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Signs Showing That We Carry an Old Soul and How Do We Know We Have Been Reincarnated?

Some people have certain signs and characteristics that suggest that they are an old soul and have reincarnated many times before their current life.

Regressive hypnotherapist and author of numerous books and other materials on past lives – Dolores Cannon, claims that before we begin to reincarnate as human beings, it is necessary to incarnate many times in inanimate objects, plants and animals. In that sense, all of us who are already here are somewhat old souls. But if we start counting from the first reincarnation as a human – some will turn out to be much older than others. They will have walked the curve of earth life more times, learned more lessons, and progressed further in evolutionary terms.

In the list below, we will present to you the main signs that indicate that we carry an old soul. If most of them do not apply to you at this time, then you are still a young soul and you still have a long spiritual way to go. On the other hand, if all or at least most of the hallmarks listed below are true for you, then it is more than certain that you carry an old soul.

You are spiritually aware

You seek and understand better and better the depths of human life and the existence of souls. You realize how the matrix governing the earth path works. You understand that we are all part of one whole. As well as that individuals can contribute and support not only their own but also the development of collective consciousness.

You are in touch with your inner gifts

Some people come into this world gifted with certain healing or other supernatural abilities. We call them shamans, psychics, mediums, healers, etc. But the truth is that each of us is able to awaken such supersensitivity, limitless possibilities and deep knowledge, because it is all originally embedded in us. Every old soul feels this hidden potential in themselves, develops it and does everything possible through their abilities to help humanity. If you don’t have such gifts revealed, but feel a strong interest in them, this could still be a sign that you are an old soul trying to remember your true self.

You are convinced that your body is just a shell of your soul

For an old soul, it is abundantly clear that their true nature is far from the body they see in the mirror. Nor the name that everyone calls them and that is written on their ID. They have an unshakable sense that they have lived many other times in the bodies of men, women, children with all sorts of names and in various places. If you care more about your spiritual growth and development than external beauty, plastic corrections, extensions and their relatives, it is very likely that your soul started its journey a long time ago.

You are not a victim of materialism

In the three-dimensional world in which we exist, it is sometimes difficult to find the limit of how material it is normal to be. We cannot live this life if we are not materialistic to some extend – at least we need food and water to survive. Well, there are certain communities and highly dedicated adepts where this rule doesn’t apply, but for most people it does.

Old souls know well that money is not important. That material gains do not exist and have no value on the other side. They do not seek excessive wealth, they want only as much as is necessary to satisfy the basic needs of the physical body in which they are. They do not clamor for more, and more and more. They do not accumulate or measure their happiness in cash receipts and the size of their bank account.

You understand the importance of forgiveness

Much has been said and written over the years about the power and importance of forgiveness. But only old souls truly understand these messages. Only they are able to sincerely and completely forgive the mistakes of others and themselves.

You can get over your ego

From our very birth, we start learning to stand up for ourselves, our opinion, our desires, our individuality – our ego. All our lives we try to be different, interesting, to be more than others. At least until we realize (if we’re lucky enough to have it happen) that this whole race is just an illusion. A pointless and doomed battle of our egos to prove ourselves, which actually brings us only negative consequences. We move away from our divine essence and from the feeling of oneness with other people. But an old soul is well aware of ego games. They overcome it and manage to get rid of the unhealthy thoughts, words and actions that it dictates to them.

You feel a strong connection to bygone eras

If you’ve ever felt “at home” in another country, or when seeing an antique object, painting, or other work of art, felt a jarring, inexplicably strong connection to the period in which it was created, there’s a good chance you have lived a previous life at that exact time or at that latitude. Old souls are more advanced in many ways and are more sensitive and prone to recall facts, places, experiences from past lives.

You are well aware of the lessons you are receiving here on Earth

The old souls are well aware that they have come down to Earth once again to learn and improve. Therefore, if you carry an old soul in your human body, then you tend to philosophically accept the suffering and adversity you encounter during your life’s journey. You see them as valuable lessons, learn the necessary lessons from them, and find in every trial an opportunity for spiritual growth.

You have a nagging feeling that planet Earth is not your true home

A similar feeling can appear in many people, and according to ufologists, it is possible that it corresponds to reality itself. Our initial appearance in the universe as a separate entity did not necessarily occur on Earth. It is possible that we were reincarnated here subsequently to help grow the planet itself and humanity as a species.

Other characteristic features of old souls

If you have a rebellious nature and find it difficult to accept the status quo; if you are constantly searching for the hidden truth of things and trying to understand the arrangement of the universe and everything that happens in it; if you constantly develop your wisdom and feel its increasing power over the years; if you do not try to control and change other people because you find the universal meaning in their mistakes and shortcomings, then you have reason to believe that you are an old soul that has climbed high steps in its own evolution.

The very fact that you are reading this text right now and are interested in the answer to the question of whether your soul is old shows that it probably really is.