cures: morning dew from windows and foam from horse flanks. Spread due and foam on the white spots gently, do not rub in and do not wash until they are dry. After a few procedures the spots will disappear.

Some people have red spots on their faces and hands. To make them disappear you have to mix three parts of very fresh milk and one part of alcohol. Rub the infusion into your skin before going to bed.

Intestinal parasites

It is very easy to see if someone has intestinal parasites: ascarides, ringworms and ordinary intestinal worms. They torture the person. The symptoms are pale bluish skin of the face, indolence, sad eyes, sometimes mild cough, and coated tongue, bad functioning of gastrointestinal organs, lack of appetite, dizziness, and stomachache.

Take two full table spoonfuls of peeled pumpkin seeds and eat them on empty stomach. You can cut them into small pieces for children and old people. After one hour take a big dose of some laxative. The parasites will leave your body. You can repeat the procedure.

Or one more recipe:  if you eat ten rather big cloves of garlic with some boiled milk, the parasites will go out. You can eat only garlic without milk on empty stomach in the morning. The more garlic you eat, the better. After two hours you should take a strong laxative.

You choose which recipe you will have, it depends on your taste and possibilities. The effect is very good in both cases.


Warmth plus herbs for the bladder

The diseases of the bladder are of various nature. They can be a result of a highly chilled body and of the accumulation of sand, slime and pus, which are formed in the ill kidneys. There are many reasons for that. Sometimes the disease is with high temperature, general weakness, and pains when stones and sand pass, with colic and spontaneous leakage of urine.

First of all, you should make a warm bath of the feet; put on woolen socks and wrap something warm around the waist and reins.

You should drink a lot of diuretic liquids, which cure inflammation processes. You should drink half a cup of decoction of goose grass, St John’s wort, chamomile, calendula and cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) three times a day, and even more often. You can replace goose grass with mullein (Verbascum thapsiforme).

Here are the proportions: take one table spoonful of goose grass or mullein, one table spoonful of St John’s wort and a pinch of chamomile, calendula and cornflower each. Pour two cups of boiling water over the mixture and leave to boil until one bubble appears on the surface; remove from fire, close well and wait for the liquid to cool; then filter. Drink half a warm cup after meals. The first one or two days you can have stabbing pains in the reins and the urethra. Do not be afraid, the sand and slime are going out. You should continue to drink the herb decoction at least for a month. Gradually the bladder will be cleansed and inflammation and pains will disappear. You can continue the treatment after some short time.


Your feet will feel much better

When your feet and soles ache, you can stop that quite easily. Every evening make a bath of the feet. Take two basins. Fill one with warm water, the other one with hot water. Always put decoctions of sawdust, pine needles, mugwort, oak bark, mint with chamomile, and celandine (Chelidonium majus). You can choose to put only salt.

After a few days gradually begin to cool the warm water until it becomes cold. Put your feet first in the cold water, then in the hot water. After the bath dry your feet with rough linen cloth.

In summer walk barefoot indoors and on the grass outdoors. In winter put on woolen socks.

After a week or two you will forget that your feet ached. They will feel lighter. It will be a pleasure for you to walk.

Baths can and should be combined with exercise. Make circles with feet, bend and unbend toes and soles, stand on toes and heels.

When your eyes hurt

It is obvious that you are tired, you lack vitamins or some infection has appeared, and your eyesight has deteriorated. First go to an ophthalmologist to see what the reasons for the pain behind the eyeball, in the zone over eyebrows and in the eyelids can be, why you have tearing eyes, fear of the cold and the bright light. After that you can start the treatment.

Here are some tips: first of all, a lot of vitamins. Then give a rest to your eyes, avoid the sharp transition from dark to light, avoid the cold and very bright light, and other similar irritants. In the morning and in the evening put linen napkins, moistened in thick infusions of chamomile and strong tea on your eyes. In summer put plantain leaves (Plantago maior) or young cabbage leaves on your eyes. In the morning try to go to a green meadow or a lawn, look at the grass for a long time and put dew on your eyes. Wash your face with warm water. Do not read in a lying position. Give up too bright lights at home. Remove bright red and orange colors from the rooms in your home. Choose curtains, covers and blankets in green, light-green and light-blue colors. After some time you will see that your eyesight has recovered.

