Penka Tzaneva About Baba Vanga

Rasif About Baba Vanga

Story told by Rasif– Baba Vanga’s security

“I am a local citizen of the town of Petrich. I have 0.1 ha of vineyards that I have been looking after for 20 years. We harvest the grapes at the end of October.”

Baba Vanga: Risaf when are you going to pick the grapes?

Rasif: On 26th of October.

Baba Vanga: I see in the room at the main floor you have one, two, three, four big wine barrels. One of them is opened at the top.

Rasif: One of the barrels was given to me by the father of my wife

Baba Vanga is laughing: the one made of chestnut wood?

Rasif: Yes the chestnut barrel.

Baba Vanga: Now I see you took all wine barrels out to fill them up with water so they soak. The one that I mentioned that is opened – you won’t drink one from them – Baba Vanga continues to laugh.

Rasif: This can’t be. My wife’s grandfather and father have drunk wine from that barrel for 80 years – and now you are saying that I won’t drink wine – don’t believe that.

Baba Vanga: If you put grapes in it, only the grape marc will remain

“Since every day I head to work early in the morning at 5:30 am, I decided to take a quick look at my wine barrels, to eventually fill up some of the barrels with water if they needed to. The barrel that Baba Vanga was talking about had not a single drop of water in it – I found that one of the staves has decayed and the wine was completely spoiled!

Second story told by Rasif from his experience with Baba Vanga

“Me and Kotzeto – Baba Vanga’s son-in-law, went to pick some woods. Kotzeto needs the wood to build vine-arbour. This happens on Saturday afternoon. On Monday I go to work and Baba Vanga says right from the door:

Baba Vabga: Rasif

Rasif: What?

Baba Vanga: where were you over the weekend?

Rasif: I was in home

Baba Vanga: Don’t lie to me. You put on your shoes, took the axe and went to the forest to pick woods with Kotzeto.

Rasif: Yes we picked woods for Kotzeto as he needs them for his new vine-arbour.

Baba Vanga: So how many did you chop down?

Rasif: 16-17 peaces.

Baba Vanga: Well you carried those for a long time on your backs uphill, until you take them out to the road.

“Baba Vanga was right – indeed we picked the woods under the road, and we had to carry them uphill back on the road.” Baba Vanga laughed and said:

Baba Vanga: those logs have been stolen

Rasif: This can’t be – it’s hard to reach that area over there

Baba Vanga: I am telling you they stole it!

Rasif: No this  can’t be true. There are military barracks in this area. You have to go through gate that the military guard, so thiefs can’t get through there.

Baba Vanga: They stole it – they only left three of the logs – the twisted ones.

“Me and Kotzeto grabbed my jeep and went to the place where we hid the logs. Baba Vanga was right again – only three logs were there – the crooked ones! We came back and Baba Vanga is laughing:

Baba Vanga: So did you find the logs?

Rasif: No they’ve been stolen

Baba Vanga: They came with a big truck and put your logs at the very bottom, and on the top they covered it with other woods. Then they passed through the gates without problems.

“So how not to believe her from now on!”

Baba Vanga Books

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