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Russian Traditional Medicine: Treating Tumors With Calissia (Callisia Fragrans)


You need about two months to stop the growth of an average tumor with oil emulsion of Callisia fragrans, the book Callisia fragrans, the Miraculous Herb of Russia says. It is part of the Gold Recipes of the Russian Traditional Medicine series.

In more serious cases, a longer period of treatment, about seven months is needed. The experience of patients who were cured by this method shows that the results are exceptionally good in cases of breast cancer, lung cancer, rectum cancer, and stomach cancer.

Here is the way the recipe is prepared:

In a small jar (like the jars for baby food) pour 40 ml of natural linseed, or olive oil, and 30 ml of alcohol extract of Callisia fragrans.

The extract is prepared in advance. Use Callisia fragrans shoots. Put ten to fifteen roots in one liter of 70% medical alcohol and leave them in a dark and cool place for fourteen days. Shake the mixture several times during that period.

Keep the dosage of the oil emulsion by measuring it with a graduate as inaccuracy may lead to unpleasant consequences. Close the jar tightly and shake vigorously for seven minutes, then drink all the mixture quickly; otherwise the mixture will split, and this should not happen. Take the cure three times a day.

The treatment should continue for three to five periods of ten days each, and there should be a break of ten days between them. You should not eat or drink anything for two hours before you take the mixture, and then, after half an hour, you should eat something.

Take the oil emulsion for ten days, and then make a five-day break and then start again. After the third ten- day period make a break of ten days. This is the first cycle. You need a second and a third one until you are fully cured.

Oil emulsion is not recommended to people with a fourth-stage cancer.

During the treatment side effects like dizziness, diarrhea, weakness, and nausea can be observed. People who had this treatment say that it is a sign that the body is getting rid of poisons, and the treatment should continue.

If patients undergo radiotherapy, chemotherapy or take strong herb preparations, the treatment is recommended to start 30 days after the respective procedures are over.


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