Diet during a disease

If you feel that you are not well, stop the food and cleanse your stomach. If you have a cold, stomachache, pains in the liver and the kidneys, keep a strict diet. Drink a lot of liquids, mostly herb infusions, decoctions of dry fruits, St John’s wort, chamomile, mint, linden blossom, rose hip, raspberry, and black currant. Add to the decoctions a tea spoonful of honey. If you do not want to starve and prefer to eat, you should eat a little and frequently. Eat sour milk products, cheese, yellow cheese, cereals, baked potatoes, vegetable or fruit salads, apples and soups. When you are sick, avoid thick broth, fat meat, and fried, smoked and sweet foods. Actually, this is valid for healthy people, too. All these foods do not help you feel well; on the contrary, they can make you sick.

How to make herb decoctions

You need a real talent to be able to gather and prepare herbs, to make infusions and alcohol based infusion of various herbs and to prepare decoctions.  This is really some sort of science based on the knowledge of the human body, nature, plants and their effect, which depends on the seasons and on the healer’s skills to prepare medicinal decoctions and infusions. Of course, healers should have a long experience and good knowledge of herbs, passed over by old healers and ancestors from generation to generation

A lot can be written about this but the healers’ task is to teach people to be able to prepare infusions and decoctions for themselves and for their families from herbs, fruits roots, bark and leaves, which have accumulated healing properties from nature.

Remember these recommendations:

Do not use old herbs which you gathered years ago.

Do not mix too mane herbs in one pot.

Do not boil herbs in aluminum, copper and tin pots. It is best to make the infusions and decoctions in porcelain and glass pots.

Do not prepare a big quantity of decoction. Prepare only the dose which you will need for 24 hours. On the next day make a new decoction.

When you prepare an infusion, pour boiling water over the herbs and leave them brew in a tightly closed pot for several hours only. You should not leave herbs in the water for two or three days.

When you make a decoction, do not let it boil for a long time. After it boils for a short time, let it brew in a closed pot until it cools and then filter.

You should not drink cold infusions. There is an effect when they are warm.

If you are told to drink some herb for a month, follow the instruction. Do not interrupt the treatment as there will be no benefit from it.

The power of the earth

If you are very tired, if you have the feeling that you have no energy left, go out, go to the river if there is one near your house, take off your shoes and go barefoot on the grass, breathe in the fresh air, turn your face to the sun and listen to the noises around you. After half an hour you will be surprised to realize that you are not tired anymore, that as if fresh blood has come into your veins and you are full of energy. How? Where from? – Your energy came from the earth, from the air, the sun and the water. Even if you stay outdoors for a short time, it will do you a lot of good. If you spend 15–20 minutes outdoors, you will improve your health. Go barefoot on the grass, bathe in the water and sunbathe moderately. These are the ways in which you can improve your health and be cheerful and young.

How should we give herb decoctions to children?

Herbs are brewed for children in the same way like for adults, only the proportions are different.

A lot of people ask if it is necessary to give herb decoctions to children. Yes, it is necessary. Herb decoctions are much better than any pills. Infants who have colic can be given one tea spoonful of chamomile decoction several times a day.

You can make enema with this decoction, too.

If children have a strong cough, you can give them a decoction of coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara), linden blossom and raspberry.  If children are too excited and do not sleep well, give them an infusion of mint and add to it strawberry leaves or roots and black currant leaves. Rose hip decoction is very good for all children, especially in the fall, winter and spring. If children have any problems with internal organs, make the same decoctions for them as for adults and give them smaller quantities: one tea spoonful of one table spoonful of the decoction. Baths with pine needles, sawdust and walnut leaves are a wonderful cure for children who have diseases of the nervous system and chronic headache.

