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Russian Scientist About the Phenomenon of Baba Vanga

The phenomenon of Baba Vanga – the greatest Bulgarian prophetess was not solved while she was alive. Nine years after her death, the Russian newspaper “Zhisni” claims that scientists have a solid hypothesis how Baba Vanga was able to “see” scenes from the past and future. In addition the secret services can use her method for preventing terrorist attacks.

The newspaper published some documents that confirm the above statement. Yuriy Negribetzkiy – an academic at the International Academy for Energy-Informational Sciences who is studying the clairvoyance phenomenon, have found a method to not only predict unfavourable events, but also to prevent them.

Baba Vanga was visited by over 100,000 people each year. Many were trying to accuse her that she was a charlatan. She predicted the exact date of Stalin’s death, the Chernobil disaster, the break-up of the Soviet Union, Eltzin’s victory at the president’s elections, the Kursk’s disaster, and many others.

According to Yuriy Negribetzkiy, Baba Vanga’s phenomenon had a material nature. The prophetess was able to see and hear things that were not possible for others to see. Her brain was setup in a way so it can search information, just like a search engine is able to pull out data out of the whole web space.

The essence of the clairvoyance is the ability to be able to achieve the cause and effect relationship, says dr. Negribetzkiy. “The world is organized in such a way so there are no chances.” Negribetzkiy had developed and patented a method that stabilizes the electromagnetic field of a person or an object. He was able to achieve that after 20 years of in-depth researches. A special combination of numbers that is input into a computer, together with the patients’ names, have an influence on their overall condition, that leads to their improvement. Negribetzkiy had submitted the results of his research to the Institute of Health based in Moscow, and later he conducted the same research but for non-living objects.

The experiment was done at the Agency for Monitoring and Forecasting of extraordinary situations.

Negribetzkiy tried to influence events, inclining them to a favourable outcome. He cooperated with Rosaviocosmos – all of their rocket launches were successful, when dr. Negribetzkiy used his method.

“Future has multiple options. I don’t place prohibitions. Just like in chess, I count a couple of moves in advance. The future can be built in such a way, so you can avoid some of the obstacles.” Baba Vanga became a clairvoyant when she was 12 when she was taken by a tornado. I also received enlightenment – when I was 19. I was a conscript for the army in Komstromska province. I was walking on the drill-ground and suddenly infront of my eyes and in my brain – white lighting. I thought there was an explosion, so I started touching myself and realized that I am in one piece. Months later my organism became very weak. I was in hospital for a whole year.

This enlightenment, or intuition is present to some extent or another in every one. Baba Vanga had her sonar in her brain. By using sugar, she was simply amplifying the effect of her clairvoyant skills. Obviously the information about everything is stored somewhere in space – in the noosphere, in the vacuum. You just have to find it.

“To interfere with future just like that is wrong. The theory about the torsion fields developed by the physicist proves that everything in this world is connected with invisible fibres. Some of those fibres are better to be not pulled…”

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