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A confession letter from Rositza Manolova – wife to Anton Popov, death sentence convict, courted and executed by the Fascist party during 1942

“So many people must have seen you since then. There were a lot of turns in my life. I have seen many different countries and I have met significant people, but I have never had stronger impression than when I saw you, and I have never met someone stronger or more extraordinary than you.

Back then I came to you without believing in predictions. I came after a great storm in my life, when in 1942 on 23 July, in one day I was both bride and a widow. I still remember the last loving words, followed by the shots that took my Anton alongside our friends Kolio (Nikola Vapcarov) and four others (writer is referring to the death of a well-recognized Bulgarian author Nikola Vapcarov and his communist friends, sentenced to death and executed by the Fascist ruling party at the time. After cruel torture they were shot. In the group was also Anton Popov with whom the writer of the letter wed minutes before the execution)

Back then you were known as the Fortune teller from Struma, although you were already living in Petrich in your modest room. Bulgaria and the world did not know about you yet. As long as I live, I will not forget your compassion. The way you re-enacted the trial against the communists, the way you were transforming into the accusation, the judge. The words of the defence and the convicts, came out of your mouth as if it was them speaking. It was terrifying and extraordinary how your voice was changing and how you were speaking in their style and with their words. How deeply compassionate and hurt you were towards the accused man in this drama – all young, capable and committed to their country man

I felt you as a protector and older sister when you hugged me and said “Rositza, Rositza, how young you are, and how early you became a widow” .You even described the wedding dress that I had, and the small bag of candy I had underneath for Anton’s nephews.

You Baba Vanga, talked to me more than an hour, and told me that you will remember what you saw even longer than me. You saw the execution itself and the last moments of the convicts. At the end you started speaking with the words of my dead Anton and Peter Bogdanov. This was terrifying. Then you said:

“From the grave it comes Dimitar” then I interrupted you for a first time and said “I came to you without believing in psychics, but you talked to me more than an hour and you told me things that me and only me could know. I think you are getting tired and you are mistaken, I don’t have a dead relative by the name of Dimitar”

But you insisted that I have and that this relative is close. And then you started speaking with voice that is not yours: “I am Dimitar, Dimitar the teacher”

I thought that you were mistaken but it was me who was wrong. The father of my mom was Dimitar and he was a teacher. He died when she was very little, and my mom died when I was very little. Maybe she mentioned my Grandfather but I could not remember, and then you brought him out of the depths of my mind. I felt so lightheaded at this moment. How did you do that? Did you bring him from the grave or the heaven?

Ever since everywhere I talk about you. I argued with people who does not believe.  You even knew about my marriage to my second husband, when I thought that I will never marry again. You told me: “You will marry a man that writes”

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