Sprain of a limb

First you have to go to a traumatologist to see if your limb is sprained or broken. Bandage the place and do not move it. In the meantime, if your hand is bandaged, ask somebody to prepare a decoction of pine needles, walnut leaves and sawdust and bathe or put a compress on the injured place. Then put a leaf of plantain (Plantago maior), or a walnut leaf or cabbage leaves in summer on the sprained place. Bandage tight again. The swelling will disappear till morning.

In Dr P.M. Kurenkov’s opinion these recipes are priceless

Liver and kidney diseases

Put a kilo of fresh floral honey, gathered in spring, in a jar and boil it on a water bath until it melts completely. Put half a kilo of walnut flour into the jar. Stir well and leave for one day.

The treatment lasts for a month. Take one table spoonful before meals two times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Take a break for two months. Then continue again for a month. The treatment lasts for six months. A full recovery is guaranteed.

Accumulation of salts in the joints

About seven o’clock in the evening put three table spoonfuls of rice in a pot. Before that wash the rice, throw the water, cover the rice with clean water and leave till morning. Boil without salt so that it becomes a thin gruel. When it cools, eat it on empty stomach three hours before breakfast. Do this every day for two or three weeks. On the forth week the pains in your joints will disappear.

If your heart hurts

If your heart hurts, take 5 grams each of valerian root, hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), chamomile, mint, buckthorn root (Rhamnus cathartica), calamus root (Acorus calamus), ledum (Ledum palustre), sticklewort (Agrimonia eupatoria), lily of the valley, rose hip and motherwort (Leoniris cardiaca). Pour them into a liter and a half of water and let them boil for 5 minutes. Leave the infusion for 8 hours. Drink 100 ml three times a day half an hour before meals. Continue the treatment until you feel well.

Pains in the liver and the stomach

If you have such pains, take 5 grams each of rose hip, St John’s wort, yarrow (Achillea millefolium), goose grass (Polygonum aviculare), immortelle (Xeranthemum annuum) and horsetail (Equisetum arvense). Put the mix in two and a half liters of water and boil for 15 minutes. Leave the infusion for 8 hours. Drink three times a day half an hour before meals.

Enlargement of the thyroid gland

If you have such a problem, you should take a lot of vitamins, a rose hip decoction and a decoction of nettle, strawberries, black currant and forest strawberries. Drink tea made of blackcurrant, strawberry, forest strawberry and morello cherry leaves. It is essential that you should eat seafood at least for a month. It will be still better if you go to the seaside and bathe in the sea. The sea air is very good for you, too. The sea and the seafood can cure your thyroid gland much better than any medicines.


Put some warm cloth or scarf on your nose, over your eyebrows and the head not only when you go out but when you go to bed after you have inhaled hot steam. Rinse your nose with warm salty water. You can use a mild decoction of chamomile and calendula.



Sweating is extremely unpleasant especially for ladies.

Rub the most sweating places with infusions of oak bark and walnut leaves. Make a decoction of rose petals, chamomile and strawberry leaves. Rub your body with the cool decoction; it helps a lot.

Revival of the traditional medicine

According to some authors, in the end of the last century The Healer’s Book of Dr P.M. Kurenkov was popular in every home. The methods of treatment, described in the book were widely applicable. As an attempt to develop scientific medicine better and quicker, which was more important at that time, traditional medicine and healers, often incompetently, were declared to be old fashioned, and as a result a lot of useful knowledge and experience of the traditional medicine have been forgotten.

At present the revival of this experience is started by enthusiasts who even are not doctors. A lot of popular systems for diets and treatment imitate recipes and tips from the old Healer’s Book. For example, Mrs. Nadejda Alexeevna Semionova from a town near the Don River created her hay diet system and cleansing   of the body from the experience described in the Healer’s Book. She practices that system quite successfully in the Nadejda Club of Health in her town. (“nadejda” in Russian means “hope”)

Here are the recommendations of Mrs. Semionova about hay diet and treatment

Hay diet

Hay diet, together with the gradual cleansing   of the body from the unnecessary substances, is the way to restore the body to normal life. Digestion is a complex biochemical process and with hay diet it is affected in pure conditions with the least natural digestive reagents needed, such as hormones, ferments and gastric     juice.

It is known that 50% of body bioenergy is needed for eyesight, and the other 50% for all other life activity. We should learn how to use properly this second half. If the body is congested with unnecessary substances,  40% (out of 50%) are spent on digestion and on disposal of food toxins for the so-called “internal ecology”, the remaining 10% are for movement, for the brain, for overcoming stress and defeating billions of microbes.

So, where do we take reserves in order to improve our health?

Let us think logically and everything will become clear. We must cut down the percentage for digestion and if possible, exclude food and officinal intoxication. In this way we release a huge quantity of biological energy. All purified systems begin to function with less difficulty and participate considerably better in securing vitality to the body. Therefore, Mrs. Semionova suggests that cleansing   of the human body should be affected by hay diet. The experience shows that such an approach provides the best cleansing of the body, the so-called “internal ecology”.

Let us remember the words of the great scientist V.I.Vernadsky, who is one of the founders of geochemistry, biogeochemistry and radiogeology: “No species can live in the waste they create”.

However, we try to live with a concentrated officinal doping!

Hay diet means separation of proteins and carbohydrates with an interval of two hours. Usually, the interval can be four or six hours, and sometimes more. The digestive system is a complex chemical factory with several “workshops”: the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, and colon.

Every “workshop” processes the food with reagents inherent only to it; every “workshop” has its own chemical medium and is separated from the others with sensitive valves, like “shut-off” valves. If you carelessly mix food, it cannot be digested gradually and interferes with the work of the valves. Chemical reagents are mixed in the different sectors of the digestive system and the mucosa of the stomach, the duodenum and the small intestines is changed. Undigested food congests the colon and is the reason for excretion of food lumps in the opposite direction. Valves cannot function; food is mixed and this is the worst thing for your health. The mixed food in the duodenum presses pancreatic and bile ducts, and thus gastroenterological and many other diseases happen as a result of intestinal intoxication.

The experience shows that sick people, who become interested in this information, have lost eight to tenfold reserve of the systems in their bodies

It is for them that these long known truths are meant

First, 100 grams of broth needs 30 times more bioenergy than 100 grams of meat. It seems that meat as a natural product decomposes much better because it is in its natural form with a definite dose of soluble and insoluble proteins and protein substances.

Broth is not included in the feeding scheme. Instead try to prepare soups and borsch without meat.

Unfortunately, meat industry offers too much temptation and restaurants offer a lot of meat soups and broth as a first course.

Second, sick people should give up milk products irrespective of their condition. They should have in mind the theory about the fact that the human body does not tolerate milk due to lack of ferments in it, which can decompose lactose and milk protein. The other reason is that with caw milk the earth very actively returns to us herbicides and pesticides. The number of elements in the milk, poisoning the human body, is over sixty. So, if you want to restore your health, you should start with eliminating all milk products and cleansing your intestines from the dump of undigested food accumulated in the colon for years.

Intestine cleansing   by enema

Add one table spoonful of lemon juice to two liters of cold boiled water. After you remove the nozzle, pour the liquid into Mug Esmarch enema bag. The end of the tube is dipped in oil or olive oil. You should stand on knees and elbows. Breathe in through the mouth. The abdomen is loose. The best time for this procedure is 5 or 7 a.m. after a normal defecation.

Schedule: the first week: every day; the second week: every other day, the third week: every two days, the fourth week: every three days, and the fifth week: once a week. Continue the procedure once a week.

Many people ask if the micro flora can be destroyed by enema. The experience shows that the micro flora in the intestines is improved. Only people, who do not know about physiology, think that the cleansing   of the colon and the suppression of putrefactions microorganisms by the lemon juice can damage the micro flora. It is the use of medicines that destroy the useful micro flora in the intestines and creates dangerous formations which are resistant to the effect of medicines and antibiotics in particular. These harmful microorganisms exist by feeding from the body, extricating waste products and thus poisoning the body.

The disease, which considerably disturbs metabolism, is called dysbacteriosis. Infants suffer from it if they are weaned after birth due to lack of breast milk or for another reason. Unfortunately, if mothers do not breastfeed, they can develop mastitis.

How to overcome dysbacteriosis

If you eat on empty stomach one clove of garlic for one or two weeks in the morning one hour before breakfast and in the evening two hours after supper, you will know that you are cured if your stomach does not swell. The fermentation process in the digestive system will stop.

Cleansing the stomach, overcoming dysbacteriosis and applying hay diet should be started at once. When you cleanse your stomach, you should not forget that the “damp” in the colon is the reason for muscle atrophy of intestines and the colon partial immobilization, which in fact is the intestinal atony. If you want to have defecation in the natural way, you should always include porridges, bread and cereals in your menu. Only oatmeal and porridges of bulgur (it is a cereal food made from the groats of several different wheat species), semolina and buckwheat can restore the force of the intestine muscles and the fermentation and suction capacity of mucosa.

Never use a laxative. It injures the mucosa, fissures appear and you will have to look for help in proctologic (recto scope) surgeries.

Cleansing   of liver

After you cleanse your intestines and remove the strong intestine intoxication in the blood, you can begin cleansing the main laboratory of the body, which cleanses blood, the liver. It cleanses the blood of a lot of obstructive substances such as aged red cells and bilirubin (bilirubin is caused by the body’ cleansing of aged red cells; it is excreted in bile and urine). It filters bilirubin and excretes it together with the bile into the duodenum. If the liver cannot cleanse the blood, bilirubin goes into the blood, its concentration increases ten or more times and cases metabolic disorder. Part of bilirubin goes to the liver and sticks like warts to its walls. Cholesterol goes into the blood and blocks blood vessels. The cleansing function of the liver will not be facilitated if a few stones in the gallbladder have been removed together with the gall bladder by surgery. The “damp” is in the liver itself. Traditional medicine offers cleansingthe liver which is made only after the intestines are cleansed. Otherwise there will is a danger of repeated intoxication of the blood because of the suction of waste substances by the cleansing liver.

How to prepare the liver? – Begin a vegetarian diet for a week and a regular cleansing of the stomach every other week.


Day 1: an enema on empty stomach in the morning. All the day drink fresh apple juice as much as you like.

Day 2: do the same procedure.

Day 3: do the same procedure but drink apple juice only till seven o’clock p.m. (at that time, according to the twenty-four-hour biorhythm, the liver slacks and can deposit stones of any size, as the experience shows).

Lie in bed; put a hot water bottle in the area of the liver, and every 15 minutes drink three table spoonfuls of olive oil and three table spoonfuls of lemon juice. It is better to mix them in a cup. For complete cleansing you need 200 ml of olive oil and 200 ml of lemon juice. The dose is 300 ml but it is reduced to 200 ml as the smaller dose has been recommended by many patients who have used this method. You can keep the hot water bottle for 2–3 hours on your right side, and then you can go to sleep. When the activity of the intestines begins, green bilirubin stones will start going out; they have the consistency of clay or plasticine. Cylindrical cholesterol deposits, pieces of dead mucosa and black stinking bile go out, too. There are three or four excretions. After that you can have a cleansing enema and a light breakfast. You can use refined oil instead of olive oil. You can continue to cleanse your liver until it is clean. After the third or the fourth time all your stones may have gone. Sometimes after the first cleansing the harmful substances are not completely thrown out of the liver and you feel some heaviness in the liver on the third or the fourth day. This is already a signal that the necessary cleansing of the “removing dirt” has started.

The regular cleansing of the liver once a year will keep its filtering ability in optimum condition. The content of bilirubin in the blood will not exceed the permissible limits. You will feel fresh with clear thoughts and flexible joints. After the cleansing of the liver it is time to make the cleansing of the joints so that you get rid of those unnecessary substances, which cause osteochondrosis and specific and non-specific polyarthritis.


Cleansing joints

Put 5 grams of bay leaf in 300 ml of water and boil for 5 minutes, then pour the liquid into a flask and leave it for 3–4 hours. Pour the infusion out of the flask and drink it in small sips for 12 hours (you must not drink it at once as that can provoke a hemorrhage).

Repeat the procedure for three days. After a week you can repeat it again. During the treatment you should keep to a vegetarian diet.

During the first year the cleansing of joints is made once in three months, then once a year. You must do it after the cleansing of the intestines. If the intestines are not cleansed, they can cause allergic releases because of the bay leaf effect.

Cleansing kidneys

The first way to cleanse your kidneys is to do it in summer when there are water melons. For the purpose you have to have water melons and black (rye) bread. This will be your food for a week. If you have stones in the kidneys or the bladder, the most suitable hour to throw them out is the biorhythmic hour between two and tree o’clock a.m.

Sit in the tub and eat water melon. The sand and the stones will go out together with the urine.

The second way to cleanse your kidneys is suitable for any time of the year. Prepare 20–25 ml of fir oil, and 50 grams of each oregano (Origanum vulgare), salvia (Salvia officinalis) melissa (Melissa officinalis) goose grass (Polygonum aviculare) and St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum). Cut the herbs finely like tea. Keep to a vegetarian diet and drink from this herb tea   with honey for a week. On the seventh day, half an hour before meals, prepare 100 grams of the herb infusion, cool it and add 5 drops of the fir oil. Stir it and drink it through a straw so that you protect the enamel of your teeth. Drink the herb infusion with fir oil before meals three times a day for 5 days. The result of the cleansing is evident in the heavily darkened urine in which there can be stones. Sometimes heavy brown and dark red drops smelling of fir oil are thrown out. This is compressed sand.

Cleansingthe bladder and the genitals

You can cleanse your bladder and genitals with a “microbiological breakfast” of rice left to soak for 5 days. You should eat it for two months.

Put two table spoonfuls of rice in a jar of 500 ml, cover it with water and leave for 24 hours. On the next day wash the rice and put it in another jar and repeat the procedure every day for three more days. On the sixth day boil the rice and eat it. Do not add anything to it. Do not drink anything for four hours. Do not be shocked when your urine looks like dirty kissel (kissel is a viscous fruit dish popular as a dessert and a drink). This means that your bladder is cleansing. Continue your rice breakfast for two months and prepare it in the same way as shown above. You will have no more problems with creaky knees and elbows; they will become silent and elastic.

If you suffer of myoma and adenoma, during the days of cleansing with rice drink tea with added ground giant hogwood (Heracleum mantegazzianum). If you have mastopathy, make a compress from the cold tea (for one cup put 70–100 grams of the ground giant hogwwod) on the swollen breast for 15–20 minutes.  The wise science of macrobiotics recommends this method.

Cleansing lymph

Internal body cleansing is very important but particularly important is the cleansingthe internal liquid medium of the lymph system. You can use the method of Dr Walker to cleanse your lymph.

Make a mixture of 900 ml of grapefruit juice, 900 ml of orange juice, 200 ml of lemon juice and 2 liters of snow water. The dose is for one day.

In the morning make an enema and drink 100 ml of water with a table spoonful of Glauber’s salt diluted in it. It will be good if after that you take a hot shower or go to a sauna. You will lose a lot of liquids with your excrement, urine and profuse sweating.  Every half an hour drink 100 ml of the mixed juices until you drink all the quantity of 4 liters.

Make cleansinglymph for three days without having anything else to eat or drink except for the juices and the snow water.

After you gradually cleanse your body, make physical exercises and start jogging. Bathe in the water and in the sun. Do not be afraid to overstrain yourself.

The above schedule will restore your body internal cleansing, your good health and clear mind.

You should believe in the possibilities of nature to cure your body.

Love your body.

Give up laziness and food and drink excess.

Break the vicious circle of diseases due to ignorance.